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Chapter VI: 

Gigantis roared, a bellow that was far too high-pitched for any creature of its size and bulk, as the various enemies that sought to turn to it surged forward. Its spines lit with an eerie otherworldly glow and then the creature turned and fired the beam straight at the MONSTER ZERO control center, the device erupting with a spectacular set of flames, ashes and soot smearing across the snow and permafrost of Antarctica. Gigantis watched with amused satisfaction as this freeing effect unleashed Megalon and King Ghidorah, which flew off altogether, and Gigan, which a bit more slowly than the other two did likewise. The monster's slow pace was marked by a set of thunderous footfalls as the creature's spines lit up again and it fired its beam at the deformed clone, Minilla wailing in agony as the blast caused it to erupt in another spectacular eruption of flesh, bone, guts, and charred radiation-soaked matter across the snow. Gigantis's footfalls, tremendous in nature, continued to echo amidst the roars and howls of the other monsters.

As the impulses containing them ceased, Battra and Mothra took flight likewise and began to wing their way to parts unknown, and so, more slowly, did Gigamoth. With Gigantis reaching a point of contact with its foes, its spines lit up and then beams began to fire outward, slamming into its enemies with force that seared and burnt into them, hurling them backwards. Of its foes, Godzilla and Gamera were unshaken by the blasts, while Guiron lurched forward with a grunting, snorting bellow. Gigantis roared, a shorter snorting bellow, before unleashing the beam right at Guiron's eyes. The explosive power caused the creature to howl and veer aside, and Gigantis's spines began to glow with a red and yellow aspect, both cracking with an eerie lightning-like appearance.

The beam surged forth again, with a crackling spiral effect that lanced forward into Guiron, which roared again as the beam ripped open its shoulder to the bone, tearing from there across its neck and face. All of one blast was sufficient to lead Guiron to join the other monsters that fled, turning tail and plunging into the depths of the sea. A dark purplish miasma followed it, slicking across the surface of the ocean and going within. Gigantis then turned to its sole two opponents left standing before it, not counting the iguanas that had crept up to it. One of the iguanas sought to launch itself toward Gigantis's flank only for the monster's tail to smash into its skull with a fatal impact that slew the creature with one blow, repeating this for the other two.

As Godzilla and Gamera both stood, Gamera then unleashed a string of fireballs that collided into Gigantis with force sufficient to blast it back, while Bagan took flight, unleashing several waves of circular slicing disks that caused Gigantis to roar in pain, turning its gaze to Bagan. The spines began to glow red as Godzilla's own spines lit up with a blue light and then the monster began to turn its head aside, the energies there drawing together and then surging out in a beam of brilliant blue and white energy that smashed into Gigantis as the monster's own spiral ray tore into Bagan's wing, puncturing it and causing Bagan to fall to the ground with a colossal impact that raised a tremendous cloud of snow and ice.

Gigantis roared in triumph and began to turn toward Bagan, only for another string of Gamera's fireballs to attract the monster's attention as Gamera lurched forward, moving with a blinding speed that seemed improbable in the extreme for a monster eighty meters tall. Gamera's fireballs continued to smash into Gigantis's face in sequences of three, only for Gigantis to incline forward slightly and then smash its shoulder into Gamera with sufficient force to smash the monster into the snow. By this point Bagan rose from the ground, its healing factor stitching together its wing, unleashing more of the disks toward Gigantis, who turned and fired the spiral ray into Bagan's own open mouth, the blast causing Bagan to roar in agony and lurch backward, blood spewing forward from its mouth.

Gigantis then saw Godzilla now closing in onto him, the other monster's fangs smashing into his arm with enough force to draw blood, the sheer weight of the impact enough to knock Gigantis onto his back. The monster prepared to fire his beam, the spines glowing with enough power to begin to melt the permafrost and the ice that transformed into a slushy and slippery mud. While Gamera and Bagan dug down their claws into the ground, Gigantis maneuvered with just sufficient force and a Psionic suggestion to knock Godzilla off of him, firing his beam right into Gamera's face, drawing an agonized roar from the other monster, which in turn unleashed more fireballs, and the three monsters in turn were to draw closer together. Gigantis rose to his feet, the dark and unholy reprise of the strange Psionic power-up and attack all in one echoing around it as an eerie spectral wail, a chorus without instruments or composer.

