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 Chapter XIV: 

Thus was it that I gazed into his face in wonder and in awe. 

cut for length )

Decisions, decisions, as I formed around me the tanned hide of Metatron, the billowing black cape whipping in an unnatural wind as the monster strode forward, and I decided likewise to savor the moment. One seldom gets a chance to pulverize the everloving shit out of an old........friend.....or alternately deciding to milk what they have to offer for its worth. Grinning, I stood proudly, the haze of the growing beams beginning to cloud my vision. 

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 Chapter XIII: 

As I landed in my next world, I saw to my satisfaction that it was a lovely place, very well-drawn. And not an older, cheap kind of animation, either.cut for length )

One word more he spoke, and then my eyes, all of the, widened almost beyond belief: 


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 Chapter XII: 

As Zee lunged toward me, I simply called into myself the power of Arazakanu, the walking shadow, and the planet suddenly shook as Zee missed me by a narrow margin. Anchoring myself into the planet, my eyes glowed as I transformed into a towering figure of darkness lit by countless glowing eyes and mouths, and with each of the tens of thousands of mouths a roughly anthropoid form echoed with a voice of judgment and doom: 

Sic transit gloria mundi! Ada and Zillah, take heed to me, you wives of Lamech heed my speech. I have killed a young man for wounding me, a boy for injuring me. If Cain be avenged sevenfold, let Lamech be seventy-sevenfold! 

Then the monstrous form raised a leg that glowed with the light of the Outer realms from beyond where lurking daemons gibbered in wild and lonely places from beyond, and I slammed that leg down with sufficient force to create a tremendous flash of light and then a shockwave that reduced the whole planet to rubble. Such was the power of the strike that even the monstrous Xaderavcal, my adopted sibling with that cackling madness and battle-lust was shocked to unconsciousness, floating amidst a rubble field as one of the only intact corpses on the whole of the planet. Laughing with triumph, I then called around me the Outer Darkness and faded into the uncaring and pitiless Void. 


An alley just outside Times Square, Earth-126734121: 

A young sorcerer held a Necronomicon, and from its Eighteenth Volume began a chant very familiar to me, though then I understood not why: 

I call to the God that is and is within the darkness, striding in darkness as all like it stride in light. I call to the shadow-woman who turns the most sacred wonder and joy into fear and loathing. I call to the God that defies the ready gap of light and dark, of truth and falsehood. I invoke the thirteen-eyed one, the jade colossus that strikes fear and trembling in sifting forth the hearts of men. I invoke the destroyer of the ironclad, the corroder of the sacred, firstborn among the Darkness. 

Hearing the invocation, knowing then that it was myself within the text of the Mad Arab's Magnum Opus, I decided it was time to start phase two of the growth of the legend thus invoked. I cast forth the shadows from me, drawing into me all the light around him, save a circle where he expected my appearance, a circle of glowing eldritch light that would have confined lesser beings. As the light winked out, he fell silent, face turning white with fear. I spoke, the darkness magnifying my voice: 

I am the shadow on the moon at night, the very outer darkness given flesh and form. The God that now walks among you, making known that which is beyond you. You have called from beyond with the Al-Azif that which is greater than mankind, that which is newer than his Gods but greater than they shall ever be. 

Then, as my face broke out in a shark's grin, I opted to transform my clothing into a red and green sweater, to clothe my hands in gloves with blades, and to begin scraping them along the walls. 

I am nightmare made flesh, the land of dreaming entering the land of waking, the darkness made tangible. 

As I then formed my 'normal' fleshly form out of the darkness, deliberately slowing the process to instill terror, I laughed as the would-be sorcerer sought to run. Extending the shadows to throw him to the ground, I then strode forward, voice echoing with the mocking timeless malignance of that which lurked beyond the iron wall of sleep mankind made. 

I smiled as I then gazed forward, eyes glowing. 

You destroyed a city of my birth, Azar, to give my life its first step. So then is it appropriate that I give the same fate to this city, one among countless representatives, and do so to give mankind a new era. Magic is dawning here, children of mankind! Hell is upon you! 

And I rose, towering over the buildings as a massive collection of glowing eyes and mouths in an anthropoid figure of moving darkness, deciding then to shift it to the species of my father. Still more massive and almost quasi-reptilian in form, countless mouths bellowed in laughter and immense arms were raised and smashed into a city that groaned and disintegrated in a wave of concentrated force. From the ruptured crater was left oozing stones that glowed with a bright light. Giggling maniacally, a sound that carried over the wild winds of Earth from countless mouths, I then decided it was time to  take this show on the road and get a little fun with it. 

