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As Gigantis rested on the island, protective of her nest, the depths on that island were to be parted by a creature of an unnatural size and bulk, covered with spines along its back and a strange nest of spines like a mohawk across the face, the front of the face marked by a gigantic horn. The creature, which had swam along the channel seeking its prey and had been detected by some overflights by Chilean Airplanes had found an island upon which it sought to rest. Vast clawed feet made impact with the sea-shore and a creature rose on four legs, unimaginably wide, its tail covered by spikes, and a long, nasal howl, like a high-pitched foghorn split the evening air and awoke Gigantis, who responded with the unimaginably loud and vicious trumpet of a mother protecting its young.

With a repeat of its own howl the Anguirus was to move away from the other sound, at least initially, while Gigantis was to be confident that its howl had deterred the strange maker of the strange sound which it had not seen, at least at first. Unknown to humankind that first leviathan that had arisen from the depths was only one of many such creatures which had been altered......

And in the depths of the sea an alligator snapping turtle which had been carried in an attempt to smuggle wildlife by a ship torn to pieces during the Bleed and which had taken longer to recuperate the massive, painful changes and to discover how to use its new form was to begin swimming up toward what unknown to itself was the coastline of the country of Colombia. Gamera, propelled by limbs which were now far more powerful than they had ever been was to find itself moving far faster than it had ever known, and in another shock was to react to an impact with what unknown to it was a US cruiser by temporarily raising itself and releasing the strange heat within itself as a fireball, and the US cruiser thus impacted disappeared in a matter of minutes.

And beneath the depths of the sea in Tokyo Bay, under the huge skeleton, with some bits of flesh remaining that had been Godzilla the small organism beneath the depths of the sea continued to grow and change, though its full growth was not to be for decades yet.......


So this wraps up Leviathan Rising. Next to finish Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night, and then starting The Bloodworm, which will feature the Shadow-woman, Deborah, and Vincent in their proper and unvarnished and uncensored fashion......

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Agony such that Godzilla's mind had a hard time comprehending began to surge through it. The monster attempted to rise but the device, dropped on its forequarters made it impossible to move them and all the regenerative capacity the creature's malformed flesh had could not repair the strange fire that tore through it. As the divers ascended and raised themselves into the ship, the waters above Godzilla were to boil from the monster's death throes as howls of pain and agony rumbled through the depths of the sea, and as the strange energy impacted the ground of the bay. The monster howled and roared in sounds that echoed through the depths of the sea in an endless pealing reverberation, a reverberation of pain, of sorrow, of seemingly wish that the sound would end as the monster steadily felt parts of itself seemingly no longer there for they in truth were no longer there. An eerie blue light surged through Tokyo Bay visible from both the ship and the aerial observers watching, as Godzilla's dissolving body released bursts of radiation that dealt damage equivalent to the Tunguska Blast, and the monster's last roars ebbed into silence.

A full few days elapsed and divers descended, and found that life was not barren in the bay, as had been feared, for the simple size of Godzilla had made the Oxygen Destroyer's chemical expend itself on that target force, a task which had dissipated its exceptionally corrosive force. The day after the news flashed in global media that "the Leviathan is dead." With so many of Earth's coastal cities devastated, but awaiting this news, cheering broke and the mood was reminiscent to VE-Day and VJ-Day, but now a global celebration, while unknown to those who cheered above, beneath the depths of Tokyo Bay a species of anaerobic micro-organism was impacted by the chemical that struck it, the impact in a softened sense of the Bleed producing an odd purple flash. Unknown to the cheering humans, this organism, visible only by microscopes began the first stages of a growth that would ultimately bring home anew a different kind of fallout from something never before imagined.........

And on an island which had been uninhabited by humans but where whales would congregate around during their annual migrations a vast leviathan rose from the sea, itself mutated by a stray nuclear submarine sunk and attributed to its deceased mate. This creature, known in later years as Gigantis, rose and began to prepare for a task that united all life, for life would find a way to survive, even if unnatural and mutated by the Bleed. The island was to be greeted by a thunderous roar, the trumpet of judgment for all life for an event which it bore no responsibility for..........
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The divers descended into the depths of Tokyo Bay carrying the strange weapon, while beneath them slept a massive, monstrous, and distorted leviathan. The power and the fear of the nuclear energy that had surged into it had made it extremely large, now 150 meters tall, and a vast massive bulk lying on the seafloor. As the divers descended the monster slept, dreaming of simpler times before the fighting men and strange ships with darts of fire and the pain that had torn into it, when with others like it it had wandered in peace. The creature slumbered and down descended the divers, who were understandably cautious and aware that they might suffer radiation poisoning or some other means of an untimely and horrible death.