The monster roared, his spines glowing, and then began to move toward his enemies, the other monsters surging forward likewise with rumbling roars. As Gigantis moved forward, out of the periphery of its vision it sensed the return of one of the foes who had fled, the foe angered and wrathful at the mere existence of Gigantis and prepared for a renewed clash, its inherent nature overwhelming any of its attempts to fight it.......
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Godzilla's mouth sunk deep into Megalon's arm, leading to a half-mechanical yowl of pain. In anger three of Megalon's arms swooped toward the Monster King when Gigan's lasers struck one of them and King Ghidorah's gravity beams struck all three. In return, Gamera's fireballs smashed into Ghidorah's heads, leading the creature to prepare a blast toward the gigantic turtle. As all the monsters remained focused on each other, the drums of the eldritch melody transitioned into longer notes. The groaning metal suddenly shrieked loud enough that the monster battle overland ceased. The music also began to transition as a bluish-white flame surged from beneath the ground in a single arc, slicing into all the monsters with impunity. The ground then moved as a gigantic head burst through.

Vaguely like that of Godzilla's, the face was somewhere between a dinosaur and a cat, eyebrow-like ridges formed into a permanent frown, framed by two small triangular ears. The face was followed by a massive neck, the back of the neck covered in spines that began to grow in size. The neck in turn was followed by a massive chest, the chest ending in relatively puny arms with four clawed digits, three fingers and one thumb on each hand. The spines were in rows of three, like gigantic maple-leaves of bone. This in turn rested on a gigantic trunk, superimposed on colossal legs, behind them a long tail. It was a mountain of scales that began to move, the music now transformed into an orchestral series of notes, some longer, some shorter.

Gigantis took its first free steps, then roared for the first time. The roar was higher-pitched than that of Godzilla, but with a powerful, unnatural resonance. On the battlefield, only Gamera and Ghidorah came close in size to Gigantis, twice as tall as most of the monsters it faced and many times more massive. The creature roared again, two rows of long serrated fangs visible, the front teeth on either side of its jaw longer than the rest. The creature then stepped forward again, moving toward the gigantic creature Guiron. The creature leaped into the air, its knife-head aimed at Gigantis's midsection........only for Gigantis to turn with a surprising speed and smash Guiron into Megalon, Gigan, Godzilla, Gamera, and Bagan.

Its dinosaurian face then seemed to snarl as the creature stepped toward its foes. As Mothra and Battra immediately proceeded to fire their rays at it, Gigantis turned toward them. Its spines glowed with a bluish-white light, its mouth beginning to glow in the same fashion. Snarling, a few drops of radioactively charged drool falling on the ground from its open mouth, Gigantis fired its beam at both insectoid monsters, who barely swooped out of its way, the beam smashing into Rodan and sending Rodan high into the sky. The monster then turned toward the MONSTER ZERO facilities, its eyes animated with malice.

The mountain walked toward the transmitters that held the monsters' wills together via a bio-physical field, its pace slow and deliberate, unaffected by Megalon and Ghidorah's gravity beams, the rays of Mothra, Battra, Godzilla, Gigan, or the attempts to strike by Guiron, halted by a sudden smacking of Gigantis's tail into the other monster's eye. The creature then stood before the transmitter, before sending its arm forward in a scthying motion that tore open the transmission device. The field, the last-ditch effort to contain a breakout of the gigantic monsters, became tangible and then failed with a spectacular lightshow.

It was then that Gigantis turned for the first time, gazing at its fifteen opponents. Godzilla, Gamera, Bagan, Gigan, Megalon, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Guiron, a super-sized iguana six time larger than its relatives and two smaller ones, the deformed clone that Gigantis vowed to eradicate first, Mothra, Battra, and Gigamoth. Gigantis roared again, and began to walk calmly toward monsters that in turn surged toward it, motivated by primordial reactions they could not explain and a last-bit suggestion by the desperate scientists of MONSTER ZERO intent on at least trying to kill their crowning creation before it freed itself.........
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Megalon roared with what sounded like a half-mechanical pleasure as cut for violence and gore )
All the while the metal groaned beneath the Earth, and the first notes of a powerful, eldritch melody began to pound in the heads of the humans watching, while disorienting all the other Kaiju. Only Gamera, Megalon, Ghidorah, and Godzilla seemed unaffected, at least initially. The result was that the Architects retreated deeper into their bunkers, now carrying a passed-out, twitching Miki who was moaning "That is not dead which can eternal lie."  As they fled, they could hear the roars, howls, and crackling hisses of the otherworldly scenes of terror above them.

