Jun. 24th, 2013

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Into That Darkness Peering: A revision of my concept of a tale from my Up With the Star timeline. The year is 1864, and as Grant's armies prepare to turn south and to cross the Rappahannock, the new Army of the James under the command of General Edward Ord prepares for its own role in a campaign that unknown to all will decide the destiny of not only the United States, but of peoples. When combat starts, from chaos will arise a new order......

The Shadow In the City: As the city of Lancaster is plunged into chaos, two figures begin to appear and to spread signs and wonders of hitherto-unrivaled power. These two new figures are seen even as the harbingers of the coming of the Last Days of planet Earth, when the Shadow would fall upon all that is. When the new figures' signs and wonders are challenged, however, a Pandaemonium beyond imagination ensues.

Firedance: It is the Imperial Standard Year 52 Syuin III. As the House of Underlan prepares for the commemoration of a new year of the dynasty, an investigation by the Imperial Directorate of United Intelligence Collectives provides evidence of a sinister conspiracy of a shadowy group hitherto thought exterminated. As this investigation proceeds, rumors begin to spread of a sinister Elfin figure with red hair and green eyes, a figure with an uncanny resemblance to the Junior Diarch. What secrets lie behind the rumor of the sinister political figure who spins a spider's web at the very highest echelons of power? 

The Nail Was Lost: It is the year 1862. General George H. Thomas commands the armies of the United States along the Mississippi River. As General Ulysses S. Grant consolidates the Confederate Armies in Virginia for what may change the tide of the War of the Rebellion, it is in the area of the mighty Father of Waters that a new era shall dawn in the United States. An era when brother fought brother not for mercy, but for the promise and the reality of a war of annihilation, where great armies shall initiate a new and terrible aeon of warfare ever more dominated by ever-greater fire......

The Light that has No Shadow:
Deborah bat Omri and Vincent Smith, leaders of a group of costumed vigilantes on the borderlands between the Empire of the Man of Steel and that of the Four Voyagers, the power behind the House of Osman, confront a new and troubling phenomenon. The Paranormals of the Russian and Ottoman Frontiers are beginning to whisper in the night disturbing words of a language Deborah had hoped would ne'er be spoken on Earth. As the grim power of another dimension begins to spread, Deborah confronts the prospect that humanity might face extinction not in the eternal horrors of the Outer Dark, but in the smothering coldness of the Outer Light.

The Sisyphus Gambit: Deborah bat Omri and Vincent Smith have discovered on a world assigned to a platoon of the Universal Empire's brave and bold that a new kind of enemy is emerging. Beings that show the taint of Pandaemonium, but have familiarity with the power of the Universal Empire itself, and even a simulacrum of it. The horrors that emerge from this, however, lead to a newer and a more dreadful series of discoveries and to a confrontation with a monster from another dimension whom even the vast power of the Universal Empire is not yet prepared for......

The Voice From the Outer World:
Earth has contacted alien beings for the first time. Yet as a mixture of government and political forces go forth to contact the otherworldly being that promises enlightenment, disturbing questions are raised. Why do the aliens seem not merely humanlike, but human themselves? Why do these men from the stars move in a fashion suiting machines and puppets, not figures of flesh and blood? And why, too, is it that a spreading virus is infecting all inanimate life in the vincinity of the aliens, turning everything into a mesh of ivory and diamond and gold? What is the nature of the Fire these robot-men worship, and why, too, is it that these alien men cannot die? 
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Hezhatin's eyes glowed as his deep voice continued to rumble:cut for length )

While the commanding officer of the Monarchists privately wrestled with doubt, her Jotunn subordinates simply acted in confidence. If she was wrong, they had a plan up their sleeves. After all, victors were never court-martialed......


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