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Muslims have never been consistent on this, so I give you none other than a Muslim drawing of Muhammad from a Medieval Iranian book, albeit this is when Iran was run by Sunni, not by Shia: 

The people in this drawing in general look kind of bishounen.

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Ladies and gentlemen, for Draw Muhammad Day, I give you an image of Muhammad on a camel drawn in Iran before the prohibition became one of those Everything New is Old Again traditions:

Yes, that's right. An image of Muhammad. Made in Iran.

Happy Draw Muhammad Day.

*steeples fingers with a slasher smile*

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Related to my two saw horses of religion: Christianity and Islam, with a couple of things on Hinduism as a bonus:

In the case of Islam 1) it is not in decline. It is currently the religion practiced by 1 billion people. 2) The Middle East would be just as bad-off under majority-Christian rule as under majority-Muslim. Perhaps worse, because then the Crusades would have been intra-Christian wars of heresy. 3) Islam is egalitarian, lacks a clergy class, and is extremely rational and free of superstition.

In the case of Christianity: Going by denomination: Orthodox: 1) They are not a poor man's Catholicism, they are a separate sect with much to salve the disaffection of the current West, and unlike the Neopagans actually have had the benefit of governing a few societies. 2) The Orthodox Church is very much a beacon of Traditional Thought, and missionizing places like Russia and Greece is disturbing on so many levels.

Catholic: 1) Having to rebuild civilization because the secular, economic, and political authorities disentegrated under their own rotten weight is a difficult thing to do. 2) Having to do this when pagan Magyars and Germans and Huns and Muslim Arabs are invading you every time you start to get on your feet is somewhat harder. 3) In a religion of Creed that is the state, theology is politics and politics is theology.

Protestants: 1) It's an ad hoc term that describes distinct sects with no real natural unity. 2) Have as long a history of persecution and intolerance as they've been around. 3) Protestant societies are less gay-tolerant than Catholic and Muslim societies. Don't look at me like that, it's true. 4) Just because a doctrine is wealthy does not make it correct.

Non-Abrahamic/Hinduism: 1) This is modern-day paganism. If it's Zeus you want to worship, Indra beckons you. If Aphrodite, Shakti. Paganism isn't dead, it developed its own unique monotheism and theology. 2) This has Fundies, too, folks, and its own version of fascism, to boot. And 3) Hindus are everywhere. They aren't just in India.

Thank you, and good night.
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Compare these two religions:

Both Judaism and Islam have Semitic languages as their liturgical languages (Hebrew and Arabic.) Both encompass radically different cultures (the Lemba, Sephardim, and Ashkenazim in the case of Judaism, and groups everywhere from the Javanese to the Bedouin to the Somalis for Islam). Both have a religious basis around right-action, or Orthopraxy, and both have an attitude of libertarianism in regards to the religious worlds they inhabit. Both Islam and Judaism have a religious law, the Halacha in the case of Judaism, and the Shariah in the case of Islam. And both have commentaries on their respective texts, the Talmud and Mishnah in the case of Judaism, and the Sunnah and Ahadith in the case of Islam. In terms of the respective ways and means of life, the 1 billion, 13 million souls that practice Islam and Judaism are far closer than any other group of related religions. And Christianity is the statistical outlier to both of these religions.

Curious, eh?

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And yet I have some things I think should be mentioned when this topic arises:

1) The nature and kind of separation required to be fair across the board is drastically different depending on the religion involved. Different procedures are required to ensure that top-down religions like the Apostolic wing of Christianity and Brahmanistic Hinduism get treated equally fairly as religions like Islam or most of Protestantism where any damn fool can do what he pleases.

2) Religion and science should be kept separately. Evolution is not a tool of the devil, nor is religion itself a spawn of evil designed to keep the human race down.

3) Religious fundamentalism is harmful to liberal democracy. Period. Dictatorships have great freedom to deal with it, just compare the number of terrorists in Iraq before 2003 to after it. Or compare the repeated domestic terror incidents from both the Right and the Left in the USA to the pittance that happened in the USSR.

4) The Quran has it right "Let there be no compulsion in religion," and lest I hesitate to add, the irreligious are not fair game to convert just because they happen to disregard gods or a god. If you want to convert, fine. If not, that's fine, too. The desire or its lack does not give atheists the right to create Gulags and Tuol Slengs, or believers the right to create Inquisitions.
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An image of Muhammad...

done by Shia Muslims in the time of Tamerlane.

Yes. Muslims made this.

Any wannabe Jihadist comes after me, fuck 'em. Twas their ancestors that made this.

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Yasmin Fostok the daughter of Muslim Cleric Omar Bakri is taken away by police for her own safety
Police escort Yasmin Fostok, the daughter of the radical cleric Omar Bakri, from her south London home

Police were called to escort Yasmin Fostok, 27, away from her flat in the south of the capital to take her an undisclosed location on Saturday.

It emerged last week that Ms Fostok regularly performs in bars and nightclubs. There was also a report that her father - leader of the now outlawed al-Muhajiroun group - had paid for a £4,000 breast enlargement operation for her.

Ms Fostok, one of Bakri's three daughter's has dyed her hair blonde, changed her name from Youssra to Yasmin and separated from her Turkish-born husband.

Last week she admitted being was a dancer with a troupe called Ibiza Untouched and was quoted in The Sun as saying that she had been known to perform topless "if the venue is right".

But the reports of her activities angered her father and led to fears that she could make her a target for extremists.

Police have refused to confirm or deny reports that she has received security advice.

A spokesman said that officers had escorted her away from the property at her own request but denied suggestions that she had been taken to a "safe house".

Ms Fostok has distanced herself from her father, who praised the September 11 hijackers while living in Britain.

She was quoted last week as saying: "I don't agree with his views, I just get on with my life and that's it."

Bakri left Britain for Lebanon after the July 2005 bombings. He remains there despite an unsuccessful attempt to return to this country.

Last week he furiously denied the story about his daughter and claimed Britain would "pay a heavy price".

But, speaking from Lebanon yesterday, he went further, suggesting that Ms Fostok is an imposter and not his daughter.

Scotland Yard confirmed that police had been called to Ms Fostok's home at the weekend after the details of her life as a nightclub dancer were disclosed in the media. Syrian-born Bakri settled in north London where he brought his family up before leaving for Lebanon three years ago.

In 2006 he attempted to join the evacuation of British citizens from Beirut amid fighting between Israel and Hizbollah but was refused.


Yeah, bitches, here is what the future holds for European Islam.

Eurabia will happen when I grow wings and fly to the moon.

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In the Year of our Lord 1388, the city of Esfahan was rather pleasant to live in. About 70,000 in population, it had the misfortune to go up against Tamerlane.

Timur-i-Leng had been in the process of conquering large areas of the known world, establishing a large Muslim empire by brute force. Esfahan, then called Isfahan, made the mistake of turning against Timur. The result?

A pyramid 70,000 skulls high erected and Iran never revolted against the Timurids again for 300 years.


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