For finally, in that world, the full significance of a very deadly truth hit: nothing that I would destroy was real any more than I myself was. I was a monster, yes, a divine force of evil and doom.  But what then of the mind that brought creatures like this into being? I was an unconstrained force of destruction, a being aware more than any other of the puppeteer holding us all on strings, and in that knowledge came freedom, of a most terrible sort. In this, and in commanding darkness where all else, fair or foul, like me would wield light in its various forms, I was free. 

I have no strings for now I'm free. 

Taking briefly the form of a massive armored juggernaut equally barely human and vanishing amidst the blasted heath that had once been a teeming metropolis, I giggled. 

There are no strings on me! 

And as I vanished, I then saw my next target and grinned. This was going to be delightful. 

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Chapter XVI: 

cut for length )

Good answer. Now, I shall see how I may set things to rights.

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Chapter XI:

The gathered Supers, some limping and bleeding, and others fresh and full of fight careened toward Zee, whose bellowed threat had drawn them as moths before the flamecut for length )

I made a beckoning gesture to my sister, who grinned again with that hellish smile and seemed to disappear in a blur lunging to where she expected me to be......

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Chapter X:

The fireball surged forth, intending to break my enemies before they could assemble together, yet once more Willpower and Fear negated the flames, the fireball surging around them and then being dissipated into nothingness. cut for violence, gore, and length )
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Chapter IX: 

Ah, Hal Jordan. Wielder of a Ring of Power that amplifies the power of anyone who can control it through willpower alone. The mightiest willpower in the Known Multiverse, at least your Known Multiverse. cut for length and gore )

As the flames began to ignite and the fireball formed in my mouth, I saw hurling down from the skies now a streak of red light. Atrocitus. My next target. It seemed that a mere manipulation of probability really was all it took to draw together the leaders of these corps......

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Chapter VIII: 

Guardians of the Universe! 

cut for length )

Hal Jordan, the first of my targets. Now is when the fun begins! 

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 Chapter VII:

cut for potentially disturbing content )
As I gazed out with contempt across the Central Citadel of Oa, I smiled.

The Guardians are known to take foolish decisions on a spur of the moment basis, so let's exploit that, shall we?

As I said this, I saw the panels of the two-dimensional surface I had entered, and noticed to my pleasure that now, for the first time, I was fully three dimensional in an otherwise two-dimensional space. This was going to be fun. I saw then a collection of small blue-skinned men and bowed before them in a semblance of humility.......

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Chapter VI: cut for violence, gore, potential triggers )

And as his beam fired, the shield of darkness concealed my grasping around myself a new kind of armor. A localized distortion of reality itself sufficient to make the Triune One's realm tremble. Metatron would find out that fate, ever cruel, is a harsh and a terrible thing and that even them condemned to greatness by it take no pleasure in what it is that they must do.....

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Chapter XV: 

As the Lightdancer hovered over the Crater, Suvacel snarled likewise. The seeming stalemate was broken when the  Beast lunged toward them both, kicking Suvacel on her back and tackling the Lightdancer, hurling her likewise and then fixing his hand on her throat.

That's enough, Lightdancer! You are a God among insects here, why wage a war with one of them? 

cut for length )

Within the Monarchist Camp:

Suvacel grinned as the pieces of the Lightdancer's armor began to hover and whirl around her. It would be amusing to take this and develop a device that would assure her place in perpetuity as a ruler, to be sure. But if you commanded the armor of a God, who needed ruling? With power like this in her hands, she could destroy and burn to her heart's content. She would ascend to higher spheres, would set her throne above the mountains of the Gods. All would kneel before her in the assembly of the masses across an Omniverse whose existence was confirmed by not just the sinister Shadow-woman of the Jehexaderavcal Moon but by the Lightdancers. She would be Most High, Ancient of Days, before whom all that is or would ever be would tremble.

Not a ruler, but a primordial force of destruction. The God and the Monster of primordial myth walking among mortals, now not merely God from the Machine but God empowered by the Machine.

The glowing energies cast eerie shadows as the armor was reforged and grew in size, a colossus forming. The light reflected in her eyes, now pools of eldritch and unnatural light that laughed with the mocking and baying howling of demons......

