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Northern Alaska:

"So what it is it that we've found, precisely?"

"Sir, you were right all along. This thing.......it's very like Gamera. It's......larger. We've tried to take samples of it to study but its flesh breaks every single blade, even the diamond ones." 

And thus was it that Agent White, having arrived, finally managed to decipher the writing, or so he believed:

The great hope Gamera, we leave it to the dawn of time. May it destroy the Great Maw of the Shadow.

It would be then that he deciphered another strange name, but only partially. What was Ka-thoo-loo and why did it have a connection to any version of Gamera? 

Between Jupiter and Saturn:

The Gyaos wave, seven in number, flew in the form of a strange V. The Gyaos were animated by two principles. The great and ravenous hunger, and their link to their quasi-father. Find Gamera, the impulse called them. Upon leathery wings in the vacuum of space were propelled the encroaching Doom, a legacy of Elder Things and the Lost City........

Skull Island:

The tourists, so calm upon this strange island Carl Denham had bequeathed to the world, would run in panic to their ship and flee when a massive ape rose out of the waters. Hands beat upon chests with a set of sounds like thunder pealing and a deep bass roar echoed throughout the course of the island. Skull Island's king lived. Long live the King! 


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As the people of New York had sighed in relief, they would then witness the waters around Manhattan boil on the other side of it, as Godzilla surfaced again. In his maw, clutched by his hands, was a screaming giant that was like a man, if a man were made of the power of a strange green rock and seaweed. The Gairai howled again until Godzilla's worrying at its throat caused its squeals to halt, and then Godzilla sunk beneath the waves. A strange greenish substance began to cover the waters, and for the next three weeks individual parts of the strange seaweed-like monster would wash up on the shores of Manhattan and other parts of the Eastern Seaboard. But Godzilla did not return to the city, which at last breathed a sigh of relief.

As it turned out in the course of his venture, everyone in the Denham Expedition had been killed save one. Agent White, who met with his supervisor of the Architects, Dr. Wyndham, for a debriefing in the shattered ruins of Harlem, would learn from Dr. Wyndham that Kong had made it over Panama to the Pacific unhindered. Evidently a creature able to defeat Godzilla was not one *any* military wished to challenge. But it was when Agent White asked about the future of the buried Antarctic Fortress that he learned of a certain dig in Northern Alaska, and was given a final challenge of this mission, to decipher and translate a lost language.

He, however, had asked Dr. Wyndham what the codename he was to use for him was if he needed clandestine contacts in accordance with their previous meetings. Wyndham had smiled and then ironically said that perhaps he should be called a High Evolutionary, what with his role in creating new life.........
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As Kong and Godzilla continued their grappling toward the Chelsea Waterfront, both monsters began to finally feel the effects of exhaustion. Yet such was the power of hunger in Godzilla and fear in Kong that neither could or would break the death grip, instead each pushing and hurling the other back with a grinding and terrible power, heedless of buildings smashed, tanks, cars, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces and batteries crushed beneath the grappling feet of the terrible titans. Each felt the ever-growing and dangerous power of of the seductive call of exhaustion and its strength-sappening, but neither could or would yield to it.

So was it that in three hours Godzilla and Kong remained on the docks, both having shoved until each plumbed the depths of its own strength. But so was it that Kong's opposable toes on his feet dug into the the docks and the giant ape dug into Godzilla's flesh, calling upon the last reservoirs of strength, of anger, and of fear. And Kong did thus throw Godzillla into the water, the impact causing the monster to release a final roar as it sunk beneath the waves. Kong, however, was himself exhausted and fell unconscious along the waterfront of Chelsea, a gigantic Simian Gulliver atop the smoldering ruin of an urban Lilliput. While the US Army and Marine Corps surrounded Kong, none felt so arrogant or so stupid as to risk challenging a monster that had shown invincibility to everything they'd done to it, and which had been the first monster to ever defeat Godzilla in a fight. Three days and three nights the US Military watched Kong, and on the fourth Kong's eyes awoke and the creature roared in triumph before hurling itself into the waters of the Hudson and from there Kong would head into the Atlantic.

New York had been stunned by this, and in the course of events none knew how to react to Kong's disappearance..........
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As Godzilla continued to ram and beam-blast Kong south, the ape was to gradually perceive that the two monsters were returning to the area of those strange steel and glass mountains that surrounded them. It was at this time that the US Army and Air Force, which had patiently amassed regular and rocket artillery, including masers for the artillery as well as fighter-bombers launched a joint attack on both monsters. Kong would then turn toward them and grabbed two of the maser tanks and enclosed them within his hands, punching Godzilla only for the other monster to release his own beam which caused both explosions and caught two of the fighter-bombers hurling toward them. Godzilla then released his beam in a series of frenetic strikes and slashes that forced the Army and Air Force to retreat, and tore up many of the intact buildings in Midtown Manhattan, which smouldered and burned with radioactive flames. Godzilla, gazing at Kong again with eyes crazed by hunger collided into the ape, hurling it into Times Square, which in the course of the monsters' rampages and the momentum of their huge forms had already been reached far faster than the military allowed for. When Kong fell this time, he collapsed on the military observation post which was in the process of leaving, crushed under the ape's gigantic paw. Godzilla roared again, the evil bass sound echoing like the trump of doom. With Kong's fall, however, had come the shattering of the US Army's artillery's effectiveness, as reduced to firing blindly the artillery to its chagrin hit the buildings as often as or more than the actual Kaiju themselves.

With Kong rising to a knuckle-walking position, the ape saw Godzilla's form beginning to move toward him, and then lunged upward, tackling Godzilla in what soon became a shoving match of the two monsters, the creatures not only cracking the streets under them, but heedless of the artillery shots that both struck them and the buildings, showering both monsters with the occasional projectiles of steel and glass. The two monsters, pushing and shoving through Midtown, were to launch themselves slowly in the course of the great and terrible trial of strength toward Chelsea. Two iron wills were locked in a combat of titans, one reptilian and the product of the fires of the Gods, the other simian and the product of the legends of the Gods That Were. Each was pushing and pulling on the other, neither able to break or to release the embrace. Beneath their feet, tanks, masers, rocket launchers, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, and buildings crumbled. The two creatures were now no longer roaring, each focused on the reality that here would be the last action of the fight. Godzilla would eat Kong and leave his skeleton a grim testimony to the creature's hunger, or Kong would defeat Godzilla, and perhaps spare the world the menace of the creature that it beheld leveling so much of Manhattan. After so long of fighting and smashing and being thrown around, both creatures were also starting to reach the limits of their strength. Slowly and by degrees did the denouement draw near.........
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Kong managed to start wiggling as Godzilla's hunger caused him to start swatting blindly, and with a set of strikes that hit everywhere but Kong managed to grab Godzilla's tail. Only for Godzilla to smash his tail on Kong's hands, producing a scream from Kong followed by Godzilla turning around and sinking his teeth into Kong's left shoulder, planting his foot on Kong's chest. As Godzilla's teeth sunk deeply into the giant ape, the ape began to cast about for something to hurl at Godzilla, and found a massive glass chard disrupted by the nuclear pulse. Kong roared and then smashed the shard into Godzilla's knee, producing a shriek of pain from Godzilla that led to the creature moving. As Godzilla moved back, the two monsters regenerated, Kong propelling himself backward until he, fully regenerated, caught his breath and was prepared to resume the battle again. Kong, realizing that in Harlem he was behind the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. As Godzilla began to follow Kong, the creature roared behind the building, ensuring that Godzilla ran into the Church and began to tear into it in his hunger, enabling Kong to move with a swiftness that did not seem correlated with his large size.

