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It's 981 pages, which is quite formidable in terms of simple quantity of reading. This joint biography of the two men covered Stalin's life from seminary student to radical revolutionary bank-robber aka "Expropriator" to most powerful single man in the USSR to sole, totalitarian despot in the Soviet Union, and covered Hitler's life from failed bum illegal immigrant to soldier and war hero to radical dictator of Germany who steadily removed everyone he disliked. The book presented Stalin as someone whose focus was on a political-economic revolution, and all his acts followed from this. While his ideas were no less fanatically held than Hitler they allowed for a solid core of rationality in them that Hitler's ideas did not. Stalin could and did draw back from things that clearly failed and had the wizardry of turning failure into success, Hitler never knew when or how he could quit.

The biggest single difference between the two is that Stalin was a deliberate, effective calculator where Hitler was an impulsive gambler. This is one reason why Stalin successively established far more total control over the Soviet Union than Hitler ever achieved over his empire. The simple reason being that Stalin had the wit, will, and endurance to sift through the more monotonous and tedious sides of political power, Hitler never did at any point. Stalin's calculation meant that he was much more cautious as a rule than Hitler was, yet at the same time Hitler's successes with his own, very audacious gambles encouraged the hubris inherent in Hitler's concept of Hitler where Stalin had the will and the power to move slower but when he got somewhere he almost never left that somewhere.

Thus by the time the two led history's largest war against each other, Hitler and Stalin both made major fuck-ups during the war, but Hitler's were impulsive gambles, Stalin's the result of deliberate, careful calculations that proved to be very, very bad calculations. They, however, were still calculations made with logical movement from point A to point B. Both dictators, however, were very flexible in the means used to achieve their ends, yet again Hitler was far more the gambler and willing to bet big, Stalin was never that kind of man. This betting nature to Hitler's offensives, however, was one reason why relative to Barbarossa and Case Blue the Soviet offensives had permanent results, even when as in the Battle of Smolensk they were overall failures, where the German ones achieved narrowly dramatic mile-wide-but-inch-deep results that doomed the Nazi Empire. With Stalin's greater tendencies to calculation and to giving much more thorough attention to enduring power structures, Hitler's two-year chaotic empire that was a mixture of satrapies and neo-feudal rivalries between overmighty subjects was replaced by an Eastern Bloc that endured for decades and survived twice deep challenges to the system with a great degree of success and collapsed not by violence but by mostly-peaceful movements.

Hitler's dictatorship, the one of anarchic-despotism and focused on war would last all of twelve years and the last four absorbed in the war with the Stalinist one were the coup de grace to his movement. At the same time the Fuhrer was to successfully for a time secure Germany's hegemony in Europe. Stalin's dictatorship, the one that had enabled him to go from most powerful single man in the Soviet leadership to only man in the Soviet Union wielding true political and military power, was the one that both amassed the more directly tyrannical power of the two (the Nazi state in several cases was surprisingly weak, though this absolutely never applied to cases like the Holocaust or rearmament in pursuit of a general European war which was the long-term goal of the movement) was also the one that destroyed the other dictatorship and wound up with the largest Russian Empire in world history.

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Right off the bat there's a major glaring problem. The author said that WWII was caused by the rulers of Germany, Italy, and Japan, and what the politically influential subsets of Britain, France, and the United States thought were acceptable.

Except there's a gigantic elephant in the room that they ignored that really made WWII possible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molotov%E2%80%93Ribbentrop_Pact. It is true that the UK and France entering the war of Nazi Germany v. the Polish military dictatorship made a general European war happen. It is also true that had the USSR made a decision other than to ally with Germany in 1939 that Hitler would have pursued an entirely different set of actions.

It does a disservice to the leaders of the Soviet Union in 1939 to make it an action of hapless victims without much real choice. And it does nothing to lessen the horrors of the Axis-Soviet War to note that it was a case of Hitler stabbing an ally in the back. If anything it makes Hitler more of a douche and not less to have had such a loyal ally in the USSR of 1939-41 and then so swiftly and shamelessly proceed to invade the Soviet Union and kill 22+ million Soviet civilians and soldiers in a brutal war of annihilation.

