You know what’s really ironic?

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...All those Trump supporters saying "it's been forever and nobody's been put in jail over Russia. It's time to shut it down."

Of course, evidence is now being presented to grand juries to obtain indictments, but here's the real irony:

Benghazi: investigated eleven times, and Trumpists still think it needs to be investigated again.

Uranium One: under investigation since 2014, and nada. Hillary was exonerated, but they want to go for it again.

Emails: Hillary was exonerated, but they still want her in jail.

That's deranged.

None of those investigations are going anywhere. They've already been completed, but the Trump fan crowd still expects that something should happen.

The Mueller investigation is MOVING forward, and they want it stopped. Wonder why?*

Actually, that's not irony. That's pure, hyper partisan hypocrisy.

And don't forget the private email servers used by Trump's advisors. Oh, and we should have an investigation for the events at Niger while we're at it. Benghazi anyone!?

* Clown boy fired enough people who were already investigating him. Even threatened to fire the guy who wouldnt hold his water. Do keep that in mind.
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Tonight is the return of "The Walking Dead," so I'm celebrating with links to my recent posts about zombies at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, plus two older posts that tie into the newest. Yes, two series of zombie posts converged into one. I like doing that. Three of the entries should look familiar, as I recycled them from Saved comments about zombies from July 2017 and Saved comments from June 2016, both about the election and zombies. Yes, I eventually get around to using my raw material.

Kunstler and I discuss zombies and bags of dog poop
Infidel 753 and I discuss zombies
TPM's readers on gun owners and the zombie apocalypse
The Archdruid and his readers on zombies
More from the Archdruid and his readers on zombies, part 1
More from the Archdruid and his readers on zombies, part 2

Lacuna Coil: Our Truth

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Bernie Sanders will go to Puerto Rico instead of Women's Convention

But wait, let me get this straight, some crazy assholes gave him all kinds of shit for being *invited* to that thing (in place of women who rejected their own invitations)...

Now those same people are giving him shit for NOT going!?

Methinks some are just bitter hags taking out their own failures on somebody else.

Why should anyone be mad he isn't going to speak? He never should have been invited in the first place. Bernie folks seem to be all bent out of shape. Not speaking may be the smartest thing Bernie has actually done. I'm sure there are scads of brown Americans in Puerto Rico who would love to hear from the one of the whitest Senators in Congress all about the joys of single payer healthcare, evil billionaires, and free stuff.

Happy Sweetest Day

Oct. 21st, 2017 05:06 pm[personal profile] neonvincent
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Another annoying website type

Oct. 21st, 2017 02:17 am[personal profile] fayanora
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The last week or two, I've run into several websites that, when you right-click on a link in them to open the link in a new tab, will open the link both in a new tab AND in the same tab, forcing me to have to click the back button. UGH! Why do people design websites with annoying bugs like that?

Friday LOL. You asked for it...

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:08 am[personal profile] nairiporter posting in [community profile] talkpolitics
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Careful what you wish for, they say. Latest case in point: one James Fridman, who grants people Photoshop wishes - and in quite a literal way.

More samples HERE.
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And my Facebook friends that I work with reminded me that I had. So, here is the description from National Day Calendar.

Global Cat Day is observed annually on October 16.


Use #GlobalCatDay to post on social media.


Global Cat Day (2017) takes the place of National Feral Cat Day which was initiated by Alley Cat Allies in 2001.

Krosp approves.
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You know how it is )

Triple dummy FTW!

Oct. 20th, 2017 09:00 am[personal profile] abomvubuso
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This bloke could sell meat to a butcher. He could sell a telemarketer their own product. He could sell ice to an Eskimo...

You get the point! :D

Brain fart

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:46 pm[personal profile] fayanora
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I'm having a brain fart and I can't remember a term. Google isn't helping, nothing I search brings up the term, which I know I'll recognize when I see it. I'm trying to find the term for a book of school rules and policies, like dress code rules and conduct rules. Does anyone know what it's called?

Found! "Student handbook." Thanks, kengr!

That's really how bad it is

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:00 pm[personal profile] abomvubuso
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Cape Town is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history. The region is severely water-stressed, and this has an impact on both locals and tourists.

Here's how the Theewaterskloof dam looks like, the place where our countryside house is located:

How much PC is too much?

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Do you think the above advert is racist? It caused a great outcry. That's the Dove shower gel advert, and it caused yet another debate about the limits of free expression in the era of hurt feelings and eternally insulted "special snowflakes".

The images of a black woman removing her shirt and a white one coming out has instantly triggered the regular experts in professional indignation. They've jumped in to demonize Dove, and of course capitalism and the whole Western world as toxic platforms for institutionalized systematic racism against people of color. The usual algorithm followed: a corporate self-flagellation and an apology from the company, then a removal of the "offensive" material.

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Commie this, commie that

Oct. 18th, 2017 10:06 am[personal profile] luzribeiro posting in [community profile] talkpolitics
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When a right-winger* brings up Communism, they do so only to make liberals defensive and try to force them to deny they are Communists so they will stop making the valid points for which the conservative has no possible defense. It’s the know-nothing’s safe place, like a child who has no response to a confusing situation but “you’re a doodyhead!” Communism has never been a major player in American politics.

When people say they are against something because it didn't work somewhere else, I'm pretty sure that is fallacious thinking. I've seen it with both communism and capitalism. Perhaps the system in question could work, but they did something wrong. Perhaps the country's failure was due to something entirely different. You can't just make such a claim without giving a compelling argument or reason to back it up.

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Desire becomes more of a need

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:51 pm[personal profile] fayanora
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There's this book Alex has had on his Amazon wishlist for a long time, NATURAL SATANIC WITCHCRAFT - Traditional,Spiritual,Orthodox (Volume 1)" by Kindra Ravenmoon, that he wants mainly for the fact it contains "malevolent uses for gemstones," information we can't find anywhere else.

Well before, this was just a curiosity and not a very high priority thing, but now I'm doing the Dalia Ravenstone story, I now feel this book has become something I NEED, since those malevolent uses for gemstones could come very much in handy for this story at some point along the way. The book is only basically $23 (and trust me, that's pretty much the cheapest I can find it anywhere), so I'll probably get it next month with something else for the free shipping. But man, that feels ages away right now, and $23 is a lot of money for a book. I rarely spend more than about $10 for any book. But that information about malevolent uses for gemstones is just too tempting to resist much longer.

Of course, if anyone else wants to buy it for me now and send it to me in a few days, I would be glad to pay you back plus interest when I get money again November 3rd.

Gah. That reminds me, I also need the first volume of The Crystal Bible. It took me like, a year or more to figure out that I had *volume* 2, not *edition* 2. Only figured it out because it didn't have rose quartz in it. (Though lilac quartz ended up being better for what I wanted than rose quartz was.)

(Yes, I could just make something up, but I'm trying to make magic in the Ravenstone universe as close to real-world magick as possible, just a lot more powerful. And honestly, it's easier to buy this book and see what this list entails than it would be to try to think of things myself, since I don't know much about the *regular* magical uses for gemstones; I keep having to look things up online.)

Meanwhile, in Russia

Oct. 17th, 2017 07:00 pm[personal profile] abomvubuso
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Lacuna Coil: Die And Rise

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:00 pm[personal profile] abomvubuso
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