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Chapter XIV:

The Pass of the Dead, VII Telnakazu:

The boot collided with a sickening crunch that sent Suvacel careening into the ground, and with the impact, the Omega Program automatically sent her into a landing pattern designed to roll with the speed, not simply to crash into the ground with overwhelming force. Even as she began to rise to her feet, the being that hovered over her gazed down, body now once more white as snow, golden eyes all zeroed in on her.
Suvacel roared, calling to herself the same glowing energy. As her armor began to glow and her healed flesh became translucent, but now an appalling sickly green instead of the brilliant blue. Glowing once more with the eldritch power that made her semi-translucent, Suvacel roared a challenge as she hurled a fist at the Lightdancer. In response the Lightdancer simply made a fist of her own, catching Suvacel's punch with a punch of her own. The resulting shockwave disintegrated altogether troops and machines in the blast zone, and hurled everyone in the armies around like ragdolls, leaving only Vizornii Hezhatin standing, and one other in the field.

Arsharzin Hezhatin looked at the immense crater the impact of the battling godlike entities had made and then felt a familiar transformation beginning. As his eyes turned completely yellow, he cried in a voice that commanded even the attention of the Lightdancer:

Nothing can stop the Beast! The Beast is the strongest one there is!

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Chapter VI: 

Gigantis roared, a bellow that was far too high-pitched for any creature of its size and bulk, as the various enemies that sought to turn to it surged forward. Its spines lit with an eerie otherworldly glow and then the creature turned and fired the beam straight at the MONSTER ZERO control center, the device erupting with a spectacular set of flames, ashes and soot smearing across the snow and permafrost of Antarctica. Gigantis watched with amused satisfaction as this freeing effect unleashed Megalon and King Ghidorah, which flew off altogether, and Gigan, which a bit more slowly than the other two did likewise. The monster's slow pace was marked by a set of thunderous footfalls as the creature's spines lit up again and it fired its beam at the deformed clone, Minilla wailing in agony as the blast caused it to erupt in another spectacular eruption of flesh, bone, guts, and charred radiation-soaked matter across the snow. Gigantis's footfalls, tremendous in nature, continued to echo amidst the roars and howls of the other monsters.

As the impulses containing them ceased, Battra and Mothra took flight likewise and began to wing their way to parts unknown, and so, more slowly, did Gigamoth. With Gigantis reaching a point of contact with its foes, its spines lit up and then beams began to fire outward, slamming into its enemies with force that seared and burnt into them, hurling them backwards. Of its foes, Godzilla and Gamera were unshaken by the blasts, while Guiron lurched forward with a grunting, snorting bellow. Gigantis roared, a shorter snorting bellow, before unleashing the beam right at Guiron's eyes. The explosive power caused the creature to howl and veer aside, and Gigantis's spines began to glow with a red and yellow aspect, both cracking with an eerie lightning-like appearance.

The beam surged forth again, with a crackling spiral effect that lanced forward into Guiron, which roared again as the beam ripped open its shoulder to the bone, tearing from there across its neck and face. All of one blast was sufficient to lead Guiron to join the other monsters that fled, turning tail and plunging into the depths of the sea. A dark purplish miasma followed it, slicking across the surface of the ocean and going within. Gigantis then turned to its sole two opponents left standing before it, not counting the iguanas that had crept up to it. One of the iguanas sought to launch itself toward Gigantis's flank only for the monster's tail to smash into its skull with a fatal impact that slew the creature with one blow, repeating this for the other two.

As Godzilla and Gamera both stood, Gamera then unleashed a string of fireballs that collided into Gigantis with force sufficient to blast it back, while Bagan took flight, unleashing several waves of circular slicing disks that caused Gigantis to roar in pain, turning its gaze to Bagan. The spines began to glow red as Godzilla's own spines lit up with a blue light and then the monster began to turn its head aside, the energies there drawing together and then surging out in a beam of brilliant blue and white energy that smashed into Gigantis as the monster's own spiral ray tore into Bagan's wing, puncturing it and causing Bagan to fall to the ground with a colossal impact that raised a tremendous cloud of snow and ice.

Gigantis roared in triumph and began to turn toward Bagan, only for another string of Gamera's fireballs to attract the monster's attention as Gamera lurched forward, moving with a blinding speed that seemed improbable in the extreme for a monster eighty meters tall. Gamera's fireballs continued to smash into Gigantis's face in sequences of three, only for Gigantis to incline forward slightly and then smash its shoulder into Gamera with sufficient force to smash the monster into the snow. By this point Bagan rose from the ground, its healing factor stitching together its wing, unleashing more of the disks toward Gigantis, who turned and fired the spiral ray into Bagan's own open mouth, the blast causing Bagan to roar in agony and lurch backward, blood spewing forward from its mouth.

