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Two invasions and one great offensive were launched. In 1812, the bicentennial of which is this day, Napoleon Bonaparte, the hitherto undefeated conqueror of the great bulk of Europe launched his invasion of the Russia of Alexander I. He had spent the previous months studying all the failures of Charles XII in the Great Northern War, and making his most in-depth and complete logistical and otherwise preparations for a campaiign. Indeed, Napoleon never repeated the mistakes of Charles XII. He made completely different ones that culminated in the complete annihilation of his Grande Armee, culminating in the great debacle of the Berezina. Technically Napoleon was never defeated on the battlefield, but as the North Vietnamese said to the American, that was true but it was irrelevant. Curiously Napoleon's invasion began to degenerate after a stiff fight at Smolensk, the first truly big and gruesome battle of the invasion.

In 1941, 3 million Nazis, prepared after a decision made in October of 1940, were to launch what was intended to be the crowning triumph of Nazi arms, the invasion of the Soviet Union of Josef Stalin. Against them were arrayed 2 million Soviet forces with horrendously obsolete equipment, operating on a bad plan, executing the bad plan worse than even it had to be. In the course of this preparation, the Nazis had studied deeply the lessons of 1812, and indeed they did not repeat the mistakes of Napoleon. They made entirely different ones that were just as fatal. This in fact cast a deep dark cloud over the course of Operation Typhoon and the Soviet counteroffensive there. And furthermore, ironically, and bitterly the Soviets caused the Nazi offensive to begin to derail in a prolonged and bloody battle at Smolensk, the first place the Red Army put up a furious, planned defense that lasted for eight weeks (and utterly failed, but in lasting eight weeks this meant it took the Nazis longer to capture Smolensk than it had taken them to knock down the French).

And then in 1944, the Red Army launched Operation Bagration against the hollowed-out form of Army Group Center, still retaining the so-called Belarusian Balcony, where the Red Army had massed a huge, modern mechanized force against a Wehrmacht degrading into a WWI Army and SS fanatics who were a political militia but had all the remaining goodies. The huge offensive began deep in Belarus, around Minsk, at the time that the democracies were breaking out at Falaise. In a short timespan Army Group Center no longer existed, the Red Army was on the Vistula, the Polish Home Army destroyed any pretense of an independent postwar Poland with the Nazis and Soviets both in different ways making this end possible, and the Nazis lost WWII to a point where only the fanatics could disagree with it.

June 22nd is as such generally not the day nor the era to invade Russia. Russia, in fact, has a record of killing empires on this day.
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A day where a crime that was indeed deplorable and indeed justly condemned should be remembered. 
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In the summer of 1944, the Soviet Stavka had agreed with the democracies' armies to launch simultaneous offensives. As the democracies captured Rome and launched Overlord, the Soviets knocked Finland out of the war in the first of a sequence of staggered offensives. On 22 June 1944, 2 million Soviets under the command of Georgi Zhukov, wielding a modern mechanized army vastly superior to its Nazi counterpart in mobility, firepower, and overall leadership began Operation Bagration. The Soviets used the 1st Baltic, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Byelorussian Fronts, and these fronts from a starting line at Minsk in June of 1944 by 19 August had reached the Vistula. In the process the largest intact remaining core of German military power and all the rest of Soviet territory were cleared in a relatively short span of time, and the Soviets were to halt outside Warsaw and let Bar-Komorowski's deluded efforts to hold onto the 1921 frontiers destroy itself, to enable the Lublin Government by default to form the core of Warsaw Pact Poland.

The Soviet victory in Bagration was the grandest example of combined-arms warfare in the entirety of the war, and the moment at which the war for the Germans was irretrievably lost. After Bagration the Germans were unable to achieve even a stalemate.
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The seven Confederate States had appointed a former US Secretary of War from Mississippi as President of their fledgling wannabe nation by February 9th. The US Congress in turn passed a resolution on this day which stated outright that the Federal government would not interfere in slavery where it existed. The great majority of people in the North and in the South each still believed the other was only bluffing and would fold, or that if war came it would be a short and glorious struggle they might not even get in. As in 1914 many even thought the war if it came would be a carthasis. Thus did the last rays of the US as it was slowly fade out and the long night came ever closer.
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Four days ago, on the 26th of January was the 150th anniversary of the declaration of secession adopted by the Louisiana state government. In so doing Louisiana, like the rest of the Deep South displayed an extremist form of the secessionist ideology that was gripping the South by force at that time. Thus far by 30 January in 1861 South Carolina, then Mississippi, then Florida, then Alabama, then Georgia, and then Louisiana had all been carried on the tide of secessionist terrorism into uncharted waters. Kansas had been admitted to the Union.

