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One of the major tropes averted in the Omniverse is the Jesus Taboo *and* Devil But No God. This means that while the Antichrist is a regular villain protagonist, Christ does step against Antichrist. In the Omniverse Tales (which I remind the Christians on my FL are fiction and fiction does not reflect in itself the views of the author of necessity) The view of God would fall into Marcionism. God, HaShem, and Allah are three separate and distinct but closely related entities. The Christian God's appearance as The Trinity has some reflection of the Quintesson species from Transformers, the Father represented as an older man with a ZZ Top Beard and lined face, the Son as a young man who looks a lot like a Hasid, and the Spirit with seven eyes and seven horns representing the Sevenfold Spirit.

cut for length )

For non-sighted: the image is of a white-haired ape-like form over a body consisting of mouths and eyes, mouths for legs, protruding spines. The body itself is a black slime-like substance.

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The ugly little toad in this article committed an act of terrorism in the name of a violent and obscurantist Southwest Asian sect from Ancient Times. Only the guy bombed an abortion clinic September 11 2006 in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost hence why his acts are entirely forgotten by now. Interesting, innit? 

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Homo sapiens seldom reflect on the degree to which chance affects the history of the species. Humans often don't reflect that when our ancestors speciated from the chimpanzees that the process does not have to be neat or clean to satisfy modern times and our demands for such. Nature is a red-handed harridan with a temper problem. The first steps on the road to Man as commonly seen were not steps at all, humans represent a specific mutation of the ancestral ape, one which as per my Christian beliefs and the general attitude of God in the Bible prevailed over its stronger and more intelligent cousins despite its weaker and inferior nature.

Humans are no more the inevitable result from the ancestral human-chimp ape (my Christianity notwithstanding) in a pure sense than the tuatara alone of the sphenodonts surviving would be. Indeed, the survival of Man at present poses such problems that I am content to see the hand of the Biblical God, who favored the younger shifty Jacob over his older brother Esau and has a record of His supporting the weak and the underdog in it. And the Biblical God is a figure of violent brutal wrath, and well, I hardly need to recount the savagery of His Image, now do I? But the Biblical God is also love, and well, I hardly need to recount the love of His Image, now do I? 

God is Absolute Perfection, where Man lives in a world of horrors both natural and of Man's own creation. Yet the God of both the Tanach and the New Testament shows love and wrathfulness, and Man is the Imago Dei and too has love and savagery. Yet thin, gracile Man surviving in a world of gigantic animals such as the American Lion or the Irish Elk which would be a challenge to the Westerners of today presents both irony and paradox. The evidence clearly points to the ancestral animal to the modern human and the modern common and pygmy chimpanzees as one and the same, and it also points to only two surviving species of chimpanzee and one surviving Man-like creature. And that the ancestral genus Homo were simply a particular specialization of the apes into full-fledged terrestrial bipedalism. Yet a single member of the genus, its sole surviving representative, managed to expand itself globally because God in that manner He so loves chose the weakest and thinnest of them to survive into the modern age.

Hence to me, Creation and Evolution do not have to be contradictory. The animals over 4.5 billion years eventually gave rise to the apes and thence to Man, and God chose Man for His own design, which I need not question. The really infuriating thing is when other people of mine own religion make outright denial of the genetic, fossil, and modern-day resemblance of Man and the Apes (recognized even by Carolus Linneaus who named the chimpanzee Homo sylvestris and by the tribes of Indonesia, who call the Orangutan "Forest-Man") integral components of the Faith, the Trinity (along with banning gays and outlawing abortion) around which the Faith revolves not such weighty issues as how to define the Trinity in the modern globalized age when knowledge of other Triads is clear and certain and how to make the Church which has stood for 2,000 years and its Tradition an aspect of the modern world yet still the Church. >.> This is one reason I am disgusted with American Christianity, they cannot even see the parallels in the science with the actions of the God of the Bible as they zealously defend Him from assaults of their own imagining. >.>
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My only comment is that these Anglicans will no longer be Catholics, the Lite version, but instead will be Catholics, the Rite version.