Gigantis then saw Godzilla now closing in onto him, the other monster's fangs smashing into his arm with enough force to draw blood, the sheer weight of the impact enough to knock Gigantis onto his back. The monster prepared to fire his beam, the spines glowing with enough power to begin to melt the permafrost and the ice that transformed into a slushy and slippery mud. While Gamera and Bagan dug down their claws into the ground, Gigantis maneuvered with just sufficient force and a Psionic suggestion to knock Godzilla off of him, firing his beam right into Gamera's face, drawing an agonized roar from the other monster, which in turn unleashed more fireballs, and the three monsters in turn were to draw closer together. Gigantis rose to his feet, the dark and unholy reprise of the strange Psionic power-up and attack all in one echoing around it as an eerie spectral wail, a chorus without instruments or composer.

The monster roared, his spines glowing, and then began to move toward his enemies, the other monsters surging forward likewise with rumbling roars. As Gigantis moved forward, out of the periphery of its vision it sensed the return of one of the foes who had fled, the foe angered and wrathful at the mere existence of Gigantis and prepared for a renewed clash, its inherent nature overwhelming any of its attempts to fight it.......
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Chapter XIII: 

The Pass of the Dead, VII Telnakazu:

For all who survived the oncoming horrors, their initial signs were fairly straightforward. cut for length and content )
The familiar sensation of the Omega Program surged again, the world became clear. Light and darkness, friend and foe. And the monstrous creature over her whose foot was careening for her chest with a speed that her abilities could just barely detect in time to form a shield hopefully strong enough to resist the impact of that dark silver boot on her armor.......

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Chapter V: 

I awoke once more, enchained when I saw striding toward me the supposedly familiar form of Deborah. Only the form seemed errant, somehow. Taller, with streaks of dark blue running through her hair. Twelve eyes instead of nine and more human than non-human. Tcut for length ) My face lit up from ear to ear with a shark's grin as my opponent recovered in a rather short time, all things considered, from the sonic assault and propelled herself into motion as I chose to do the same. And this time there would be no trickery to imprison me. Of this I knew all too well.

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Chapter I:

Supreme Commander Stazharzin, general of all the armies of an Empire that spanned tens of Galaxies stood before an Earth that, as per the Monarchists' surveillance via the Simultech consoles was in a furor. The Null Zones did their work splendidly. All this miserable orb's fission and fission-fusion bombs were detonated in one spectacular demonstration of the Empire's power.
cut for length and violence )
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2014 Anno Domini, 22 June:

When humanity first discovered the prospects of genuine alien lifeforms, there initially had been a wave of exultation and fear, and a growth of apocalyptic mentalities. With humanity not alone in the universe, awe certainly seemed to be a proper initial response. Then the Hubble Space Telescope detected a set of what appeared to be large-scale combat operations in space between aliens whose powers in the realm of war was truly awe-inspiring in the oldest senses of that word. Their ships were massive and heavily armored, but the wars they fought in space were not fought just by the starships in question but by what seemed to be both kill sats and drones, with gleaming rows and rays of fire lancing through the skies and what were verified as massive thermonuclear eruptions on a grand scale. The fear this created was a great one, but it began to get worse when some of the starships began to seemingly shift in the direction of Earth.

That this indicated some type of faster than light travel was possible was an astonishing phenomenon that likewise roiled the world. But then, on this day, the 22nd of June in that year of the Christian calendar, signs and wonders began of strange and improbable note. Telescopes unveiled the sights of alien starships landing on the larger Jovian and Saturnian moons and the spread of what seemed like orbital battle-stations from the landings. Likewise with the larger asteroids of the asteroid belt. And then, to our shock, on that date, the aliens decelerated from Faster than Light travel over the planet Mars, landing to establish what seemed like these otherworldly bridgeheads, bridgeheads designed by no sapient mind for peace.

It was then that the wonder began to turn to panic, the moreso when we detected signs that the aliens were decelerating over our own world. With this, I, the War Geek, conclude what may be my final blog post. And how poetic, then, that if Man meets his masters from beyond the stars we meet them on the anniversary of Napoleon and Hitler invading Russia, Perhaps we, too, shall give them a surprise.