It makes the history of the immediate cause of WWII highly problematic to ignore that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact played a major role in Hitler's decision to embark on the war. Similarly, to say that Hitler's goals were unopposed is rather untrue, the military clique that finally went through with it in 1944 had been scheming since the 1930s to depose the Fuhrer. The Nazis never achieved full co-operation in any part of WWII the way all of the Big 3 Allies managed to do.

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When I was still in high school and didn't have much else to do in my senior year, I checked a copy of Mein Kampf out and read it. First, even allowing for translation, the original language must have been the German version of Engrish. Taking it from Adolf Hitler's mastery of German, one would not have expected this to be the magnum opus of the leader of a large First-World country, one would have seen it instead as the type of literature one encounters among the various extremist movements today, overlong, meandering in a lot of points, and with a lot of grotesque metaphors even for the time (and not surprisingly der Fuhrer was a big porn connoisseur).

The idea seemed like a mirror version of What Is To Be Done, namely a view of the group to be killed in bloody red slaughter (pun half-intended) as various peoples Hitler didn't like, as opposed to parasitical imperialistic big business. The idea of the Ubermensch was to create by means of pre-Watson and Crick science a group of people who would be superior and establish a New Fascist Man. This, naturally, in the vein of Manifest Destiny, meant that the inferior Slavs would fade away and a German state would expand on a house of Slavic corpses. Oh, and let's not forget that in Hitlerland the Jews are all-powerful people out of a Dan Brown novel as opposed to the traditional whipping boy of Eurochristian culture. Half the book is his autobiography, in which he comes across as a self-adulating large ham like his predecessor the Kaiser (who said when told he had a small cold "No, no, it must be a big cold. Everything about me must be big.') , and a ham who hated the society he was born in but also hated Vienna, his one experience with big cities. The second half was this large-scale vision of his version of the Nazi Party, which didn't become final until the Night of the Long Knives. Even taking into account that for a few years Hitler ran a fairly large European Empire, I would rank this book and its author as a 3.5 on a 10-point scale.

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It appears historical revisionism is no longer a Neo-Nazi aspect of ideas. That Stalin was an atheist does not make all atheists bad. Instead it says that atheism is like any other opinion, it can be perverted into a dark corner of existence.

But if anyone wishes to explain how Stalin was a theist, then please tell me what kind of religious person would kill Christian priests, Buddhist monks, Islamic Imams, and pagan leaders with little or no thought as to who or why he was killing them except that they held to the opiate of the masses? Surely if he was a theist, he'dve picked one of them to spare, right? *eyebrow raise.* That the USSR spared no religion from horrors done in the name of atheism should be a damn big indicator that to call the Stalinist Soviet Union anything smacking of a religious society is a FUCKING LIE. Stalin himself commented on how he had become an atheist and a Marxist and disputed with the believers. Now...if you really wish to discredit the atheism-is-bad-because-Stalin-did-X, it should be noted that Hitler was a nominal Catholic until the day he committed suicide. Either way, Stalin was an atheist. So were Mao and Pol Pot.

To claim they weren't is Irviningism in a dangerous form.
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In the 1940s, when Adolf Hitler was in the process of killing the Jews, it was known about and publicized at the time. People would not believe it, because white men were more decent than that. Hitler was killing Jews, Gypsies, and Russians at an alarmingly quick rate in 3 years, and nobody could bring themselves to stop it, or to care about it one way or the other. The Nazis turned entire towns into smoldering ruins and charnel houses, and the democracies and dictatorships alike did nothing to stop it. The Nazis slaughtered millions, industrializing death the way so much else had been, and nobody raised a voice to complain about it. The Allies knew of the camps, knew of what was in them. Nothing was done until Hitler's empire was crumbling. One of the things that I'm proudest of that the Allies did was that American forces arrived at Dachau and saw those vermin dumping the corpses of the Jews, saw it, and slaughtered every last one of the viri that had been corrupting their own souls that way.