After an interval of time that would seem like an eternity the divers saw it. It was vast and monstrous, dinosaurian in appearance. Its skin was charcoal grey, its spines once like ordinary maple-leaves but now jagged and twisted. The skin now had rugged peaks and mountains enfolded within, a vast and impossibly sized set of valleys and leaves, malformed scales. The face was thick-set but small, having a strange and theropod-like appearance bar the strange brows and the odd pair of pointed ears. The hands were vast, claws vast ivory gleaming in the darkness, connected to immense muscled mountains, themselves connected to a vast trunk and it connected to a long tail. The legs extended long, with feet vaguely dinosaurian, but with the strange appearance of five toes, and the gigantic body seemingly at rest. The rest seemed peaceful but both remembered the panicked scenes in great cities when that one-hundred fifty meters of reptilian flesh had scoured cities with radioactive flame. Indeed their home city of Nagasaki, having been struck by the atomic bomb during the Second World War had been wrecked anew by this creature, and the global death toll from the radiation enfused by the monster peacefully sleeping was unimaginable.

The eternity ended, and the divers signaled for the descent to stop. Under their understanding of the device invented by Dr. Serizawa, it was activated by pressure/contact, and with a creature of this size and radioactivity, contact meant dropping it. The device descended now the rest of the depths as the men were hauled up. The device descended and struck, and a series of bubbles began to scythe out and then sank into the flesh of Godzilla, whose bulk suddenly began to move with an astonishing speed as the monster felt an agony previously unimagined since the very transformation that had made it........
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Doom am I become, dealing death to the worlds, engaged in devouring mankind-Bahavagad Gita

Four years later:

"Dr. Serizawa, you are sure this device will work?" 

"I am, Mr. Martin. I am. The tests indicate a larger model is possible. With so many cities reduced to rubble, it must work, or my country, and so many other countries are all dead."

The statement was a soft one, as was the conversation between the two men. For four years the greatest scientific minds on Earth had worked together, all the pre-Second World War Great Powers. In that time there had been yet another attempted use of nuclear weapons on the great leviathan of the seas which only transformed it still further into a leviathan, a simple, vast, impossible colossus and lord of the depths. The creature itself seemed in agony, there were hints now of burned and cracked flesh upon it, flesh with a molten appearance. The huge body was still larger than it had once been. The creature was also a destroyer of multiple cities, though reports of smaller monsters wreaking equal damage indicated that there may be more than one such mutation out there. But it was this one, the colossus that had torn apart New York, Lisbon, London, Mumbai, Calcutta, Shanghai, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, the vast dragon of the sea with the steadily mutating and warping flesh, cracking and roaring, motivated now by some deep anger that caused this meeting of minds, a desperate attempt to save human civilization first and all else would be worked out afterward.

Now, four years later, after some rather disastrous mis-steps and struggles, the new fantastic weapon to vanquish the fantastic threat was ready. The massive beast was known, for a change, to be resting beneath the bay of ravaged, struggling to repair itself Tokyo, like many cities scarred by the beast as radiation-enfused as with an atomic war. Serizawa had come with a squad of former Imperial Japanese Navy men, all ready and committed to die, so as to spare the human civilization that created marvels of the universe, towers of steel and glass, from simple destruction.

The battleship moved through the sea, scruples about re-armament having been shelved when a leviathan, a monster of stories, was now a threat to all shores. The retooled old World War II craft halted over the depths of Tokyo Bay, where slept Gojira, Leviathan of the ancient Books and Lotan of ancient myths, and where humankind made its desperate effort to save itself. Dr. Serizawa, drinking sake as in the old Army during the war heard his aid, Ogata, say "Radar has identified the beast. It's where we said it is." 

Martin looked at Serizawa. "Now or nothing." 

Serizawa said "Indeed. Send the divers." And with that klaxons hooted, as men ran to battle stations, and the world tilted still further into the new age of the fantastic.....


Three more chapters left. After this, I'll be wrapping up Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night and moving on to The Bloodworm.
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The gathered members of the UN Security Council listened to the statements of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa as far as the nature of his potential new device. The leaders had been skeptical at first, but when the potential of such a device cottoned on to them their postures changed. Instead of slouched and vaguely avoiding nodding off, they began to lean forward, progressively more attentive. Eventually it was the Soviet leader, Malik, who broke the silence: 

"This device, it can kill this monster, can it not?" 

After the statement was translated, Serizawa nodded. He then answered: "The problem is simply that I do not wish the cure to be worse than the disease. On a small scale this device reduces anything organic to nothingness. I do not know what it would do on a large scale."