As Kong moved around, he smashed his fists together, holding them, into Godzilla's side, only for Godzilla to turn around in turn and smash Kong in the face with his tail, followed by Godzilla's spines glowing, the heat growing from them. Kong, smashed face-first into the ground, was to start for the first time encountering the dizziness of a prolonged battle.


Fort Pym, Antarctica:

The sky burned brightly amidst the ruins of what had been the port of Antwerp, as the gigantic black colossus, the mountain that waded in the sea, head above the clouds, crowned in smoke and fire continued to roar with its higher-pitched mockery of Godzilla's own bass bellow. The creature strode into the city as an invulnerable and confident creature, glorying in its own strength. A strange kind of shriek came, a shriek that gathered in strength and formed a strange yellow blast of concentrated sound, cutting into the monster, whose shriek turned to one of pain, only for its spines to glow. Bluish-white radiation smashed into the Gyaos, causing it to explode with the impact and producing a bellow of triumph from the mutant, whose massive bulk continued to make the city tremble with its tread.

Miki Saegusa came out of her trance. Fear drew her in, even though the Godzillasaur infant nuzzling her was as gentle as any being that had ever existed. It nuzzled her, eyes glowing. It sensed her own fear and mewed to tell her that all would be well. Sensing this in turn, Miki relaxed. There was no means that Gigantis could ever become something like what her visions showed. They were nightmares and nothing more.


Godzilla's beam meanwhile had torn into Kong thrice, as Godzilla drove Kong into Central Park with a succession of blasts and head-rammings that ensured Kong's great bulk could only head in one direction: south. Kong had found himself outmatched amidst the mixture of distance attacks and forcible use by Godzilla of his own momentum, and now in the open and away from the cities, Kong roared in both anger and fear. For Kong perceived for the first time that he faced an enemy that could in fact kill him. For his part the raw power of hunger amplified by the taste and smell of Kong's blood had slowly deprived Godzilla of his wits, and the monster was become a rampaging juggernaut of wrath and of hunger unappeased but ever-angrier..........


Author's Note: At this point in the story, Godzilla's nuclear pulse literally flattened everything in New York from where Kong was thrown (which was the furthest edge of the blast), from an area ranging from Clinton and Beekman in the south to part of East Harlem in the north. This is on top of the damage both Kong separately and then in his battle with Godzilla have already wreaked over large areas of New York. If Kong wasn't a regenerator superior to Godzilla, that blast would have killed him from impact alone.

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As Godzilla lunged toward Kong the monster's great jaws snapped open, its deep bass roar rumbling as it faced its colossal simian opponent. Godzilla, instead of shooting his beam as Kong expected rammed Kong with his long dinosaurian head, knocking Kong on his back, before moving again with a speed that belied his bulk. Godzilla began to smash his tail into Kong with a series of hard, sharp, piledriver strikes that slowly but surely began to wear even on Kong's great regeneration. But seeing a smashed spire from one of Manhattan's buildings near him, Kong got an idea, moving to where Godzilla's tail smashed into his side, he grabbed the spire and then swatted with his foot at Godzilla's left foot. As Godzilla turned, the power of hunger animating him, Kong hurled the spire into Godzilla's mouth, in response gaining Godzilla's spines glowing again. As Godzilla's spines heated up, the flames that animated him exploded in a powerful blast that melted the spire, causing Kong to shriek in agony and drop the molten spire, his flesh smoking. But now wrath grew in Kong equal to that of the hunger in Godzilla, and so Kong swung his fist onto Godzilla's side, producing another ram by Godzilla with his head and then Godzilla formed his own hand into a crude approximization of a fist and smashed it into Kong, accidentally striking the giant ape in its belly. As Kong released a strange "Whuff" sound in response, the ape roared and then swung both of his fists in a series of hammer blows until Godzilla sank his flesh into one of Kong's arms and his right hand into the flesh of the other. Godzilla worried hungrily into Kong's flesh, producing greater screams from Kong until Kong managed to free his bleeding left arm and grabbed Godzilla in a headlock.

Godzilla's spines glowed, and his mouth did as well, but no beam came out due to the pressure of Kong's grip. Thus was it that the energy, channeled directly back into Godzilla erupted in a brilliant pulse of energy that flattened everything in its epicenter, searing into Kong's flesh with a horrific scream from the ape, followed by a shockwave that propelled Kong up into the region of Harlem. Godzilla, shaking his head and letting his body heal his internal injuries released a sequence of roars of hunger and triumph, and began to follow his prey into northern New York. Meanwhile Kong itself was regenerating the burns, lacerations, and cuts, at a rate faster than any, even Godzilla predicted. Nonetheless, Godzilla's need to regenerate delayed the monster's pursuit on two occasions as the monster would find itself pausing and shaking itself, coughing and in the process expelling fireballs.

As Godzilla arrived, however, Kong, itself shaking off the results of his own injuries, would launch himself at Godzilla, only for Godzilla to turn and clothesline Kong with his tail, followed by smashing the tail into Kong again.......


Three more chapters of Kong and Godzillla, the last chapter, and an epilogue left. Woo-hoo!
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As Kong lunged at Godzilla, the dinosaurian mutant's mouth angled slightly as the eerie radioactive flame within always led to it doing, before a beam of bluish-white flame smashed right into Kong's face, barreling the ape over with the momentum of the blast. Godzilla roared and his spines began to light up again, as Kong, whose flesh was already regenerating the damage grabbed a pair of tanks whose gunners, shocked at this, were not quite able to fire point blank at the ape and hurled them at Godzilla. The beam, again causing Godzilla's head to angle to the side before it was fired, caused both tanks to explode, the ammunition near the turrets of each producing massive fireballs shrouded in smoke. Godzilla's long bass roar echoed and the King of the Monsters stepped further into New York. Its massive dinosaurian feet caused booming vibrations in New York, while Kong, able to rise to his feet again began to run on all fours toward Godzilla, his speed taking the other monster by initial surprise.

Godzilla, however, reacted swiftly enough, turning and sending his massive tail right into Kong's face again, causing the ape to smash into the ground on its back. Godzilla then moved with his own swiftness, planting a clawed foot on Kong's chest as his spines began to glow again with the strange radiation. Kong, wise by now as to what this mean, grabbed some of the dust near his right paw and hurled it into Godzilla's eyes, causing the creature to roar and its beam to strike narrowly near Kong's ear, missing it but causing Kong to be strengthened by anger, fear, and the proximity to the blast. Kong thus swung one of his fists straight into Godzilla's leg, causing the other monster to put its foot down away from Kong, but this was only the prelude for Godzilla turning in reverse, and then beginning to smash his tail repeatedly into Kong's face. After a quarter-hour of this, Kong, whose face was bloodied and had a few broken bones managed to finally grab Godzilla's tail, and then with Godzilla's roaring in surprise managed to raise himself to his feet.

Kong then began to swing Godzilla around by the tail, first slowly, the blood running down his face obscuring his vision, then faster and faster until he let go, slamming Godzilla in mid-air into a set of intact buildings in the area of the Lower East Side Kong had not yet arrived at. Kong waited until his regeneration had healed him, before beating his chest in triumph, then heading to where his foe's body rested. It was as he arrived that Kong received yet another blast of radiation in the face, followed by Godzilla's deep bass roar, and then the King of the Monsters began to move for all the world like a gigantic dinosaurian engine of vengeance. The monster had both hurt Godzilla, though Godzilla's own regeneration had repaired what damage had been done, and the monster was not yielding to Godzilla's hunger. As Godzilla ran, roaring, any human observers that had seen Kong's face would have seen a most uncanny and eeriely human-like expression of surprise as the other monster's booming footsteps came ever closer to Kong.......
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As Kong continued his rampage, Ann Darrow had found herself alone in the last place she wanted to be with a rampaging 45-meter tall ape on the loose. She was facing the docks on the West Side, having barely missed one of the ships trying to evacuate the panicked crowds, having barely avoided being trampled to death. The ape had already proven invincible and unstoppable, its rage an irresistible force. Denham she knew was dead, he'd been injured in the ape's escape and then trampled by it when it moved over his injured body. Driscoll was alive, and had been separated from her by one of the crowds against her will. She'd fended off a drunk who'd tried to get friendly with her only for a stray artillery shell to kill the drunk and shred part of her clothing, after which point an even more panicked crowd had nearly crushed her, leaving her with a limp. Her eyes watered, and it was then that she saw the massive form of Kong approaching. In fear she stood up tall and did so in an attempt to present a strong front before the red eyes and flaring nostril of the ape.