Similarly, Japan invaded China in 1931, and fought a war with it for 14 years. It performed biological warfare experiments, intending to create bubonic plague bombs. It engaged in suicide war tactics against the US Army. The IJA killed hundreds of thousands in single incidents, acting like their European barbarian counterparts, reducing ancient cities to graveyards. Japan ruled its empire with equal barbarism to the Nazis, both treating their contemporaries like subhuman beasts, which is what Chinese, Koreans, Acehnese, Javanese, and so many others were to Japan, and Russians, Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Byelorussians, and Ruthenians were to the Germans. The Army intended a last hurrah of Japan that would have meant the death of an entire culture, all in their fanaticism and fire.

And Italy, the ones that are mocked as incompetents? People forget that Benito Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, fighting people armed with oxhide shields and spears with poison gas and tanks, dealing immense death to the Amhara and the Oromo. The Italians also acted with brutality in their North African colonies, and the Mussolini regime was the most tyrannical in Italy since the days of Augustus Commodus.

That was the Axis Powers. Remember that, the next time you call someone a Nazi. Remember that the Axis were not a meaningless term, they were a very real coalition of genocidal expansionist nations that would have left all Earth in ruins had they won.
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GOP county clerk passes around Obama 'black Hitler' claim
By Associated Press

NEW 10:20 a.m. FRANKLIN, Ind. -- A Republican county clerk distributed to two employees an Internet blog posting referring to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a “young, black Adolf Hitler.” | McCain volunteer claims attacker cut 'B' into face | Obama visits grandmother, perhaps for last time | Election page

Johnson County Clerk Jill Jackson said Friday that she had apologized to the employees. One had complained to police.

The employees, who had voted for Obama in the Democratic primary, discovered the printouts at their desks after returning from Labor Day weekend, sheriff’s Deputy Doug Cox said in a police report made public this week. A surveillance video showed Jackson placing an item on one worker’s desk, he said.

Jackson told The Associated Press that she was merely passing along an item that already was circulating in the office.

“There was no motive, no intent,” she said. “I never intended to offend anyone.”

The unsigned item does not mention Obama by name but refers to events in his life that make clear Obama is the target.

“The U.S. citizens are just not ready to give up their country to this young, black ‘Adolf Hitler’ with a smile, poor direction and absolutely no experience!” it said.

Doug Lechner, Republican Party county chairman, said the incident was unacceptable and taints Jackson’s ability to appear unbiased in administering this year’s election.

Indiana is a swing state in this presidential election, its 11 electoral votes seen as important to Obama and to his Republican rival, John McCain. Johnson County is heavily Republican.


God in Heaven and all the saints! STFU you stupid sonofabitch!

Are you seriously comparing a first-termer mulatto senator from Illinois (fuck PC, this needs to be addressed, big time) that can barely get a decent lead in a time when his party should be entire continents ahead of his opponent to an Austrian that had a fetish for mass murder? That turned entire groups of people into mountains of shoes, gold teeth, their skin into lampshades, that put thousands in graves they dug themselves by means of machine guns, that had as his ultimate aim the extermination of every person east of Germany and a good number in it? Are you seriously comparing a person with a black father and a white mother with a white supremacist Statist? If so, please notice that Hitler killed blacks in Germany. Note that Hitler would have taken Barack Obama and made a lampshade of his skin.

Obama is not Adolf Hitler, and the name of a murderer of 20 million should not be thrown around as a casual insult. That means you too, Madonna! John McCain isn't Adolf Hitler, either. No American leader right now could get away with half of Hitler's crimes. Yes, we did bad shit in Iraq. OK, fine. We did that.

Bad shit in Iraq =/= to killing 1 out of every 4 Soviets. STFU you damn assholes with the Hitler insults! Don't throw genocidal monsters' names around like they are insults!


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