halialkers: Bagan, dinosaur with three-horned face, fanged teeth, covered in skeleton-like armor (Gaius Barbarossa)
MONSTER ZERO main base, Antarctica:

The Age of Monsters began with a sound in the wee small hours of the morning that awoke the scientists there as from a nightmare. It was a tremendous groaning of metal, a groaning that caused several fillings to start coming loose in the jaws of the scientists in question. The first reaction of Dr. Serizawa was to ask which of the Kaiju was causing the groaning. When the answer came out as 'Bagan' a sharp silence fell, marked only by heavy breathing. The groaning grew louder and then a single resounding crash followed. As they looked, one of the buildings at the furthest end of the facility suddenly began to shudder. First once, then twice.

In the midst of the shock, orders given to resume supply of the gas at a heavier level were not heard, as the third thud was followed by the appearance of a massive, five-fingered, clawed hand covered in bone-like armor. The hand withdrew into the building, and then punched straight through it, followed by a massive shoulder and the beginning point of a wing, covered in the same grayish bone-colored armor. It was then that a column of white flame, vaguely akin to that of Godzilla itself followed, ripping through the building, followed by a massive head with three horns, a single horn protruding from the nose and two curved horns proceeding from the beast's side, curving upward. With this came the creature's other arm and part of the other wing, followed by a sudden roar that was a deep, rumbling sound like boulders grinding together. In the stark whiteness and isolation of Antarctica the silence made the evil sound all the nastier. The creature then roared again and its tail smashed through the side of the building, a trace of a colossal chain amplifying the destruction, the chain severed by a blade on the beast's tail. Immense, at 45 meters tall, the creature was only a few meters short of Godzilla itself.

Its body overall was coated in an armor that resembled bone, its feet plantigrade and ursine, with humongous, black, sharp claws tipping each foot. Its tail was long and similarly armored, coated in a vast and wicked blade. Where the armor did not coat its flesh, the skin was brown and bore more than a vague resemblance to Godzilla's, the face marked by huge, wicked fangs that drooled a firey ichor down onto the soil of Antarctica, producing a great steam where the drool smashed into the sea. Roaring once more, Bagan then astonished its creators, when its huge protrusions began to form a vast energy-like substance that seemed part-fire, part-membrane, the result adding an unholy light to the effects made by the monster. The wings then began to flap, and as the creature began to lean forward slightly, it began to run at a speed that its sheer mass did not seem to indicate it should have been able to do, until the creature took flight like some vaguely undead dragon, a figure of myth. Bagan's deep roar echoed over MONSTER ZERO, as the Base then began to hear further groaning as other beasts, awakened by the singular roar began to slip their own chains.


The Southern Ocean, That Evening:

The first inkling that Megalon, fresh from a massacre in Africa, had of Bagan's presence was when it was struck in the sky by a colossal force that smashed into it with an impact that produced an unearthly sound of bone-covered flesh smacking into an enormous chitinous structure, leading to Megalon wailing as its body fell close to the sea and only at the last minute averted a fall into the freezing cold where the leviathan was following it. Its second was when Bagan roared and hit it with a whitish flame that set one of Megalon's wings alight. Shrieking, the monster fell onto the coast of Antarctica, landing with a resounding crash. As it landed, the ice and soil exploding in a vast ring and cloud of ice and dust all around it, Godzilla rose from the sea behind it. Godzilla's bass roar sounded through Antarctica, and as Megalon rose to meet its challengers, it heard in its mind the growing challenge from the base and then took flight, albeit slowly and haphazardly.

Godzilla followed, as did Bagan. Behind Bagan, a whirling wheel of fire began to descend from space toward the bottom of the world and a fateful first confrontation.......


MONSTER ZERO, the Main Base:

The Age of Monsters had begun. The long sequence of cyclopean prisons were erupting. Only the two most feared remained imprisoned. The vast adamantium construct that held the immense Gigantis under the ground remained intact. So, fortunately, it seemed, did the titanium surrounding the great golden dragon that had been nicknamed King Ghidorah. But now Antarctica swarmed with monsters. The deformed Godzilla clone Minya stumbled forward, disoriented, as did the prototype of Bagan, Baragon.