The ape, however, was stayed by the sight. He remembered this girl from the island, and the sudden shock of encountering her caused Kong to halt his rampage for the first time since his escape. It was a mixture of shock, affection, and amazement. The reaction was coupled with an almost human expression on his face, and Darrow suddenly giggled at the strange, surreal absurdity of the sight. It was then that behind her the waters began to boil and a long, sinuous black tail splashed into it, creating a strange sound that caused all the human screams to suddenly fall silent. A row of maple-leaf spines rose from the sea, and with it a long head that opened its mouth in a long roar with a bass, powerful overtone*. Godzilla, his hunger drawing him to New York, was all the same oddly detached as it beheld Kong. Such was the initial power of hunger that as Godzilla rose from the sea, he did so heedless of anything beneath him, and looked at Kong with a seemingly misty sight, one that in practice was the animating power of a would-be glutton empowered by seeing a very delicious dinner. In this process Godzilla's foot crushed Ann Darrow beneath him, which caused Kong to react with a powerful, terrifying bellow that dwarfed all before it. Godzilla looked at Kong with the keen eyes of hunger and some confusion.

But it was then that Kong lunged at Godzilla, who in turn soon had his spines beginning to glow with an eerie blue light like and yet unlike Cerenkhov Radiation..........


*This would be the classic Godzilla roar from the first film. Kong's roar is that of the film King Kong Versus Godzilla. And now we come to the actual battle of King Kong and Godzilla in Manhattan............*evil grin*

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, left profile view, by building (Set-8)
King Kong's rampage in New York continued amidst the screaming and panicked crowds in the city, as the city, partially evacuated, echoed with the clamor in both the higher, stacatto varieties, and the deeper roar of artillery interspersed with the long howl of the ape for an unusual combination of sounds. It was as though the fodder of primitive, brutish nightmares met the fodder of modern, crisp, hard-edged nightmares. Fire and fur, fist and artillery shell. Buildings that weren't already crushed in the process of Kong's rampage would often be crushed, in one particularly infamous case when Kong crushed the leading platoon of an armored force by knocking a building over onto it. The intelligence of Kong also made him a particularly dangerous entity, as Kong soon developed the habit of picking up armored personnel carriers or self-propelled artillery or even tanks to hurl at airplanes. Likewise Kong had thrown two tanks into a densely packed crowd of people, to panic others. The city was being torn apart, as the incarnate and mutated power of the cult of Skull Island was proving every bit the match of the concrete jungle of steel and glass it was now located in.

Kong had continued his rampage and in the process also inflicted on the US Army its worst defeat since the American Civil War, all at the hands of one powerful ape affected by the melding and bleeding that occurs at the seams of universes. The scene would have been ludicrous if it weren't for the smouldering city full of buildings, some with all glass shattered, others on fire themselves, and if it weren't for the scenes of the dead and the dying, some of the latter becoming the former when Kong returned to an area. The ape roared in triumph as his attack in the Lower East side seemed complete, now turning again into the West side.

New York would long remember the presence of Kong, and his rampage was not yet the worst that the city would see. For unknown to it, a dragon had risen from the sea at the furthest range of its sense of smell. And it smelled flesh, burning fur, and its hunger grew the greater. The dragon's pace continued but this was not known to a New York whose sense of despair grew with the speed and deftness with which the giant ape had taken to destroying major urban areas. Screams to some extent had already fallen silent, only a despair and the sound of buildings falling and shattering mixed with the footsteps and rumbling hands of the ape and its eerie screams and growls and roars.


The Arctic Circle: 

"Sir, we've identified at least part of what may be buried in the ice. It looks like.....Gamera? What the fuck? I thought Gamera was a mutant?" 

"Run that by me again." 

"The thing in the ice, sir, it looks like an even bigger and meaner version of Gamera. How's a turtle like that look so....fresh after so many thousands of years? Shouldn't that be impossible?"

"Shouldn't Godzilla be?" 


"OK, yeah, you're right. But seriously, look at this." 

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The battleships equipped with the experimental new directed energy technology from Fort Pym, the first attempts to make viable masers, approached New York. Within New York all was bedlam and clamor. Kong's rampaging might and fists and feet and fangs had already leveled much of Greenwich Village, and the creature had now turned north to the Lower East Side. The battleships themselves had already reached the point where the creature was within range of their Kaiju-upgraded range-finders, and with the carefully agreed-upon positions opened fire. The maser weapons were equipped with an experimental type of heat-seeking device that would hone in on a particular energy signature Godzilla had had. The hope was that this same signature would strike Kong. And indeed the new types of shells, equipped with cruise functions and a strange type of fuse met their target, whose roaring hairy form was beating his chest in pride and anger. The shells exploded against Kong with an eerie light, a strange bluish crackling that clung to Kong's fur for a time, causing the creature to only go more beserk. Massive simian hands battered into the Lower East side and fueled by rage and pain shattered buildings with single blows, until the energy subsided. At this point, with their new ammunition exhausted, the battleships were to be called north.


As the fleet had approached Godzilla, it had found to its surprise that the new types of weapons were totally useless against the creature. The maser energy did cling to it as it did with Kong, but instead of wounding Godzilla only seemed to make it angry. For want of any better options the strike force had exhausted all its supplies of this ammunition, and then began launching their most powerful types of conventional weaponry. But Godzilla's raging tails, fangs, hands, and beams began to reduce in a step by step process each ship in the flotilla, all soon sinking or beginning to burn or having damage control run haywire to fix the growing damage. Godzilla roared in triumph, his hunger unappeased, and returned beneath the waves.


In Fort Pym, Miki Saegusa tossed and turned. Two nightmares now haunted her vision. In one a strange, deformed equivalent of Gamera had appeared, more menacing. Less turtle and more seemingly artificial weapons platform in the image of a bipedal, tusked turtle, this creature had haunted her nightmares opposing other creatures of whom the most numerous seemed to be either the strange Zillae iguanas, who appeared against it in groups of six to twelve and were destroyed in at most three vollies of fireballs, and a strange batlike creature which hissed and howled and released a beam of pure, unrelenting sound. These creatures were often destroyed in impact with one fireball.

And then there was the Other, that strange figure that was like and yet unlike the hatchling Gigantis. Tall as a mountain, walking on two pillar-legs, with a dense forest of maple-leaf spines. It knew humans were there, this thing did, and it struck them with power and that strange type of psionic music that seemed almost an assault in itself, music that struck into minds with a dangerous power all its own. The creature's roar was improbably high-pitched for a being that size, making it seem almost a product of an otherworldly realm where demons took upon the forms of Earth's creatures..........


Plan X Experimental Probe, vincinity of Saturn

The first stages in an experimental concept to rid the world of creatures like Godzilla and Gamera if all else failed, Plan X had provided the first demonstration of the Fort Pym super-rockets. The product of Soviet influence and descended from Soviet rockets, this experimental rocket had carried with it a number of cameras and sensors to be sure that sending the monsters thus would not make them stronger exposed to radiation belts in the solar system if radiation strengthened them at home.