The leaders then conversed with each other, and Serizawa popped his knuckles, sitting next to Steve Martin, the CIA agent who was lost in his own train of thought, worry and fear together warring with him. The news had come recently that an attempt by the Soviet Union to test an atomic bomb underground had been thwarted by Godzilla, who had repeated a prior stunt but moreso, digging through the ground and biting into the Bomb whereupon his body had grown all the more in size, the spines altering to a more jagged appearance. The fear grew and then it was agreed, after about two hours of this discussion.

Serizawa would lead a group of scientists from Japan, under the strictest, most thorough UN supervision imaginable, and they would create a much larger version of the Oxygen Destroyer. Until it was certain that this device would kill Godzilla, all powers foreswore use of the weapon in any other fashion, as if this one, too, failed, then any prospects of future development of the device would be useless unless some other means were found to annihilate the monster. Upon learning this, Serizawa bowed and returned to his home in silence.....


Beneath the sea the monster Godzilla moved with a satiated and satisfied mind and body, until he heard the strange metallic sound that he had heard previously, feeling then an impact like a firey smacking into his chest. Angered Godzilla suddenly moved with great swiftness, his body tearing through the metallic thing that had annoyed him, the propulsion carrying Godzilla through the depths, heedless of what had happened to him.......

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When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come and see!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword.

-Revelation 6:3-4-

The monster had plumbed the depths of the sea, the ravenous, glowing flame that animated its new frame having grown stronger. Its powerful tail propelled it beneath the depths of the sea, and now the monster rose, a thunderous trumpet of doom, the animate, avenging, horrific power of the atom unleashed on the completely unsuspecting city of Mogadishu. The Italian Trust Territory's defenders were completely blindsided at the immense dinosaurian figure that rose from the waves, seawater dripping from its massive bulk, the vast, clawed arms moving freely. The voice echoed in a peal of thunder, primordial and enduring, a cataclysmic roar of unmitigated horror, the vast thing that should not be frustrated at having missed again the warm trail of the female it was pursuing. Seeing another rotten eyesore inhabited by fleeing ants, the creature then rose from the depths, seeking to assuage its frustration on the rotten eyesore before it. With a thunderous, cataclysmic roar of rage the creature stepped on the shore of the sea.

An Italian observer said "And the dragon stood on the shore of the s-", sensing something falling on him and screaming. It was some distorted, mutated, colossal sea-louse, mouth gnashing. He screamed as the gigantic creature began to use its flames, tails, and sheer bulk to in the better part of a few hours reduce Mogadishu to a smoldering waste and ruin, roaring its frustration in that primordial howl of deep, endless rage and then entering the sea, moving again with that raw power toward the region of Madgascar.......

Hours later

The monster's nose flared. The female had been found at last. Larger than he was, it gazed at him with the astonishment of recognition. But the primordial urges were not to be denied, and the power of radiation would permit the monster to bear clutches of eggs by more than one father.......


Author's Note: The second Godzilla seen will be having relevance for future tales, but this is the one case where another one of them shows up in this individual tale.
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And I looked and I beheld a white horse and its rider, and he was given a crown to go forth conquering and to conquer.
Revelation 6:3.

The Leviathan beneath the waves moved with the enhanced power and strength granted him by the strange human weapons. He was larger now, and more ravenous for his new kinds of food. His larger body would lead him to swim greater distances across the depths of the sea, and thus it was that Godzilla was to approach the colony of French Indochina, then in the midst of the war of Viet Minh and their former Axis rulers. Godzilla's greater bulk and power let him bull through all ships and all firepower that attempted to halt him, and he was now hovering in the sea outside the city of Saigon.

Godzilla was faced by armor and heavy artillery gathered by the French Expeditionary Corps, which had moved a tremendous portion of its strength to Saigon. Oddly the Viet Minh had not sought to exploit this as the monster had appeared, the French leaders attributed this to the inscrutable Oriental mindset, whereby the Asian was transfixed by the new dragon of the depths. Godzilla would rise from the sea, being struck by artillery and shells fired by armor and then in wrath a yellow and red beam sliced through the harbor, disintegrating with a massive radioactive fire all that it contacted. The explosions began a firestorm in Saigon itself, as Godzilla was to sniff the air, continuing to pursue his elusive blood-kin. They had been here previously, he realized, but had gone west. Dissatisfied at the endless chase, Godzilla briefly strode into Saigon itself, and his fire and tremendous power tore through the city, leaving another of mankind's great cities a charred nuclear ash. Godzilla would return to the depths of the sea and pursued his relatives further west, toward the coast of the Republic of India.....