So, too, did the experiments derived from the colossal pterosauroid Rodan shake their heads and first sound their cries. Batragon and Bagorah's screeches were blocked by the Rodan-like cry of a gigantic armored caterpillar and the chirping cry of a smaller worm that was already inching toward the sea and an island that was to call it to its destiny. So, too, did the immense forms of the Gigamoth and Lepirax. Other monsters too had already arisen from their deep slumber, the cyborg monstrosities Guiron and Gigan, the one with a massive blade on its head, the other one of the most bizarre products of the experiment, vaguely fowl-like with a monstrous buzzsaw and huge hook-like hands and a steel beak, its feet likewise marked by metal. So, too, had arisen the vast and frightening form of the iguanas, which had been disturbed by the others, sprawling at a scale of dozens of 60-meter creatures that roared in triumph.

Once uninhabited save by small groups of researchers and penguins, the coast of Antarctica now was inhabited by monstrous forms that seemed the products of madness. And it was these mountains of madness that ended the Age of Man when Megalon reappeared amongst them, introducing itself by smashing its drills through the heads of several of the iguanas to reach the vast prison of the beast it had to destroy, lest it face a rival. It was now that the fiendish power of Megalon began to come into its own, but even as it slaughtered in a growing bloodlust, the monstrous Baragon, animated by a primordial hunger, began to fall upon the dead and the not-quite dead iguanas, its claws scratching Gigan, which retaliated by smashing its gigantic claw into Baragon.

As the creature stood up and hissed at its attacker, three roars echoed at the same time. The first like a deep bass sound, the trumpet of doom and judgment itself, followed by a massive dinosaurian form with maple-leaf spines. The second like boulders rumbling, from the sky, followed by a massive being with firey wings. The third elephantine, from the mouth of an 80-meter tall turtle whose mouth was beginning to glow with the power of fireballs, preparing to initiate chaos to face its enemies. Yet as the fireballs first struck, another groaning came, followed by a glowing yellow energy that began to warp and then to crumble the titanium and diamond mass that contained King Ghidorah. Following this with a shattering blast of energy, the creature emerged with a triumphant cackling that caused all the other Kaiju to face in its direction.

Then King Ghidorah, triumphant over all it surveyed was struck in the chest by no less than two massive drill-like arms that barreled it over with impunity, as a combination of fireballs began to rain indiscriminately, and Godzilla and Bagan stood together, both of their mouths glowing with the unholy flames that animated their great power. A war of titans was beginning.


The Citadel, MONSTER ZERO main Base:

The fog of sleep was beginning to recede, and adamantium chains that bound a mountain of flesh and bone began to groan. The sound was eerie, and yet in the midst of the chaos beginning above was almost unnoticed. The only exception was in the plane that took the gathered people of the Main Base to one of the satellite bases 300 miles away, when the young Miki Saegusa awoke with a scream, only to look at her fellows of the program again with a fairly blackened face, teeth seemingly reptilian:


Then Saegusa screamed like a damned soul and awoke in truth, a normal human, frightened and asking why her head hurt........

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
MONSTER ZERO Central Base, Antarctica:

The wee small hours of the morning remained dark and unholy hours, where a slumbering leviathan's barely contained rage began to send dreams into the minds of men. These men, tossing and turning amidst the slumbering relics of other stars and the artificial leviathans of their own devising felt these assaults, and to them all else faded.

An odd music seemed to come with the dreams, a mixture of trumpets, drums, and wind instruments. A particular drum riff seemed to recur, then footsteps. Vast and unholy in sound these footsteps were. The people of the metropolis walking unconscious and unaware of this until a head burst forth from the sea and an eerie ror, like that of Godzilla but a longer, higher, screechier sound followed. The demon that rose from the sea trod forth, stepping into the waterfront amidst the terrified, awed minds of the crowds that beheld it. They were hypnotized, birds before a colossus, a Jormungandr come to bring forth Ragnarok and to inaugurate the Twilight of Man and of Man's Gods. The eerie high-pitched screech akin to that of Godzilla came again, and the crowd did not run, until a plane collided into the monster's face. It was then that a spell seemed to break and as the crowd turned to run, the dorsal spines of the creature lit up in an eerie fashion before a spray of radioactive power emanated from its mouth, consuming the waterfront in a wave of flames.

The creature roared and stepped into the city further, its bulk simply smashing through two of the largest buildings in front of the waterfront with a cruel ease, people falling from the buildings to their death. The creature's roar followed along with the population falling on the ground beginning the waters to close over them, the mountains to fall upon them and to hide them, and the valleys to encompass them. For it seemed that the very end of the world had finally begun.