And upun that note I beg your leaf.

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The modern Right is more puritan than the Puritans.

I doubt many modern fathers, for instance, would tolerate bundling.

So that makes the likes of the Purity Movement more Puritan than old Cotton Mather. O.o. Now that's something. O.o
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Since I am a Christian, I do have posts about my religion every so often. If not to your taste, stay out, it'll avoid a nasty fight over something that'd end up just another Internet circlejerk.

One thing that I wish Evangelicals had was something as majestic as the more basic Christian prayers, especially this one, my favorite:

"Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever and ever now and unto the age of ages, Amen."

Evangelical informality is to me disrespectful of the Awe that comes with the Almighty aspect of God.

The Grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit be with you all, even those of you who don't believe.
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The Bible is by no means really that female-friendly in a modern context. Guess what the oldest portion of the Bible in terms of its Hebrew content is? The Song of Deborah, written in Archaic Hebrew, instead of the more general Hebrew used to write most of the rest of the Tanach. That's right....the oldest document in the Abrahamic religious context was written about a Jewish Boudicca figure that was a wee bit more successful than Queen Boudicca.

Ah, history....you do throw the screwballs at us...
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This one deals with religion, if you want to create a flamewar of atheist v. Christian, this is not the place to do so and any such comment threads will be frozen when they start.

Now....forward to the post:

I think one of the forgotten goods of history has been the actions of the Pope John XXIII during the Shoah. Pius XII was and is a bit controversial, but John XXIII should be one of the Righteous Among the nations.


He was one of those who saved the honor of the Church.

Others who deserve mention are:


^This man was one of the leaders of the German resistance to the Nazis.

Then there's ol' Pius XII himself:


He hid Jews in the monasteries of the Church, saving them from Nazi evil.

And last but not least is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_of_the_Danish_Jews where Denmark deliberately defied the Nazis and saved most of its Jewish population.

Even in the midst of darkness and evil, there was light. And the light was good.
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On occasion, I like to quiz my friends who obsess on certain topics. If I go into a literary major crowd and hold the door open for everybody, I say "Enter freely and of your own will." So....keep in mind that I don't just pick on the "Bible-Reading Bible-Believing" crowd here.

I attend a SoBap Church, where many people claim to both have read the Bible and know everything in it. So....my little tripper-upper is that when they ask me what I've been doing I say "I've been going to and fro the Earth and up and down in it."

Only one person has gotten that so far, and that person doesn't even attend the Church. I've yet to spring it on the pastor, but I'm shooting for that this Sunday.

What makes it really humorous is that those who say loudest "I read the Bible every single day," almost never recognize the quote. *feral grin.*
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I was working and I sit by someone and we get to a discussion of physical science and a paper he was working on. That was....all right. Next thing you know, we get to discussing Evolution v. Creationism. He began by stating that he wanted to know where the transitional forms were and why there were no intermediates. I said that all equivalent creatures had been exterminated by humankind, namely Neandies, Erectus, and Hobbits. So....he then notes that God made Man with a Sin nature but animals without one. I mentioned Giordano Bruno being burned for that, but responded that we couldn't know if God came as a flea to die for fleas or not, because humans can't understand what it's like to be a flea. Then, he responds with the idea that a Christian could not accept evolution. So...I pointed out that God said that things did happen for a purpose, but that His revelation, the general revelation argued conclusively for the evidence of science.

He then said that God's general revelation did conflict with his particular revelation, but that wasn't an argument. I asked him what the difference was....and he didn't know. So....then we got into the question of how to reconcile the idea of billions of years of geology with a 6,000 year geological timespan. I pointed out that reality rather conclusively did not say what he said it said. So...then he said the thing that made me the most. He said something to the effect of if God made the world 4.6 billion years old, but I believe it's 6,000 years old, then God is wrong. And that he would reject the reality that is for the reality he wants.