The camera, a product of the increasing sophistication of human technology, could not think or act, only record. And it was in this fashion that it recorded the first sign of the horrific danger that was calling to Earth. Well, not calling, for there was no sound, only the vanguard of the first wave of a strange type of creature summoned by the awakening of its distant cousin-ancestor-meal. Moving in the form of a massive V like a grotesque parody of a flock of birds, the Gyaos continued their move to the strange world. Their enemy called them...........

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As Kong's roar echoed into New York, civil defense sirens began to wail with the siren song that had once been intended to herald the arrival of atomic warfare but now heralded the approach of a more dangerous enemy. The US Army and Marine Corps, however, had prepared a defensive line behind Central Park where their Patton tanks, equipped with armor-piercing and explosive rounds, together with rocket artillery, tube artillery, and a squadron of fighter-bombers had readied themselves the moment the first crowds had begun fleeing. As Kong's roars, loud and echoing with a malignant power all their own continued to sound, the soldiers were prepared to open fire. The moment that they heard "Fire at Will" a massive crescendo of fire and smoke began as the thunderous echoes of armored vehicle guns combined with rocket artillery and the droning of fighter-bombers to create a disorienting mess of a noise. The sound of Kong's roars were now acccompanied by the pounding of Kong's footsteps, but the impact of the heavy and rocket artillery struck Kong with an unfamiliar mixture of firepower and striking strength that meant his body was bleeding and burning simultaneously. Kong's rage only increased as his skin, already healing and regenerating, left his nostrils filled with a mixture of his own flesh burning and the smell of the projectiles themselves, metal, flame, and smoke. This alien world had hurt him still worse, and worse still it would pay.

As Kong launched himself forward, the forward observers for several of the artillery batteries had already either fled or been crushed by the weight of Kong's onrushing form, and as the fighter-bombers and helicopters launched themselves at Kong, two of them came too close to his massive paws and were swatted down. The impact of the helicopter blades on one of Kong's hands, which regenerated this wound rapidly, was enough that Kong then smacked other helicopters with a backhand.

One of the soldiers in the Pattons, a driver, made the later to be famous comment "Sir, that is a hell of a lot of monkey coming at us, what the Hell do we do?" 

And his superior's response was equally famous "Get the Hell out of dodge, you dope", in the family-friendly version and the "Get the Hell out of there, what the fuck do you think?" in the actual statement. As Kong's massive frame was now in full visibility, several of the Pattons, including the one commanded by this particular soldier had already begun to backtrack. But then Kong, faced by howitzers firing into him point black grabbed two of the Pattons and threw them into the artillery, before beginning a series of smashing hits, tearing apart the street and producing further fire and smoke. It was a furious, hellish, and apocalyptic scene but the time that lapsed was very little. Now Kong, having left Central Park looked and beheld Midtown West.

In triumph Kong, whose shackles had been weakened and fallen off in the process of destroying the Regimental Combat Team sent to contain him, and whose flesh was nearly all told fully regenerated, stood up and beat his chest in triumph, his echoing roar following him into the concrete jungle of Manhattan........


Off the Coast of Nova Scotia:

Godzilla rose from the sea holding the body of a fin whale that his tail had struck and knocked unconscious. The monster then opened his mouth and began to feast, but the hunger that held him after so long in the ice was still not fully appeased. As Godzilla partook of another bloody meal, a group of sharks that had gathered around the falling pieces of the whale were to suddenly be swept up in their turn by Godzilla, who then hocked out the water that had nearly been swallowed with them.

The monster returned to the sea, even as NATO prepared a Rapid Response Team of the Canadian and US Navies executing Operation Thunderclap, the expected anti-Godzilla counter that would involve a full deployment by the US and Canadian Navy of new, experimental missiles that originated from the secretive base at Fort Pym. The only problem they had was that the rapidness of this deployment meant Godzilla could not be confronted before he reached near Massachusetts, or so they thought. Then they had received a strange news from New York: a giant ape was loose in Manhattan and had already destroyed a full Regimental Combat Team and a squadron of fighter-bombers. The result, which already disheartened them, was that two of the US battleships had turned to Manhattan, where they would wind up having to use these experimental weapons against the new enemy as opposed to the expected one.........

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, frontal view, arms by body, spines glowing (Set-2)
Three Weeks later:

New York awaited with tension and excitement the reveal of Denham's Ape. Knowledge had grown since the ships had stopped at Jakarta for fuel, food, and very strong categories of rope and other unspecified goods required to restrain the beast. Those men most impressed by the emergence of the new types of creature were astonished. It was one thing to see a gigantic radioactive version of a dragon like Godzilla, or a giant turtle like Gamera, or even the Anguirus. It was quite another to see Kong, or even to conceive of it. Once again reality had become rewritten. Life was a newer, stranger place. The size to which mammals were able to reach now towered over the most vast of the dinosaurs again, though Kong was smaller by some reckonings than Godzilla itself. The ship Leviathan had already become a subject of fodder for the newspapers and tabloids alike. It was known that the creature had appeared in New York, and had been prepared in Central Park, behind an impossibly vast tent. The breathing of the creature led to the occasional flaps of the tent that revealed a huge mass of deep black fur shackled.

It was drawing toward evening, as Darrow, Denham, Baxter, Englehorn, and Driscoll all stood, awaiting the revelation of Kong. At 7 PM, Denham had strode before the crowd of curious lookers-on, smiling with a slightly deranged expression as the tent was to begin falling through the movement of a complex system of pulleys, and then searchlights shone on the vast form of Kong, adding to what streetlights already revealed. People were awed, as Denham began a recounting of the expedition, warned by Agent White not to mention him, given an elaborate spiel. As he said that "this was a beast that brings to mind the old Arab Proverb: And lo the beast beheld the face of beauty, and was as one dead."

But Kong was awakening. The deep sleep and strange food that had sustained him was worn off, and the lights were already hurting his eyes. He was breathing louder, stronger now. The shackles already beginning to jostle and rattle. Strange smells, strange lights. He was in a place of strange monsters of concrete and glass. What was this place? A deep grumbling sound began to emanate from his vocal cords, causing Denham and the crowd to clap their hands to their ears, before cheering as Denham shouted "Behold Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World!". In the city proper horns honked, and a foghorn came from the port. The sounds, alien and yet familiar to Kong at first held him spellbound in fear, but as the foghorn came again Kong began to become angry. The lights hurt his eyes. The strange lights. They must pay. The lights must pay for his anger, for his fear.

Kong began to raise himself to his feet, and the chains, immense in size and products of the Architects of Fear in Fort Pym, began to groan with an agonized sound that was as the wailing of a lost and damned soul. As Kong raised himself to his feet, the crowd, at first amazed began to sense fear. The chains that held his wrist were now grinding with a harsh sound, producing a warning for those who had already begun to heed it by running. Then Kong swung his right arm, tearing the chain off and smashing the loop of metal that held it into the crowd, which scattered amidst blood and gore, before pulling out the second, and then the third, and then the fourth. Kong beat his chest, roaring in triumph, a long and terrible sound that echoed into Manhattan like the howl of an angry God, the coming of Doom and Wrath.......

The Labrador Sea:

The battleship Laura Secord was impressed and horrified when it saw a familiar type of blip on its sonar.

"It can't be." 

"Can't be what?" 