Some of the architects of greater willpower, such as Wyndham and Serizawa briefly awoke, and for a time all sleep would be interrupted again in the wee small hours of the morning with the screams of nightmare. Beneath them, contained by the strongest wave of gas the greatest of all the leviathans remained seemingly unconscious. Gigantis, the Fire-Monster, the recreation of Godzilla gone all too well. Gigantis, a Godzilla clone twice the size of the original, and according to the unconscious, sedated Miki Saegusa in her raving madness dedicated to destroying all humanity. Indeed, when Miki had had her worst visions some of the Architects almost fancied that her face had turned black and the figures begun to swell and alter, her teeth vaguely reptilian.

Instead, they returned to dreams of leviathans hundreds of meters high, walking and lumbering about, bringing the end of all things to a world that had fallen into folly.


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the next day:

The first sign of Megalon's approach to Dar Es Salaam was the eerie wind that seemed to come out of nowhere, and a strange sensation that the wind was caused by the approach of something impossibly large and yet able to fly with blinding speed. The second was the strange electricity-like substance that warped and malformed buildings, crumpling the steel and causing them to fall upon one another. The third was to be the landing of the actual creature itself. Roaring with an unholy mechanical sound, Megalon's prolonged howl was to be followed by its seemingly gleefully walking through a major street of Dar Es Salaam and running its drills through buildings. It would be then that Dar Es Salaam encountered next a roar that was all too familiar.

A great figure, vast and dinosaurian, with plates akin to those of maple-leafs, a long dinosaurian muzzle, charcoal grey, rose out of the depths of the sea. Its deep rumbling roar contrasted with the sound of Megalon's voice, and Megalon was to turn rapidly as Godzilla strode from the sea onto land. Its three-toed feet made deep impressions into the Kurasini ward. Godzilla roared again and as Megalon turned to it with a rapid movement, surprising for something so large, Godzilla turned in turn with a swiftness that belied its own size and its tail clotheslined Megalon onto its back. As the monster fell, its horn crackled and the gravitational beam caught Godzilla square in the chest. While the beam did cause Godzilla pain, to Megalon's shock the beam did not cause Godzilla sufficient pain to halt it, instead the beam brought forth a prolonged rumbling growl and Godzilla's moving with a rapid speed straight for the creature's more vulnerable underside. Anchoring itself with two of its arms, Megalon smashed its other two toward Godzilla, who was jostled by the power of the blow backward enough that one foot went back in the ocean. Ripping a huge portion of Dar Es Salaam Harbor's remaining infrastructure clean out of the ground with its drill, Megalon rose to its feet.

Its insectoid head released the mechanical-sounding roar that had already frightened the population even as Godzilla's spines began to glow with an all-too-familiar to humans across the globe light. The spines began to exacerbate some of the already-extant fires caused by Megalon's short rampage, sending a sequence of explosions across the waterfront and causing some of the closer metal to heat up to the point that it would plague Dar Es Salaam with metal too hot and too radioactive to touch for weeks. The monster's head angled slightly as the beam gathered within it, and then as Megalon roared again in challenge, the beam lanced forth and struck Megalon in its undersection. For the first time the monstrous insect felt pain, and with this burning the creature lashed out, smashing its way into the city center.

Godzilla followed, its immense footsteps treading down panicked crowds, those not already trodden upon or smashed by Megalon's drill as the pained insectoid cyborg had fled further into the city. When the Tanzanian Air Force J--7s came to Dar Es Salaam to confront the rampaging Kaiju, it was Megalon who first struck them, its gravitational beam destroying an entire wave of fighters in a single arc. After this the fighters decided that Tanzania's small air force could be better used along with its ground forces to evacuate civilians. For their part the Kaiu were heedless of this, and Godzilla prepared another blast of its beam when it encountered Megalon again.

This time Megalon tried to move first and clamped the monster's jaws shut as the beam seemed to misfire. Before Megalon could strike, a sudden wave of power akin to a direct hit from a nuclear explosion surged, levelling major portions of the wards of Illala and Kinondoni. Megalon itself was hurled from Dar Es Salaam northward, unconscious. Its smoking, charred form would retain a deep and hideous burn across its center, a scar that would lead to human analysts initially dubbing Megalon Blackstripe. But the blackened scar was only the product of Megalon's two-day involuntary immobilization, as initially the hideous injury had been rubbed raw when Megalon tried to stand after a period of time had passed and the pain had caused it to fall again.