What the Hell made that whole thing seem like I was battering my head against a brick wall repeatedly? It was like he couldn't listen to my argument at all, even though I was willing to hear his!
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One of my ancestors was this man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_of_Guise. The reason I have him on this list was that he helped orchestrate the St. Bartholomew's Square Massacre. Effectively, one of my ancestors was guilty of orchestrating a crime analoguous to genocide, and that is one of my real problems with having such people like that in my family tree. I'd list my ancestors that fought in the Crusade, but none of them were generals, so....*wan smile.*

This man was responsible for the death of thousands of French Protestants for no greater a crime than their disagreement with their Catholic Brethren over who was and wasn't a proper Christian. And as God says "I YHVH am a Jealous God, avenging the sins of the fathers unto the sons unto the third and fourth generation...."

And yes, I know that three and four generations have already passed, thank you.
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Related to my two saw horses of religion: Christianity and Islam, with a couple of things on Hinduism as a bonus:

In the case of Islam 1) it is not in decline. It is currently the religion practiced by 1 billion people. 2) The Middle East would be just as bad-off under majority-Christian rule as under majority-Muslim. Perhaps worse, because then the Crusades would have been intra-Christian wars of heresy. 3) Islam is egalitarian, lacks a clergy class, and is extremely rational and free of superstition.

In the case of Christianity: Going by denomination: Orthodox: 1) They are not a poor man's Catholicism, they are a separate sect with much to salve the disaffection of the current West, and unlike the Neopagans actually have had the benefit of governing a few societies. 2) The Orthodox Church is very much a beacon of Traditional Thought, and missionizing places like Russia and Greece is disturbing on so many levels.

Catholic: 1) Having to rebuild civilization because the secular, economic, and political authorities disentegrated under their own rotten weight is a difficult thing to do. 2) Having to do this when pagan Magyars and Germans and Huns and Muslim Arabs are invading you every time you start to get on your feet is somewhat harder. 3) In a religion of Creed that is the state, theology is politics and politics is theology.

Protestants: 1) It's an ad hoc term that describes distinct sects with no real natural unity. 2) Have as long a history of persecution and intolerance as they've been around. 3) Protestant societies are less gay-tolerant than Catholic and Muslim societies. Don't look at me like that, it's true. 4) Just because a doctrine is wealthy does not make it correct.

Non-Abrahamic/Hinduism: 1) This is modern-day paganism. If it's Zeus you want to worship, Indra beckons you. If Aphrodite, Shakti. Paganism isn't dead, it developed its own unique monotheism and theology. 2) This has Fundies, too, folks, and its own version of fascism, to boot. And 3) Hindus are everywhere. They aren't just in India.

Thank you, and good night.
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Defenders of Sola Scriptura defend the Scriptures as unalterable. Yet Martin Luther attempts to tear the Epistle of St. James out of the Bible entirely, and the Deuterocanonicals were retained in the King James Version until the 19th Century. Does Sola Scriptura mean "I decide what's Sola and what's Not-So-Scriptura?"

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As I said on a Christianity community, whoever had the bright idea to spread the Gospel to this particular Asian should be shot in both knees, strung up, and disemboweled before being strung up, and a sign hung around his neck that says "The Road To Hell Is Paved In Good Intentions."


^The man in that link was witnessed to by a missionary inspired by a Presbyterian. He had been having visions of a figure that told him to slay "evil devils." Upon learning of the concept of God the Son, he considered himself God's Chinese Son. He received most of his Christian information from our Bio-Denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention (Liang Fa only spurred his interest). Having learned of the Christian religion, he proceeded to start a millenarian war that murdered 25 million Chinese. This is Mao Zedong under Christian ideals, and Mao even admitted as much.

That's right. Missionary talks to one dude, who promptly proceeds to spark a civil war at the same time as our own and kills 25 million people for Jesus. Much as I believe in spreading the Gospel, there are some for whom it is not intended. This guy was one of them. And the nightmarish part I could see is if he attempted to Maoize China a century earlier, he would have been acclaimed a hero of the Faith by the Christian powers of the era for having brought true religion in place of paganism.