As the other sailor knelt down, the huge blip was acclerating to them, when the Admiral commanding, who also stepped over at the astonished expression, had returned in a hurry to his position on the bridge, and the klaxons hooted general quarters. The blip accelerated, only for sailors on the railings to note the appearance of something immense and black beneath the waters. As the first guns began to fire, the object only accelerated and then an enormous being rose from the depths of the sea. Its long muzzle opened in a thunderous, echoing bass roar that resounded like the trumpet of doom, deafening those who heard it, the sound and fury of the guns smashing into its hide without any impact beyond smoke and flame. Its back began to glow with an eldritch light that transfixed others, though the guns continued to fire, and the mouth of the creature began to draw into it an even more eldritch flame, turning its head slightly to one side before lurching its head forward as a surging beam of blue and white power smashed into the battleship, causing flames to begin to spread. As damage control parties began to move, so did Godzilla, whose mass now slammed into the ship with his shoulder, before his hands closed about the ship, which he lifted from the waves, before the energies that were simultaneously gathering in his fins and through his throat surged out again, causing the ship to explode.

Godzilla now submerged again. He was fiendishly hungry, and the humpbacks he had already eaten were not anywhere near enough.........

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Agent White, Sitrep to Fort Pym, via telegram: 

Dear Drs. Serizawa, Bierley, and Masters, I have the strangest report of my entire career to report. When we went to Skull Island (as I think Island of the Skull is far too cumbersome a name), we had our lady acquaintance, Ann Darrow abducted by the natives. Evidently they have a strange custom of offering their women to this Kong entity. Well, we surmise this is so as there is a fair-sized graveyard and the one native bride was crushed in the incident that I am about to report this second installment of. As the last update noted, we'd found Darrow, that native girl, and the dinosaur facing Kong when the dinosaur itself had reared on its tail and kicked Kong on his back. The kick evidently hurt Goro's dinosaur, and the creature was incapable of reacting immediately. Kong, however, had appeared to recover extremely quickly, and soon launched himself straight at it. The creature was smashed into by 45 meters of giant hairy primate, and the ape grabbed its jaws. The creature dispatched the Goro dinosaur with ripping its jaws clean in two, the native bride was killed when the lower jaw fell on her.

Well, we had found Miss Darrow when the creature saw us. I used one of Dr. Wyndham's experimental gas bombs via an RPG propulsion mechanism. I was very, very lucky and managed to smack Kong in the face with it. It's confirmed, the Serotoxin works, Kong remains asleep as of the sending of this. Denham's gone insane, however, and is talking of exhibiting Kong in New York City, saying that people will want to see an Eighth Wonder of the World. Am wondering how to handle this situation, over.

Response from Dr. Daisuke Serizawa in Fort Pym:

We shall allow Denham to bring Kong to New York City. After a certain passage of time necessitated by handling jurisdiction issues, especially with the superpowers, Kong will be transferred here to the fortress. Good work, Agent White.

As White looked at this, the group, which had clustered around his telegraph and made a lot of angry questions he'd frantically and furtively answered looked surprised.

Denham smiled, pointing to the huge, slumbering body of Kong. "You see, I was right? Kong does exist. We will give the world an exposure to a world it never knew existed. Legend shall become reality again. All for the price of an admission ticket!"

He pointed to Jack and Ann "And you two shall receive full credit for this. Imagine, Kong! The Eighth Wonder of the World! And imagine also the fate of a world which sees that while the fantastic exists it can be tamed." 

To which Captain Englehorn made the dry but prosaic question "So how do we move a hundred thirty five foot gorilla all the way to New York from the ass end of Indonesia?" 

Silence reigned as Agent White began tapping in a question into his telegram. After another silence, a message appeared and he read "We will dispatch the experimental transport Leviathan to take Kong. Do not worry, all things are handled." 

Then everyone looked at each other. Driscoll said "You know, maybe I should have taken up screenwriting, as after this ain't no voyage ever gonna be half as weird as this and I think I used up all my good luck with this." 

Ann Darrow, however, was alone of the group in sitting by Kong, whose sheer mass next to her was impressive. She felt a deep sadness. The ape might be impressive here, but what would happen if a beast from Skull Island encountered the concrete jungle of Manhattan? 

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
The city burned and smoldered, glass strewn in the streets, buildings hollowed-out skeletons of themselves, bones covered here and there with thin films of glass. The city burned, people ran, screaming, and a long, echoing roar, a lighter-pitched version of an all-too-familiar rumbling trombone of judgment and existential horror reverberated through the concrete jungle. The air raid sirens were releasing their long, plaintive wails, the voice of Rachel mourning for her children. Footsteps, doom-doom. Doom doom. Doom doom. The tread of a walking mountain, tall and reptilian, a mountain that moved with the glacial, serene, and irresistible power of a juggernaut, trampling all in its path, destroying what it would. Miki Saegusa was drawn to a window as she caught the slow and irresistible tread of a beast out of nightmare that strode into her vision. Legs mountainous in bulk, supporting a barrel chest, three rows of spines. Pointy ears, a permanent frowned brow, and a catlike muzzle over a sharklike double-row of teeth. Then the creature saw her, and turned to face the building, the two facing directly at each other, the beast's tail tearing a building in half in the process, before swatting the ruins further seemingly in enjoyment. The beast looked at her, and she felt within it the memory of the Gigantis that was, and then a single overpowering signal of malice and wrath, the incarnate might and terror of a God walking amongst the cities of the world: YOU. Fire bluish-white danced along the beast's back, and as the mouth opened, double-fangs exposed and fire gathering amidst its throat, she screamed as a horrid burning sensation marked the end of all thin-Miki Saegusa awoke. She had dozed off this afternoon, and had been awoken by Gigantis's nuzzling her. She had seen something in her dream, and the most frightening bit was seeing Gigantis's eyes blazing red........


Kong roared at the Gorosaurus, swinging his massive fist, but the dinosaur drew first blood, its massive muzzle sinking deeply into Kong's flesh, worrying the ape's arm. Blood began to pool around the reptile's fangs, only for Kong to roar and smash his fist into the beast's side with sufficient power to make it roar in agony, freeing Kong's arm. As his flesh began to knit back together and dried blood fell onto the ground in clumps that made miniature thuds that echoed like the sound of cannons firing, the Gorosaurus did something that marked the first stage in a shift to a newer, stranger world. A thing that illustrated forever how the newer, stranger, more terrible lifeforms were steadily altering a reality conditioned to accept that the mysteries of all life were under Man's capability to control and to understand. The Gorosaurus reared onto its tail, positioning its back legs toward Kong who ran forward seeking to throw the Gorosaur on its side. Then the massive pillars kicked into Kong like the feet of an enormous reptilian Kangaroo, the vision of Doyle, not those of the later, more sophisticated age, on a scale that defied imagination.

The strike, catching Kong as he was leaning forward instead caused him to be struck off balance and to land on his back, raising a large cloud of dust. The Gorosaurus landed on a tail that unknown to it had gathered a number of hairline fractures from the stress of holding the entire framework of the Gorosaurus male off the ground even for a short duration. As it stalked forward, the pain of its own injuries first set in, and the creature paused for a precious few seconds, as Kong, arm healed, and the power of anger and the willingness to strike forward at all cost portended by anger echoed through his massive frame. Kong rose and began to beat his chest, and then once more moved forward at the Gorosaurus, keeping his eyes carefully on the beast that seemed for the luckiest of seconds still more distracted by its own pain than the approaching power of Kong........

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
Miki Saesuga sat in meditation before the enormous egg that was Project Gigantis. Ever since the death of her parents she had become one to delve deeply into the might and majesty of that other world of Psionic power. It was the Witching Hour when if it were strong at all in its effects the power of Outer Dark was at its peak. Saegusa, as she meditated, heard a strange music emanating from the egg. The music, as powerful as it was, was strange, forming slowly with a deeper introduction, before a more lilting introduction, and then a dramatic triumphant march, a sound one expected to be associated with a black mountain wading in the sea, crowned in smoke and flame. Something, in other words, of menace*. Not, at all, the product of Dr. Bierley's desperate desire to forestall the apocalypse.