With the 150 year anniversaries coming up I will be going through the 150 year anniversaries of the major and minor incidents of the horrific idiocy that led the Southern Slave Power into a war it had precious little chance to win. I remain convinced that this decision was the most foolish made by any US politicians in the course of the country's history. All it served to do was ensure the death of 360,000 Southern soldiers in the Confederate armies for nothing. I emphasized that KIA rate because in World War II the total casualties, KIA, MIA, and WIA were 500,000. Just the killed alone from the Civil War were 630,000.

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So much death today its anniversary remembered is never oversoon.

Today, June 22nd, 1941 3 million Axis armies consisting of Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Italians, and Finns all invaded the Soviet Union to fight an equal number of Soviet troops, 3 million, caught right in the middle of a military overhaul. World War II, already begun in Asia and restarted with a vengeance in Africa now erupted into the largest war ever. The confrontation of Fascism with Soviet Communism led ultimately to both how and why World War II lasted as long as it did and took the form it did. Hitler attacks in the mid-1930s and the Soviets destroy him with what was both the most technologically and tactically advanced army with the best resources of the day. He attacked in 1942 the new improved Soviet Army would have blunted his offensive and then thrown him back far earlier, with a fraction of the death toll and devastation that greeted the OTL USSR.

Instead June 22nd 1941 was the right combination of hitting a stronger enemy at its weakest and due to so many cries of wolf beforehand also strategic surprise at that very moment.

Three years later, another World War II June 22nd, a newer, retooled Soviet Army was at war against the Germans. The Germans remained to the dying days of the war the horde obsessed with elan and cran and eschewing the mass-production processes that both US free enterprise and also Soviet central planning both became superior to the Nazi model in their own ways. The Germans now lacked mobility, significant depth in reserve after the expensive victories and catastrophic defeats of 1941-1943 and were facing a highly motorized Soviet military that was for the first time able to combine all aspects of war into a revival of pre-war Deep Penetration Doctrine.

And then the Soviet juggernaut slammed into Army Group Center, saved from this fate in an irony of ironies in December 1941 only by previous Soviet offensives being over-ambitious and under-commanded and German military power was destroyed. The war from then on out was the combination of the Allies, the USSR, UK, and USA to crush the Germans in a giant nutcracker move.

Remember, remember the 22nd of June, so much death today its anniversary is never oversoon.

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This had the ceremony finished:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase and....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Declaration_of_Independence an American proxy state declared its secession from the lawful state over an illegal practice it so zealously defended, and... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamestown,_Virginia The first Anglo society in the New World had the first steps taken to establish it.

Now let's take each one and examine it, shall we? The first was how my state got its origin, though my part of the state was then the no-man's land frontier between the United States and what was still then New Spain, the furthest outpost of the Spanish Empire. It came from Nappy wanting to get some more money to wage his war of conquest against Europe, and was sped along by the second-oldest state in America establishing the world's first black republic, which killed his attempt to build anything special in this part of the world. One of the strictest Founders as regarded strict constructionism did not live up to his principles the moment it would have meant he'd actually have to give up something. How shocking.

The second was the roots of the Mexican-American War, the largest-scale conflict between two states in North America at present. Texas was founded by a bunch of immigrants who quickly broke Mexican law by establishing the institution of slavery in that particularly American form it took, namely blacks as slaves and whites as masters. The Texan immigrants behaved like Lou Dobbs' wet dream of how Hispanic immigrants today would behave and forcibly broke free from Mexico by virtue of defeating an incompetent dictator named Santa Anna. The resulting turmoil led to this particular US proxy later being annexed and a war between the two independent great powers of North America at the time.

And in the third case, the uniquely American phenomenon of over-powerful corporations (by comparison to other First World societies, that is) has one hint at the root of the situation. Namely, the establishment of the first English outpost in the American continent itself that actually survived, by virtue of the 17th Century version of a modern corporation. This outpost survived mainly from a mixture of friendly relations with the Indians, pirating the Indian crop of tobacoo and looting Indian food surpluses to feed themselves because the damn nobles were still picky about doing actual work for a change. And it is also ironic that the American continent's present day English empires were founded by corporations and now in the 21st Century Anno Domini have still more powerful corporations in the present. Gotta love it.


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A sad day, and one that has become a political football.

Instead, let us remember those lost on that day, and pray that in the end there can be an end to the homo homini lupus that is so much of how we humans relate to each other.

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To the military forces of the United States and Australia who beginning on this day handed the first defeat in many, many a year to the forces of the Empire of Greater Japan.

To the victory:Under a cut because these are damn big images: )

And a great thanks to the generation that triumphed over Tojo, Mussolini, and Hitler.


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