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Might as well also be called the Most Epic of Epic Fail:

Do you see this man?

This man is both the most evil ruler of a society to have ever lived and the greatest failure to rule a society that has ever lived. This Francisco Solano Lopez led a small American state into wars against three bigger rivals. His war depended on a quick victory which did not happen. Having failed he fought until 90% of all men in his society were dead. The casualty rates here exceed even Saloth Sar of Cambodia, the most evil man in the 20th Century. Hence his place in the annals of the Forgotten Evils.

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I dedicate this post in the Forgotten Evils to the first German genocide of the 20th Century.

The Kaiser's army was dealing with the Herero, a pastoralist African tribe. The Herero got a little too feisty in the German view of things, and so the Kaiser's army resorted to the simple expediency of killing any of them that chose not to surrender immediately. The minimum estimate of how many Herero died in this was half of them. The maximum puts it just shy of three quarters of them. A neighboring people, the Namaqua, were also victims in this, losing half of their own population.

Colonialism in Africa later led to use of the same methods in Europe on "white" men, which IMHO, was the real crime of Hitler and Stalin in terms of how they've been interpreted. As long as the victims were brown folk, that was fine. When pink folk started dying the same way, the same behavior became atrocious and horrible, despite having been such all along:



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One of my ancestors was this man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_of_Guise. The reason I have him on this list was that he helped orchestrate the St. Bartholomew's Square Massacre. Effectively, one of my ancestors was guilty of orchestrating a crime analoguous to genocide, and that is one of my real problems with having such people like that in my family tree. I'd list my ancestors that fought in the Crusade, but none of them were generals, so....*wan smile.*

This man was responsible for the death of thousands of French Protestants for no greater a crime than their disagreement with their Catholic Brethren over who was and wasn't a proper Christian. And as God says "I YHVH am a Jealous God, avenging the sins of the fathers unto the sons unto the third and fourth generation...."

And yes, I know that three and four generations have already passed, thank you.
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No, this isn't the character from Last of the Mohicans. This is a Native who saw nothing wrong with profiting off his compatriots' misery and was in general a ruthless brute. The guy's been romanticized when he was no more noble than the European armies in the Thirty Years' War. A true Forgotten Evil:

Big ol' image behind cut... )

He's the one that's standing.

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As I said on a Christianity community, whoever had the bright idea to spread the Gospel to this particular Asian should be shot in both knees, strung up, and disemboweled before being strung up, and a sign hung around his neck that says "The Road To Hell Is Paved In Good Intentions."


^The man in that link was witnessed to by a missionary inspired by a Presbyterian. He had been having visions of a figure that told him to slay "evil devils." Upon learning of the concept of God the Son, he considered himself God's Chinese Son. He received most of his Christian information from our Bio-Denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention (Liang Fa only spurred his interest). Having learned of the Christian religion, he proceeded to start a millenarian war that murdered 25 million Chinese. This is Mao Zedong under Christian ideals, and Mao even admitted as much.

That's right. Missionary talks to one dude, who promptly proceeds to spark a civil war at the same time as our own and kills 25 million people for Jesus. Much as I believe in spreading the Gospel, there are some for whom it is not intended. This guy was one of them. And the nightmarish part I could see is if he attempted to Maoize China a century earlier, he would have been acclaimed a hero of the Faith by the Christian powers of the era for having brought true religion in place of paganism.

Since Hitler and the Nazis and Tojo Hideki and Imperial Japan came along and succeeded him. he's been forgotten. And yes, this is the second Chinese person in a row. The next individual's going to come from somewhere different.
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Now....people probably have heard of Mao, and the educated know that Qin Shi Huang wasn't that pleasant of a ruler....but I wonder how many have heard of this Zhang Xianzhong fellow? Here's a link about him:


While the First Emperor and Mao killed many people, Zhang is responsible for taking a city 400,000 strong and reducing it to 20 people. Yes, 20 people. He's as good an addition to the Forgotten Evils series as others I'm going to post, so....


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These guys:

and these guys:


are often forgotten when the World War II fascist movements are considered.

Now, Nazis were evil bastards, yes. But these guys gave the hardened SS forces nightmares. Now remember, this is the SS the kind of people who delighted in blowing people's brains out from behind. Who would herd Jews into gas chambers and rip their fillings out of their mouths. Who made massacre a hobby.

And these gave them nightmares.

These are the Fascist Khmer Rouges, and they're often forgotten. And this is my first of the Forgotten Evils series.


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