As she listened to the music, unknown to her, her powers began to form a shield as the egg began to jostle and to shake. It glowed red, with a sign of fear, a fear of the unknown. As the egg began to crack and shatter, pieces of eggshell and of the remnants of the yoke were flung around, Saegusa's shield causing them to either fracture around this or to splatter in a squelching sound that left a column that extended to some distance around her body unharmed. It was when she heard a gurgling sound that her eyes awoke with a shock. A strange creature, human sized, had appeared. It was a strange greyish-blue, with small raised spines on it, and a somewhat-long muzzle. Unlike all other theropods thus seen it walked tail dragging on the ground, and it looked at her. Eyes that had been red changed back to normal, and the creature nuzzled her, gurgling somewhat affectionately. Gigantis had hatched at the witching hour in the furthest corner of the world. Only int he wake of hindsight would this come to be seen and appreciated as a sinister omen of the future. For Saegusa it was a moment of wonder and of beauty.


On Skull Island, as the crew of the Venture followed Ann Darrow and Kong's tracks, they came across the corpse of the Kamacuras. Upon seeing it, the entire expedition lost their lunches as the vile smell was overpowering, save Agent White, who audibly gulped from fear. What strange, lost world had they discovered? 


As Ann Darrow and the islander had arrived at their new place, the islander, having arrived, had run off shrieking in fear and terror, the long span spent with Kong for company amidst monsters causing her to lose her sanity at long last. Shrieking and waving her arms, she was followed by Ann Darrow, who was to then see and wave at Goro Maki, the one member of the Venture's crew who had managed to find her at long last. But it was then that both realized the strange glade by them was not a glade at all, but instead the legs of one part of an enormous spider that Maki, in shock, identified in Japanese as Kumonga. An audible sound of ripping flesh now sunk into their ears, and as they looked, they saw an enormous beast, in some ways very reminiscent of Godzilla, gnawing into the spider. If Saegusa had been present she would have identified it as a mutated Godzillasaurus, but to the expedition, the creature that would turn to them, sniffing on Darrow and the islander the presence of Kong would be forever known as Gorosaurus. For as it turned to them and sought to identify the even more rewarding prey it sniffed on them, its huge, mutated feet crushed in one step the fleeing bodies of Goro Maki and the islander.

As its drooling mouth opened over Ann Darrow, who had the unenviable situation of being covered in the drool of the Gorosaurus, the echoing roar of Kong followed and the Gorosaurus turned up its head. As Darrow, positioned between the Gorosaurus, itself 40 meters in height, and Kong, 45 meters, heard the Gorosaurus roar in a strange and echoing fashion, she in turn heard Kong roar in challenge, and by a careful set of backwards steps got near Kong whose hand moved with a gesture calculated to put Darrow behind him, at which point Kong and the Gorosaurus began to charge at each other.........


Author's Note: The music Saegusa hears is of course this: 

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Ann Darrow awoke the next morning to see a native girl staring at her. Unknown to her this girl was the last one to be put through the ritual as the Bride of Kong not six weeks prior. The poor girl had steadily gone half-mad at the realization that the unknown dangers behind the Wall had grown immensely, impossibly larger than they had been. The insects, the strange colossal reptiles that walked on two legs like men, all impossibly larger. Then there was the giant ape that sat there, calmly. Kong had at one time been prone to eat plants, but she in six weeks had never seen Kong eat.

And in truth there was a reason for this. The Bleed had struck the Megaprimatus kong with a vengeance, granting to them a regeneration that had rivaled and even potentially outmatched that of the Godzillae. But this very regeneration and increased size had also wound up altering the digestive system of the Kongs, which while they might eat an entire forest in a single instance would be able to subsist on this for a span of months thereafter. Not long ago, seven weeks ago, Kong had eaten another of the former forests covering the mountains, so his diet was satiated. Indeed, Kong was merely sitting in front of one of the ruins now too large to hold his form. As the girl looked at Ann Darrow she laughed, in short, half-mad bursts that sounded like a sputtering engine. Six weeks with only the impossibly sized ape for company, it had been too long since she'd seen another human being. Her laughs, while half-mad, were the laughs of a person exposed to endless horror who finally had a chance to see at least one other person, but this was a person as pale as a corpse with a hair that seemed sunlike. The Gods had answered her prayers by sending her a monster.

Fleeing in that half-mad sense, she only heard Darrow shouting something like "Wayt!" when she stopped. Another of the strange deformities afflicting the island had appeared. A colossal mantis that seemed only just short of the size of Kong itself had positioned itself on the ruins when the girl and Darrow were too busy staring at each other to hear it, though Kong had sensed its presence and was slowly turning himself around to face the Mantis from behind. The Giant Mantis made a strange warbling hissing sound and then its massive claw smashed into the ruin. The cloud of dust and rubble left the native girl paralyzed with fear, but unharmed. Darrow, propelled by emotions she could not describe afterward grabbed the native and pulled her away from the mantis when the Kamacuras raised its huge claw and prepared to strike again, only to make a hissing sound more reminiscent of surprise and wound up pulled down the ruin onto the ground.

The native girl and Ann then saw the massive form of Kong roaring at the insect, pounding his chest as a threat display. Kong had sensed the vibrations of the creature which Darrow had mistaken for normal aspects of the unknown island and the native girl had ignored. He had seen the enormous creature, the strange things of chitin that now populated the realm where Kong was King. With his enhanced size and strength it had been a simple matter to rip the creature off of the rubble, but now he had a creature only somewhat shorter than he himself was hissing and warbling at him. Kamacuras then hurled its claw which tore into Kong's flesh, producing a different kind of roar from Kong. Pain. But as Darrow watched with an increasing terror the wound soon repaired itself, while Kong roared and the insect looked puzzled, almost, at the lack of effect of its strike.

It was then that Kong roared again and threw himself at the Kamacuras which had no room to fly or to leap back before the massive weight of the ape was on it. Kong's massive arm smashed into the insect's pincer-arms once, twice, and on the third time both arms fell as the creature made a grinding quasi-growl of pain, but was now declawed in a very literal sense. Kong then backed up before leaping again, with an agility that far belied what an animal that size should have achieved, resembling more the kind of animal seen at a smaller scale in terms of the power of the leap. The Kamacuras was barreled over and Kong's fist smashed its head all of once, before cracking its legs with both fists in a set of strong strikes.

The Kamacuras was dead and Kong beat his chest again, roaring in triumph.

It was at this point that the expedition from the SS Venture, tired of having to go into and then out of strange, unexpected depressions in the ground managed to reach a high ground to rest at one point. Jack Driscoll said "Oh God, those are footprints. Fucking wonderful, a Godzilla-sized ape. More good news."

At this point, too, Agent White was sending a secret message via one of Geoffrey Masters' miniaturized telegraphs, tapping out to Fort Pym "You were right, I was wrong. Good God in the foothills was I wrong." The sound of Kong's roar, distant but overwhelmingly loud then hit them all like a thunderclap. While some of them, including the actor, Bruce Baxter, that Carl Denham had hired for his picture decided at this point to return to the ship with Captain Englehorn's crew waiting for them, the rest, including Denham himself, sought to press onward. Denham from a mixture of guilt, shame, and the realization that he had probably condemned everyone on the island to die and a refusal to accept otherwise, the rest of the crew from likewise mixed motives. On they pressed into the strangeness of the jungle.


