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From Comrade Tolkien's History of the Downfall of the Plutocrat of the Rings and the rise of the Proletariat:

"One Georgian to rule them all, one Georgian to find them, one Georgian to bring them all and in the Gulag bind them.:"

This is your regular dose of crack for the day, thankya, thankyaveruhmuch.

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Three questions that need answering.

First: Is economic inequality a civil rights issue? Not so long ago, a scandal broke where minors were being incarcerated to boost the profits of privately-owned for-profit prisons. The children imprisoned were disproportinately poor and this was true regardless of race. The civil rights leaders were nowhere to be found in that situation, despite the fact that economic inequality is pernicious and not limited to racial boundaries. This, also, despite the fact that economic inequality drives the Fundamentalist movements worldwide, as reactions against it. Why is the Jena Six incident considered civil rights but children who are poor who are imprisoned for greedy evil bastards to make profits off of that somehow not?

Second: Why is it that genocide is an evil thing to do but cultural genocides and ethnocides are acceptable government policies in the developed world? The idea that there are nation-states is a pretty fiction, but no more and no less. Spain has the Basques, the Catalans, and the Castilians and the Galicians. France has the Basques and Catalans and Gascons and Bretons and Italians and Alsatians. The US has my old saw, the Indian peoples, whom we attempted to destroy their cultures thereof. Now....given that eliminating entire peoples because we don't like their cultures is wrong (as in the Shoah and the Killing Fields), why is eliminating the cultures themselves somehow not wrong?

Third (and finally): Why have there been pages and pages on the crimes of one Adolf Hitler of Branau Am Inn and virtually nothing on the crimes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, at least in English-language media? I can name seven Holocaust scholarship books off the top of my head. I can only name one that dealt with the Soviet slave labor camp system, virtually none that touch on Soviet behavior in Eastern Europe and on Soviet ethnic cleansing, and damned fewer yet that will touch the nature of Soviet scientific evils, including a plan to shape a "New Soviet Man." Since Hitler's Master Race was almost cartoonishly evil, how again, is the Soviet Union's history of atrocities and evils done in the name of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," somehow not? Why the volumes on the Holocaust and the slaughters in Russia, but not even a box's worth of equal social history on the Gulag and Soviet ethnic cleansing?
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It appears historical revisionism is no longer a Neo-Nazi aspect of ideas. That Stalin was an atheist does not make all atheists bad. Instead it says that atheism is like any other opinion, it can be perverted into a dark corner of existence.

But if anyone wishes to explain how Stalin was a theist, then please tell me what kind of religious person would kill Christian priests, Buddhist monks, Islamic Imams, and pagan leaders with little or no thought as to who or why he was killing them except that they held to the opiate of the masses? Surely if he was a theist, he'dve picked one of them to spare, right? *eyebrow raise.* That the USSR spared no religion from horrors done in the name of atheism should be a damn big indicator that to call the Stalinist Soviet Union anything smacking of a religious society is a FUCKING LIE. Stalin himself commented on how he had become an atheist and a Marxist and disputed with the believers. Now...if you really wish to discredit the atheism-is-bad-because-Stalin-did-X, it should be noted that Hitler was a nominal Catholic until the day he committed suicide. Either way, Stalin was an atheist. So were Mao and Pol Pot.

To claim they weren't is Irviningism in a dangerous form.
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A bunch of political extremists are brawling in the 1930s in Europe. Commies, anarchists, and fascies. An alien ship comes by and scoops them up. They wake up in a starship traveling the Galaxy, and learn their captor is an interstellar explorer that has been disgraced on her homeworld. She listens to them screaming about what their definitions of evil are, and then responds to them by explaining that the race of Man can barely yet tap the fires of the Atom, but her society could rip entire planets asunder without a second thought. She smiles, takes out a vibroblade, and then walks up to the biggest character, a Russian anarchist that had the misfortune to survive until the purges, and kills him without even seeming to make an effort. The rest of the humans attempt to fight her, but she simply slays all except one last survivor, a Communist of the Luxembourgist variety. She walks up to him, and then informs him that as many as the Soviets have killed, that her society can easily kill far more. Her starship disembarks suddenly over a world that is a smoldering ruin, and he asks what happened here. She calmly informs him that prior to her disgrace, she was part of a military detachment that reduced this world, once a powerful starfaring society, to Oldowan-level pebble-chipping technology. The man turns to her in shock, and he suddenly finds himself dropped from the starship, falling...falling...

The moral of this story: just because we think we're the most bad-ass, cruel, vicious monsters in the Galaxy does not make that so.

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De Vriter's Block ask if ve like de Deutsch re-unification und vant de Cold Var back?

De answer ist Nein!

I mean, my God, one drunk Russian and WWIII would have happened. Or one drunk American, and WWIII would have happened.

Yeah, I prefer terrorists that are likely never to do anything serious to the Soviet fucking Union any day.

The Cold War was hardly simple, either. The superpowers got their fingers in every cookie jar known to man and a few that weren't.

At least it wasn't a Nazi-US Cold War.

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"To keep you is no gain, to lose you is no loss," said Saloth Sar, now known as Pol Pot...

before he murdered 1/4 of his own people for the Materialist Dialetic of the Left.

That, as a proportion of death in 3 years is at least on par with Adolf Hitler.

Tuol Sleng exceeded Auschwitz in terms of the dead it left in its wake, too.

Communism is evil.


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