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This one deals with religion, if you want to create a flamewar of atheist v. Christian, this is not the place to do so and any such comment threads will be frozen when they start.

Now....forward to the post:

I think one of the forgotten goods of history has been the actions of the Pope John XXIII during the Shoah. Pius XII was and is a bit controversial, but John XXIII should be one of the Righteous Among the nations.


He was one of those who saved the honor of the Church.

Others who deserve mention are:


^This man was one of the leaders of the German resistance to the Nazis.

Then there's ol' Pius XII himself:


He hid Jews in the monasteries of the Church, saving them from Nazi evil.

And last but not least is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_of_the_Danish_Jews where Denmark deliberately defied the Nazis and saved most of its Jewish population.

Even in the midst of darkness and evil, there was light. And the light was good.
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This fellow.... )

Who led a group of about 25 people at max against thousands of Nazis. Never let it be said that the Hitler regime had much in the way of brains.

Yakov Pavlov wins this month's badass of the month award.

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Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II! Being the first is always tough, and I wish you well, Mr. President. You've a pile of shit of Augean proportions to shovel, but if you play your cards right you might reduce it merely to the height of horses' bridles. Godspeed and God be with you, Mr. President!
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^This guy.

He managed to get the Indians to work together.

Unfortunately, he lost due to British wankery and his brother not understanding that he needed to wait a bit before attempting to jump Tippecanoe.

Oh, well. He still gets the BADASS OF THE MONTH AWARD.

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Behold! The man responsible for China!

Qin Shi Huang was, and always will be the ultimate badass.

Stalin's legacy is dead. Hitler's is dead.

This guy's legacy has just kept on trucking until the present.

He tops Caesar Augustus, easily.

I shall shut up now.

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This dude, ladies and gents, is the last Roman Emperor.

His name was Constantine XI Paleologos. At a time when the Byzantine Empire was reduced to one collection of mud huts behind a powerful series of walls, he reigned. When the Ottomans took over, he did what a true Roman should do and was last seen trading physical punches.

Now  that's being a bad-ass.


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