The native girl looked at Darrow, who had saved her. She still did not understand why the Gods had answered her prayer for human company with a walking corpse, but the Gods evidently had a strange sense of humor. Kong then grabbed both of them and put them on his huge shoulder, before moving further into the interior of the island. Where he had been was evidently too dangerous as a resting place.


Author's Note: The description of how the Skull Islander views Ann Darrow reflects how relatively uncontacted peoples tended to view white people, the moreso when the only people they've seen are dark-skinned people. It's intended for some verisimilitude and the impression is heightened by her being essentially shell-shocked after six weeks with only King Kong for company.

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Jack Driscoll was awoken when he heard Ann Darrow's door creak and what sounded like footsteps. At first thinking this was a dream, he began to wonder something and then got up, out of curiosity. Heart pounding as he stepped closer to her open door, he saw her window open and a necklace of shrunken skulls that could have only come from the natives. Darkly growling a racial slur that was in any event inaccurate as far as the immediate geographic roots of the Skull Islanders, he began to pound on doors, shouting that same slur and that the men in question had taken Ann. That drew everyone out, and as the crew began to organize the second expedition to Skull Island, more strongly armed than the first, they could hear the pounding of drums in an infernal beat lit further by the glowing light of torches.

Ann Darrow's memory of that night would be for the duration of her life a mixture of sensations, flashes of individual moments. The dust of the ground, women trilling "Kong, Kong, Kong", the repeated, hypnotic chants in shorter and longer version of "I-nazi-nashi-nai Torre Kong!" and "Torre Kong!". Above all the drums and the smell of fear among all the natives, who continued to speak and to incant in a strange and forbidden tongue, the vanished records of an elder civilization. The drums beat, severed shrunken heads and strange feathers upon her. The drums beat, the strange wailing. Behind her the crew moved with an animate panic, memories of the sunken destroyers and the skulls with helmets whose impressions, initially ignored, now formed a strong beacon of fear. None of the men could sanction condemning Darrow to death for their mistake, and it was from fear and a desire to redeem this mistake that they were propelled.

But as Darrow, head swimming with fear and the sound and smells of the island watched, a vast and monstrous form appeared behind mountains, a form not near as tall as they were, but a form none the less far taller than all the trees. Lumbering on four legs, its forelimbs larger than its hind limbs, the creature was somewhat like a gorilla, but with a deeper muzzle and a somewhat longer face. Its teeth had several broken ones of their number, teeth that were if she had looked already beginning to heal, testament to the power of the unknown Bleed. The creature's massive bulk moved, step by thundering step, trees now splintered with the impact. The crew had by now just arrived on the island, and as they heard Darrow's scream that same thunderous, echoing roar followed. As cracks of gunfire produced anew both panic and some resistance on the part of the islanders, Darrow found herself fitting within the curve of a single finger of a vast simian hand.

Fear caused blackness to swallow her, as standing on his hind limbs, Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World released another bellow to the unheeding, uncaring sky, then began to turn into the interior of the vast and unknown Island of the Skull..........


The Canadian Submarine Guy Simonds, venturing into the Arctic, would find itself encountering a strange pattern on its sonar. Uncomprehending, it sought to attack it using torpedoes, only for the bleep to suddenly turn on it and to move with an impossibly fast speed. Godzilla, awoken from its much-needed slumber by the strange thumps interspersed with fire on its side, had briefly awoken and was very enraged. Its bulk slammed into the submarine, and as the sub was thrown to the seafloor, Godzilla's arms, tails, and feet, claws on hands and feet prominently splayed, broke the submarine into many pieces, the torpedoes detonating and angering Godzilla further, leading the creature to a roar that echoed beneath the Arctic depths.

Godzilla then returned to its rest, confident it would not be disturbed for some time.


Author's Note: And now Kong finally appears for the first time. This Kong is the size of the one from the 1960s film, i.e. he's about physically the size of the current Godzilla. This is going to give the crew of the Venture a wee bit of a shock. At the same time expect this arc to introduce as Kaiju some of the more obscure 1970s-era Toho Kaiju. Like say, enormous praying mantises, a giant turtle, land-walking squid, crab, and a giant lobster in homage to the original intention of a particular Toho film. 

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Denham broke the silence by saying "It's all right, I know just how to handle this. Every little girl loves chocolate, right? I got chocolate." As he stepped forward, the Sun broke through the fog, and for the first time the enormous wall was revealed. Denham attempted to hand the chocolate to the girl only for her to shriek in alarm and bite his hand, resulting in a tussle between the half-frightened native girl and the very frightened movie director. After much fighting and shouting, the girl ran away and Denham followed her, only to be brought up short by an old, wizened woman who nearly totally embodied the concept of a crone, almost witch-like in appearance.

"It's all right, just a bunch of women and old folk," as the other natives now began to appear like shadows made manifest, including one man whose body lacked a leg below the limb, damaged by what looked like an artillery shell. Then Preston, one of Denham's aids who'd been refusing to move at all from the justifiable worry that the slightest move would mean his own death, fell with a spear in his chest, his body falling forward. Upon seeing this, Ann Darrow let out the first in a very long set of loud screams of terror that were to characterize for her the next 48 hours. It was then that in response a huge, deep bellow echoed, the cross between a gorilla's roar and the howl of an antediluvian wilderness of primordial power. It also set in motion a huge flock of panicking birds.

As the natives began to leap out to grab Darrow, they managed to kill two of the shocked crew members, though others using guns as clubs managed to secure a joint defensive position, the unmistakeable roar of a Kaiju paralyzing even their reflexes. However a new realm of the fantastic, when Gods of Legend began to walk among men, taking women for themselves, however they chose, would dawn when the crone, as frightened as any of the crew, spoke two words: Torre Kong. The two words echoed like a thunderclap, though puny in comparison to the great roar.

It was then that Agent White took a single look at the situation and setting his gun to semi-automatic opened fire at the foot of two of the natives holding Denham, producing a "Holy shit" response from Denham and panicked fear on the part of the natives. As they began to run, other crew members opened fire with their own guns, and Driscoll, sizing everything up said "We're leaving." 

Denham, stunned at Preston's body, said "Yeah, actually, we damn well are." As they ran to the ship, they got into their boats and each member of the expedition, Darrow included, discovered new rates of speed it was possible to achieve with panic as a motivating factor. It was then that they learned that repairing the puncture to the Venture to make her seaworthy enough to return even to Singapore or Jakarta would take at least 24 hours.

That evening, as all the men of the crew attempted to sleep, Darrow sat up in her bed. The shadows were long, and the memory of the fear on the old woman's face, the echoing roar behind the wall, and the two words: Torre Kong made for no ease of sleep and rather more ease of foredooming bags under the eyes. The ship continued to creak in what were relatively choppy waters, as the natives, seizing what they hoped would be a chance to forestall the end of their own world, slowly vaulted from rock to rock, landing on the Venture, which Darrow heard and responded to with a frightened squeak. It was a long ten minutes later when her door opened and she saw an immensely ugly native, scarred with bullet and knife wounds, relics of the coming of WWII to Skull Island, step into her door, putting a hand over her mouth before she could scream and then conking her on the head with her own mirror............

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As the SS Venture said into the nearly-impenetrable fog surrounding Skull Island, silence of deafening proportions, with white knuckles and teeth clenched in anxiety, the grinding of teeth by some of the crew the only initial sounds. It was then that Lumpy, one of the Korean War veterans of the crew, shouted in a lower-class Australian accent "Rocks to port!" As the captain began to turn the ship, others shouted "Rocks to starboard! Rocks everywhere! Where the Hell did all these rocks come from?" 

