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The Vozhondil Pass, VII Telnakazun

As the armies began to prepare their opening bombardments, both timing them as events proved for a simultaneous mass firing, Suvacel clung to the peak of one of the mountains at the top of the pass single-handedly, espying from above the location of Vizornii Hezhatin. Noting that she was present and clad in her energetic armor, Suvacel smiled in a sinister grin from ear to ear, even as Xaderavcar assumed her place by Hezhatin's side. Snorting imperceptibly at a willing victim marching to the slaughter, Suvacel took flight and prepared to descend upon her enemies when a bolt of psionic power struck her with sufficient force to send her spiraling upward for a time and the armies opened fire with mutual mass salvoes of artillery and mortars.As the rival arcs of Ex-Proj and Plasma artillery and mortars clashed and the Restorationists pursued what they expected to be counterbattery fire, Suvacel swooped downward, this time in wrath.

Vizornii Hezhatin likewise flew up toward her, the two maneuvering at hypersonic speed and colliding with a clothesline maneuver from Hezhatin's energy-ensheathed arm. Suvacel, smashed backwards, collided into the mountain as Hezhatin, now flying near where she landed began to unleash waves of energy at her, cracking the mountain's surface and causing rocks to begin to crumble and to slide downward. In anger, Suvacel's eyes flashed red and then six beams of light arced forward, colliding into Hezhatin with an explosive force that threw Vizornii Hezhatin back as Suvacel launched herself off the mountain-top and hurled her foot straight toward Hezhatin's face. Blocking the kick with her forearm, Vizornii formed the energy covering her anti-plasma armor into an axe with a sharply serrated blade, hurling it straight at Suvacel, who caught the axe between both of her hands and sought to twist it, only for Hezhatin to smash an energetic mace formed in her other hand into Suvacel's back and sending her colliding face-first back into the mountain with sufficient force to further fracture the surface and send boulders rolling down into the armies, one of them exploding a monarchist armored vehicle by complete accident.

As Hezhatin swooped down on Suvacel, Suvacel whirled around and unleashed her eye-beams again, Vizorniii this time swooping around to avoid them, the beams arcing across to explode into the mountains on the other end of the pass, carving off the peak with an explosive force that sent more boulders and pebbles rolling down onto the battlefield. Suvacel then launched herself toward Vizornii Hezhatin with a blinding speed that enabled her to grasp one of Hezhatin's wrists even as the glowing energy-field around the other Omega suddenly formed into an enormous mace-like construct that began to move for Suvacel's hand, as Suvacel's eyes glowed.

While the Omegas were fighting in the sky with a bemusingly swift set of maneuvers whose chief evidences were sparks of light in the sky and boulders that could crush armored vehicles, the armies continued their artillery salvoes, self-propelled artillery maneuvering to the front line. The monarchists' artillery was tied down facing counterbattery fire as the Restorationists soon began to dispatch their shock forces in armored personnel carriers, the carriers unleashing plasma fire in the form of a wave of plasma arcs that coursed through enemy soldiers and began to bite into them. The monarchists, recognizing the first stages of the offensive, sought to order their armor to follow, but as their soldiers prepared to gear up, they were stunned when an enormous Roes'in like creature twelve feet tall and massively built landed amidst their armor and soon began to reduce it to uselessness, often by means simply of running through them and leaving the armor torn in jagged edges in two, some of the armor exploding when the process of collision took the monster right through their ammunition storage.

The attempt to maneuver an armored counteroffensive died stillborn and soon the infantry had disembarked from their carriers, maneuvering by rushes as the platoon heavy plasma small arms fireteam ensured that any infantry or lightly-armored vehicles who got too close were fried for their pains. Above them, Suvacel's eyes glowed and struck Vizornii Hezhatin's hand, causing the mace to disappear, and enabling Suvacel to throw a hard punch straight into Hezhatin's chin that sent Hezhatin through the peak of one of the mountains in the pass and landing with a hard crunch on another. As she prepared to fly toward her, Xaderavcar decided that she'd waited long enough and extending both her arms at the elbow, palms up, she ascended into the sky after Suvacel. In the midst of the battle-haze, Suvacel did not detect her oncoming enemy until just as her eyebeams prepared to strike Vizornii Hezhatin's energetic-shield, Xaderavcar unleashed a pulsing blast of energy visible in an immediate sense as a rippling wave that carried with it a strange rumbling sound. The pulse sent Suvacel head over heels and Xaderavcar grasped Hezhatin's hand and pulled her upright.

"The battle's going well, Vizornii. The Monarchists aren't up to par without their precious Omega aiding them." 

Even as she said this, Suvacel was maneuvering to tackle her, leading her to pivot and unleash another rumbling pulse-effect that sent Suvacel careening into the ground. Smiling, Xaderavcar seemed to blur for a moment and then Suvacel was held in the air via a telekinetic stranglehold that immobilized her.

Suvacel snarled and telepathically spoke:

You remind me of that bestial degenerate Baranik I fought on the Jehexaderavcal Moon. Pathetic.

Then, asserting her own telekinetic force, Suvacel sought to release herself from the power that held her, only for that power to tighten further and for Xaderavcar's eyes to glow as Suvacel's own began to turn red........


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