For its part Godzilla rampaged through the already-devastated portions of Dar Es Salaam, curled up asleep in the ravaged nuclear devastation that had been the Illala Ward and would return to the sea the next evening. Godzilla itself had had a certain dream. A strange, deformed best very like itself in some ways but wrong. Unnatural. Twice its size, walking with its tail dragging on the ground. The creature's face was felinoid. Two rows of teeth. And something in its head was drawing Godzilla. It was at times a pain that led to Godzilla ascending to the surface and breathing nuclear fire to make it go, and it was at times like the call of gravity upon the stars.

Godzilla began to take the detour to the Arctic, where the monster's path was unbeknownst to it securing the first stages of a newer and more terrible destiny. When Godzilla reached the Antarctic Ocean, Megalon would finally revive to see itself surrounded by human soldiers who panicked upon its first movement. It took out its rage on those soldiers with a wave of gravitational force from its horn and then took flight. For Megalon, too, had a call motivating its own arrival. Yet as Megalon took flight and reached over Johannesburg, a sudden blast of plasma struck it in the back, and the creature roared as it plunged straight into Johannesburg's Central Business district. The shock from this and its making Megalon's injury flare up again led to Megalon rapidly raising itself to its feet again in anger, as another fireball struck it in the face. Then another. Followed by an elephantine roar and a turtle-like being which flew in, arms in the form of wings, the creature's jet-like propulsion ending as huge chelonian feet smashed into Johannesburg, the wings transforming into massive paws. The turtle-like tusked face of Gamera opened its mouth for another roar and Megalon, in its rage roared in turn, horn crackling, as the two giants began to move toward each other and civilians who'd heard about what Megalon had done in Christchurch and Dar Es Salaam frantically tried to flee out of the way with varying degrees of success.......


I did say that the Omniverse Kaiju wouldn't limit themselves only to Asia. Besides, the idea of Kaiju battles in Africa is quite appealing. Yes, it is a long way from Australia to Africa, but then Godzilla was noted in the last chapter to have been following Megalon in particular. I might note that after the clash between Megalon and the Gyaos that it was quite inevitable that Megalon would have his first battle with Gamera not long after.

halialkers: Godzilla, Heisei. Right profile view one arm outstretched. (Set Molotov)
Westchester, New York:

The young man in the mansion tossed and turned, his dreams riven with the dark power and sensation of nightmares. He was fishing on the dock of New York City, or more acccurately had been fishing. For some time his rod had been neglected as he'd been screaming about something in his head, held by his good friend who was asking him "Charles, what's wrong?", fearing what he already sensed. A sequence of odd thumping sounds had already been heard earlier on, but dismissed by people who did not understand what it was that they heard. Then the waters of the sea began to boil as a living mountain, scales of obsidian, with bones in a maple-leaf fashion protruding from its back rose from the sea. The maple-leaf spines began to glow blue as the creature opened a mouth set into vaguely humanoid, vaguely dinosaurian, vaguely felinoid  with two rows of shark-like teeth and roared in a sound that was unnaturally loud and high-pitched, even artificial, for a creature of that size. The spines' glowing produced an unnatural heat that had the docks begin to burn, as the creature's mouth now lit up with a glowing, unhallowed light that was followed by a beam of blue and white light, two blue beams surrounding a white one, consuming everything he beheld.........

The young man woke up. It was only a dream, so he told himself, over and over again.


Darwin,, Australia:

Since the appearance of Godzilla, Anguirus, and King Kong the world had come to accept the existence of the strange giant monsters that periodically arose and leveled cities. But to this point the world had never encountered a creature quite like this one. This gigantic beetle-like hybrid with its four arms tipped with lethal-looking drills, mouth a set of fangs closed in on each other, its organic-metallic face with gigantic, multi-segmented insectoid eyes, and its head topped with a star had arrived with the impact of its descent from the skies. Confronting two of the strange bat-like creatures that had first appeared in Montevideo, the creature had tried to deflect one of those creatures' beams with one of its drills, but the loss of one of the sharper edges had led Megalon not to repeat the experience. Instead Megalon had fired his gravitational beam, which had taken down one of the creatures and strangled it with the gravitational impact crushing its bones with a contemptuous ease.