As the ship turned and weaved, sailors cast depth lines, discovering to a growing unease that the ship was starting to shallow a bit too soon. It was then that one of them shouted "Shipwreck dead ahead!" And indeed it was, the ruins of what in the fog could not be deciphered but were in fact a motley flotsam and jetsam of both US and Japanese transports. It took all Captain Englehorn's skill to navigate the treacherous shallows, but even then the Venture took a puncture in one side, though fortunately not one of extreme danger. It was then that Agent White and Ann Darrow, looking out the side of the ship saw a strange rock formation, almost a carved impression of a roaring gorilla. Agent White at that point decided he was wrong and at the very least he might encounter a 25 foot gorilla, if not a bigger one.

In deep silence several members of the Crew, all wearing prominent guns, descended, including Carl Denham with his camera. The splashing of oars in water was the only sound aside from tooth-grinding as the crew entered the shallows of a curiously open tunnel beneath the island, stepping amidst splintered wood. When they stepped out, they saw a strange civilization, buildings reminiscent of that newly famous Mohenjo-Daro place that had seen some new digs, but with strange, tall spears, of which several bore impaled corpses, some relatively new, others not so much. Unconsciously all the war veterans in the expedition made sure their weapons were loaded and safely so, not even looking as they did so. For they had a sudden and terrible feeling that these weapons might prove lifesavers.

There was no word spoken, an unspoken fear that such a thing might draw the palpable sense of fear and dread that overpowered every nook and cranny of the island, an island shrouded in darkness and shadow. For a quarter hour they explored a charnel house of a place, and then it was that the silence was broken by a sound that in the total, complete quiet of Skull Island was like the sporadic barking of a machine gun. A girl sobbing. As the crew turned, they saw a single young girl, dark as a Philippines aborigine, reaching out a hand to them, in a gesture partly supplication, partly menace..........and as this was so, Agent White quietly triple-checked his gun and began to put it into a position to fire it.
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"So why is Carl going to this place anyhow?" Darrow asked one evening in the mess hall. Agent White, who'd been primarily nicknamed the quiet one on the ship paid attention to her question and to the sudden silence that struck the Venture. The crew looked at each other, then Driscoll said: "It's a long story. You see, Carl and I both had relatives that served in a strange, forgotten part of the Marianas Campaigns. The cook, Hayes, sighed and said "Oh, boy, here we go."

Driscoll continued, not noticing the interruption: "Well, my uncle and his father both reported strange creatures. My Uncle was on Lagos, but his father was a survivor, one of four all told, as I remember it, both Jap and American. We have never found out if their stories had any truth to them, but my uncle told me that on Lagos the Japanese garrison attacked their forces like animals, like men who'd seen hell and sought to flee. What my uncle told me followed them was a monster, like nothing he'd ever seen. An enormous lizard with a curious set of rigid spines on its back, a long muzzle, four-fingered hands. It charged them and the Japanese out of the jungle, eating everything in its path. The Japanese were screaming of enormous, meat-eating spiny lizards and strange other beasts, giant turtles and all that. You must understand that this was before the Godzilla incident in 1950, people didn't accept this, no matter what a buncha Japs had to say about it additionally to us.

Well, it reached our shoreline positions and a battleship shot holes in the dinosaur, which I know is something like what that thing must have been. The creature fell over, and our guys, from human curiosity went up to it. Then it somehow, by will or by demonic power rose up again and killed all the surviving soldiers on the island. My uncle crewed a PT boat bringing supplies and he went right back to a battleship and they let him and the crew on. My uncle got treatment for supposed hallucinations. But when Godzilla came, his treatment was ended, he's just never been right since. My aunt says it was the electroshock." 

Denham then spoke, quietly but with a tone that attracted all ears to him: 

"My father had a simpler task, as he survived what he saw. He reported an island, shaped like a skull, enshrouded in fog, an island that had thrown both US and Jap fire support out of whack. Dad landed on the island where he likewise discovered Japanese who were frightened and gibbering. They pointed to some kind of giant wall, referring to something called "Kong." Well, my dad's CO ordered an American expedition in amtracs, equipped with powered rifles to go into the interior of the island.

According to dad, the only things he mentioned were giant lizards not too unlike what were described on Lagos, but with the major exception that when one had eaten almost all his unit, a giant, old ape appeared out of nowhere, an ape that was white as the driven snow and seemed so old it was like an old grandfather figure, really. The thing fought and killed the giant lizard, but the lizard killed it also. I have to know if dad's story was a legend, but if it's not, then we have an opportunity to redeem the thing I know you want to save, Miss Darrow. Imagination to some extent has begun to die thanks to Godzilla, to Anguirus, to Gamera. To that giant troll-thing that eats people and has never really been isolated, much less caught

We need to revive a sense of wonder and beauty in the world. And I want to capture people's reactions to it." 

Darrow blinked, was quiet for an eternal, and uncomfortable, five minutes before saying "So why me?" 

Denham said: "You love imagination as much as I do." 

Darrow said: "Well, regardless of what I wanted, I don't have a choice with doing this now." 

It was then that they heard the lookout in the crow's nest, Jimmy Cooper, shout "Fog, Fog up ahead!" and heard the foghorn sound its ponderous warning...........


Fort Pym, Antarctica:

Dr. Vanko looked, white-eyed and pale at the Zilla, whose body lay unconscious amidst the cloud of red smoke and gas that kept it still.

Dr. Bierley and Dr. Calvin both laughed high, artificial nervous laughs and Dr. Masters, now safely out of his bizarre shelter also laughed on that same note. It was Dr. Strangelove who said "Well, at least we know our security system works." They all laughed all the more, for fear that to do otherwise would mean screaming that would never stop.

It was then that Dr. Wyndham, who had chosen the very modest code-name of High Evolutionary, spoke: "I suppose this is a bad time to mention that we're to discuss Project Megalon this evening, right?" 

His only response was a number of glares.


The Arctic Ocean:

Limbs began to move all the more as the fires of the gods began to make spines glow and to gather in a throat frozen open. Yet that throat was too weak, the body too unused to motion to fire its beam simply, and so the light seemed to be drawn into itself. It was then that a blinding flash of light was followed with the thunderous explosion of the iceberg being blown to little pieces, the flash of light taking the form amidst the steam and heat of the eruption of an enormous mushroom. The monster sank beneath the waves into the loving embrace of the sea. True sleep, restoring sleep. Limbs with their proper strength restored. The endless ink of the sea called to the monster whose tired frame sank to the seafloor.....


Fort Pym, Antarctic:

"Dr. Serizawa?" 

Serizawa, still fuming from the revelation that it only took a jostling of one kaiju by another to undo what he had been told by Masters were airtight precautions, turned to Dr. Leighton.

"What is it?" he barked.

"We just received an odd report, sir. A multi-kiloton nuclear explosion in the Arctic Ocean." 

Serizawa sat up.

"Was this a test by the USA or the USSR?"

"Sir, there's not supposed to be open-air tests or underground tests there. There was no guarantee one would not wake up It." 

"Dammit, find out what happened. If It is awake, then we're going to be busier here than I had hoped." 

As Robert Leighton turned, he heard Serizawa ask "Is there any business with MONSTER ZERO due tonight?" 

"Yes sir, we're to discuss the next product of Project ZERO, I think it's Mega-something." Dr. Serizawa laughed.

"Oh, yes, Project Megalon. We'll do this just as if things are normal. If all is well, then this is just sound and fury signifying nothing anyhow. And we'd need Project Megalon all the more if things are what we fear."

Leighton nodded and ran to see MONSTER ZERO's military liasion. As this happened, Serizawa took out his bottle of vodka, leaving his of Sake alone.

"I need a drink in the worst way."


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