The Battlecraft New Monarchy, Decelerating over Tamir III: 

"Brutish orb, isn't it?" 

Azazteti Stazarzhin turned to the huge, oafish Roes'in next to him, glad at least that he would be able to communicate by more than sign language and gestures with someone of his own species. The Roes'in, like Stazarzhin himself was a stocky being with a chinless face with deep sunken yellow eyes and a massive brow-ridge, arched in shape. Their noses were broad, and their dark grey, almost pitch-hued skin was marked with mottled dark orange patterns. The Roes'in High General continued to speak,

"Insofar as we know, these Zhrunzhir have but one type of space travel workable at the moment. The robotic probes that we encountered through their planetary system and the roving robots on the fourth planet of that system. Including the one crushed by an extension of one of our bases." 

Stazharzin murmured to himself, lost in thought, the murmur echoing as a deep rumbling sound like boulders grinding together.

"If they can do this, I presume they have at least an understanding of how to split and merge the atom for destructive effect?" 

His subordinate blinked. "Not sure how this follows, Supreme Commander."

His face impassively fixed into a dispassionate gaze, Stazarzhin merely turned and glared at the soldier, who balked at him, thinking Naturally you would not grasp the self-evident.

To his amusement, his subordinate stammered for a bit before saying, "Yes, Supreme Commander. They have fission-fusion and fission bombs."

Stazarzhin's face broke out in a sinister smile "Only fission-fusion and fission? No true fusion or antimatter?" 

"Correct, Supreme Commander."

"Then we will be able to simply contain the blasts in Null Zones. Thus, even where we would take notice of the Zhrunzhir, they have nothing for us to fear. Well, High General Artkhanzhin, you and I are going to be the first World-Conquerors our Empire has produced. Before us the stumbling malformed creatures of Tamir III will fall as the microsapients of their world would before a Drakhzhak on ours."

Laughing, Azazteti Stazharzin then turned his gaze to that world once more, "These mesosapients do have huge conglomerations together, to be sure. They are a species that has rudimentary space travel and means to split and merge the atom, within limits. But next to the might of our world ours is such a vastly superior iron hand that their world would disintegrate as a civilization in a matter of three revolutions of this planet around its axis. We have no reason, Artkhanzhin, to bother with the divisions of such inferior bungling mockeries of the form of our race, because what they do or do not do is immaterial.

All that truly matters is whether or not this is a world that can serve as a hedgehog against Xaderavcal." 

Both then laughed as Stazharzhin, Supreme Commander of the Fourth Monarchy of the Underlan Empire's Armies issued the order "Release the Null-Zones to dismantle the local fission and fission-fusion arsenals. By now our Simultech consoles should have hacked and co-opted the rudimentary Information Networks of this primitive dirt clod, and when we've done that, we'll smash their satellite coverage network, disintegrate the artificial satellite covering, and initiate planetfall.

I want to see the look on the Zhrunzhir's faces when their pitiful understandings of that which is not them from beyond their purview becomes reality!"

Amidst oafish laughter the orders were given. And as the Null Zones were activated humanity would never again be the same.......

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Chapter IV:

I saw walking toward me the familiar and indeed hateful form of Zazhalanzanai, or so it would seem on the surface. Tall and monstrous looking, the dished face with its seemingly swollen features that was neither anthropoid nor simian, but some hellish thing in between. Her form, but not her voice. The voice was deep and rumbling, the speech from other stars to our own:


cut for length )

I remained hovering, pondering these questions.

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Chapter III:

Space Station Fordin VI:

Hovering in space, I felt nothing when the plasma shells erupted around me, and even the building power of the eye-beams did not obfuscate the brightness, yet my vision did not blur. cut for length )

Xaderavcal then grasped her in a telekinetic hold that kept the Shadow-woman ramrod-straight, arms clasped against her body, legs together, and then took off in flight. Even as she did, she took a deep breath. This started easily enough as fights went, but she knew deep down that it was easier to start something like this than to end it.

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Chapter II:

The Fortress of Eternity:

I heard the speech in these languages, seeing the shifting colors and was astonished at how omniscience rendered all languages and gestures easily understood. So astonished, in fact, that I failed to react as I foresaw to the blasts of the plasma cannons, which hurled multiple volleys of vast fireballs toward me. Instead, I folded my arms across my chest and felt heat growing around my face as my eyes began to glow, a smile growing on my face........


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