Megalon had found that the other beast had learned swiftly from the demise of its fellow. He could not hit it, though he could prevent the slicing scream from hitting him. He could pursue it, but it was more flexible than he was. It did not have an infinite reservoir of strength, however, not if Megalon understood the foe he faced and how it seemed to operate. Then the creature surged straight at him and started pecking at him and clawing at his eyes. Displeased, Megalon hurled two of his lower arms straight through the creature's wings, causing it to fall with a sickening crunch into the midst of Darwin. Megalon then turned to his remaining foe, his horn crackling with energy. As he prepared to fire it, he began to witness the waters of the sea boiling. Good. The thing he was seeking was starting to follow him.

Turning to his remaining foe, the gravitational beam struck it with a sickening squelching crunching sound akin to that produced when it struck its previous foe. The creature's shriek was to begin to burble and then to fall still. Megalon took flight again, heading to the west. It would take time to draw his prey to where he could both fight it and fulfill his true mission: to draw out and to kill his only true rival. The great golden beast at the bottom of the world. King Ghidorah.

As Megalon turned to fly, Godzilla continued its path to the south. He sought to find his mate and his young, whom he knew had been swimming in this direction before. If he did not find them here, he would turn north. After all, there was nothing that would compel him otherwise..........

halialkers: Godzilla/Gamera hats and canes dancing (Set and Gus)

In the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, all Hell had broken loose. No less than six sixty-meter tall giant mutated creatures having a resemblance to deformed Godzillae had arisen out of the streets of the city, and in a short amount of time much screaming, dying, and monsters feasting on the large crowds panicking and running had followed. Many of the buildings had already been damaged, while the creatures were running around wailing in their equally-deformed mockery of Godzilla's roar. But a deeper rumbling had already begun, and as one of the creatures jumped back from the very center of town four giant drills, whirling, broke through the street. The creature that followed them then rose out of the shattered ashes of what had once been a fine New Zealand city. Resmembling a multiply unholy hybrid of carrion and scab beetles, the creature had a massive head with a double-jaw that protruded from its insectoid mouth, a gigantic star-like metallic frame rising from its head. It had four arms, and crouched slightly. Megalon then roared with a mixture of growling and hissing as the six mutant lizards around it began to lurch toward it.

All six jointly rushed Megalon, who hurled one of his blades right down on the skull of one of them, the sickening crunch that followed followed further by the fall of one of the lizards, whose corpse still twitched, while the three other arms collided with equally brutal impacts onto the faces and bodies of the mutants. One of them roared with agony as its face had a deep, bleeding groove carved into it, another had a jaw hanging at an odd angle. Megalon's star then began to glow with an eerie energy that began to call to itself smaller objects, creating also the start of small-scale implosion effects. The effects produced a mixture of rumbling and eerie groans from metal that began to stress and bend under the weight of the gravitational force, as well as multiple bones beginning to crack in feathers in the mutants.

The beam that gathered took on an eerie form something like lightning, crackling with a hideous sound that collided into one of the mutants, the one with a deep groove in both jaws. That mutant wailed as the impact of the beam caused its body to crush within itself, and then it fell with a sharp sound that mixed both a crashing and a squelching. With two of its enemies down, Megalon's horn then glowed again and the beam would lash forward again, striking one of the fleeing mutants in the small of the back, causing it to fall on its face, incapable of rising. Walking forward, Megalon then raised its drills over that creature and brought them down in a set of strikes that left it still.

Moving to the next three targets, Megalon's shell opened and its back protruded glistening wings of improbable size. Defying all contemporary understandings of physics even more than the Gameras had already done, Megalon rose into the air and launched its beam still more times, crushing the mobility of the mutants, before landing again and striking with sufficient brutality to destroy its targets. It was after this that Megalon started to fire its beam through the shattered remnants of Christchurch, which it destroyed with what seemed almost a psychotic glee. Its gruesome work done, Megalon then rose into the air, holding all four of its arms to its side.

The observer from Project MONSTER ZERO, Agent White, who'd reported this in his airplane made a last frantic report when his transmission cut off in mid-syllable, the last sound the hideous roar of Megalon. After this, the Architects of Fear had remained in a private conversation, the fear on their faces all too real. The ailing and aging Dr. Serizawa had plaintively asked if at long last they had begun to reap the fruit of Miss Saegusa's visions.........


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