Since Hitler and the Nazis and Tojo Hideki and Imperial Japan came along and succeeded him. he's been forgotten. And yes, this is the second Chinese person in a row. The next individual's going to come from somewhere different.
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If the Earth were created 6,000 years ago: humans would be hardly even to the outer reaches of Europe yet, let alone Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. The human groups steadily expanding would be various small principalities pursuing a Hellenistic form of imperialism. Most languages would be derived from the language categories of the Hebrew tribes: namely, Hittites and other non-Semitic peoples would be Hamite-speaking, Japhethite would still be spoken, and Semite would be spoken in other parts of the world. The human race would also be able to make by means of prayer clear demonstration that a specific people's God is the only entity and this would be obvious to all so that none are without excuse. A person would be able to pray to wet wood to set it on fire and on fire would it be set.

Earth as a whole: multiple ecosystems co-exist, and the megafauna are spreading throughout the world, also. Much of the planet is empty except for plant life and insects needed to sustain it. Animals are spreading around and monsters in the sea will prohibit spreading onto even Mediterranean islands due to their sheer horrific size and power.

Universe and Solar System: The system would revolve around the Earth and the sky would be supported by pillars. It would also be a much smaller and dimmer sky with living stars, not big-ass balls of gas stars.

Is that our world?
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In Christianity, YHVH is described as defeating Leviathan and Rahab, the dragon-figures of the Bible. By contrast, the old tribal god of my ancestors Thunor was supposed to face Jormundgand at the Ragnarok and fail. An interesting contrast, if I do say so myself. And I wonder what provoked that fatalistic attitude in the Germanic peoples.....
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Compare these two religions:

Both Judaism and Islam have Semitic languages as their liturgical languages (Hebrew and Arabic.) Both encompass radically different cultures (the Lemba, Sephardim, and Ashkenazim in the case of Judaism, and groups everywhere from the Javanese to the Bedouin to the Somalis for Islam). Both have a religious basis around right-action, or Orthopraxy, and both have an attitude of libertarianism in regards to the religious worlds they inhabit. Both Islam and Judaism have a religious law, the Halacha in the case of Judaism, and the Shariah in the case of Islam. And both have commentaries on their respective texts, the Talmud and Mishnah in the case of Judaism, and the Sunnah and Ahadith in the case of Islam. In terms of the respective ways and means of life, the 1 billion, 13 million souls that practice Islam and Judaism are far closer than any other group of related religions. And Christianity is the statistical outlier to both of these religions.

Curious, eh?

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And yet I have some things I think should be mentioned when this topic arises:

1) The nature and kind of separation required to be fair across the board is drastically different depending on the religion involved. Different procedures are required to ensure that top-down religions like the Apostolic wing of Christianity and Brahmanistic Hinduism get treated equally fairly as religions like Islam or most of Protestantism where any damn fool can do what he pleases.

2) Religion and science should be kept separately. Evolution is not a tool of the devil, nor is religion itself a spawn of evil designed to keep the human race down.

3) Religious fundamentalism is harmful to liberal democracy. Period. Dictatorships have great freedom to deal with it, just compare the number of terrorists in Iraq before 2003 to after it. Or compare the repeated domestic terror incidents from both the Right and the Left in the USA to the pittance that happened in the USSR.

4) The Quran has it right "Let there be no compulsion in religion," and lest I hesitate to add, the irreligious are not fair game to convert just because they happen to disregard gods or a god. If you want to convert, fine. If not, that's fine, too. The desire or its lack does not give atheists the right to create Gulags and Tuol Slengs, or believers the right to create Inquisitions.
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Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,
He has trampled down the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored,
He has unleashed the fateful lighting of His terrible swift sword, His Truth is marching on...

Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory Glory Hallelujah,
His Truth is mar-ching on..

In the beauty of the lillies Christ was born across the sea,
He had in His bosom a glory that transfigures you and me,
As He died to make men holy let us live to make men free, Our God is marching on...

Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory Glory Hallelujah,
Our God is mar-ching on..


Whatever happened to the Church of God since the 1860s in this country?


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