The other mutant of his kind that he pursued was soon to be finding itself a place to rest. Having turned east from Saigon the creature had found in the south Pacific the isolated island known as Henderson Island. It was seeking a place to lay its eggs, a place free of the strange metallic things that moved across the surface of the sea. The smaller mutant, which would become known later as Gigantis, surfaced and moved onto the island, having been satisfied by the whale and seal populations around it that its offspring would find food to eat......


The Republic of India's Chief of Staff, Marshal Kariappa was soon to learn that Godzilla had entered the Indian ocean, and was making a beeline for Mumbai. Seeking to minimize civilian casualties, Kariappa was to issue the order in the week expected before the monster's arrival to quietly and efficiently evacuate civilians to nearby refugee camps. This order, carried out cleanly and efficiently would be the first sensible and level-headed response to the monster's approach. At the same time Marshal Kariappa ordered large numbers of artillery and more immobile heavy firepower moved to the Mumbai coast and throughout the city, intending to make the monster have to work for itself if it were to actually arrive in India. These weapons, including the massive British anti-aircraft guns from the Second World War that had been given as donations by the UK itself were all prepared when the news came that the great leviathan had arrived outside Mumbai's coast.


By now frustrated and angry at the endless searches with no clear result, Godzilla soon rose from the depths of the sea to be bombarded again by the strange metallic tubes that belched fire and smoke and made the little pricks on the monster's hide that were nothing but annoyances. Its voice, now deeper and longer echoed in a massive living thunder as its gigantic maple-leaf shaped bone spines lit up yellow and red, boiling the waters around it and sliced out toward Mumbai, the combination of ammunition and the monster's power producing a series of ever-greater and ever more ferocious explosions.

More of the strange fire came to strike the monster from deeper within the city, and Godzilla would enter the city itself, as the dragon stood standing on the shore of the sea. With a slicing and terrifying sequence of the red-yellow spirals, increasing chunks of Mumbai came to resemble less buildings and more some twisted combination of an animal attack gone awry with the predicted results of a nuclear war. Godzilla's now 100-meter size was too powerful, the monster's greater strength too irresistible. And as with all the other cities, many would be the legacies that the monster left in decades yet to be.


"You are sure that this weapon will do this, Steve?"

"Yes, Mr. Dulles, I am. As Dr. Serizawa says it destroys all organic molecules it comes in contact with. We need to find a way to lure this monster where such destruction will matter less, and where this weapon can be given a chance to work at its greatest."

"You do realize what such a weapon will mean, right Steven? The Soviets, the Red Chinese, the Germans, they'll all be wanting this." 

"Yes, sir, I do. Can you convince the Army of this?"

 "Well., Steven, I'll do my best. At the rate this monster's working it may well be an architect of fear sufficient to unite humankind from simple fear of it. What a brave new world that would have such people in it." 

John Foster Dulles then put down his phone. This weapon, which he visualized was some destructive power as fantastic as the great monster itself done right was the perfect fantastic solution to a fanastic problem. But a weapon able to destroy all organic molecules it met? How was such a thing even to work? It seemed almost as though the cure would be as bad as the disease.....


Edit-I might note that all the problems of the Oxygen Destroyer are going to have a resolution that if thought about can be perceived. As a hint as to how this works, remember people originally believed the Trinity test might wipe out the entire West of the United States.....

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Till Heaven Cracks and Hell thereunder dies in her ultimate mad fire, and darkness falls with scornful thunder upon dream of men and men's desire.
-Rupert Brooke, The Call-
"Mr. Martin, it is good to see you." 

"Same here, Daisuke. You said you had uh.....something you wished to talk about?"

Steve Martin was curious as to how his old friend was so hesitant and pale, watching Serizawa piddling around with his food.

"Agent Martin, there is something I must tell you.  I had proposed once a device, a kind of disintegrating acid that my colleagues had rejected as impossible, a fever dream. The fever and dream, if that is what it was have returned. After we finish eating, there is something I must show you." The two passed an uncomfortable silence thereafter, Martin returning to Tokyo University. Steve Martin was shocked at the vast scarring that marked a part of the Chemistry department, the uneasy silences that prevailed there. Furtive glances and whispered words.

Serizawa showed Martin his formula and then a fish tank full of fish. He, putting on gloves, a coat, and goggles placed with metal tongs a small capsule of what he said was "what I am to show you." In a little over a quarter of an hour the water had turned red and then the red disappeared into a frothing foam and skeletons sank before themselves dissolving. Martin went over to the water, attracted and repelled when Serizawa said "It was dropping water like this that produced what you saw out there." 

Gazing at it, Martin suddenly jerked and said "Jesus Christ, Daisuke, do you realize what this could do?" 

"Yes, Agent Martin. Theoretically a large-enough amount could destroy that sea monster. The problem is this new acid destroys anything organic, changing that water into itself. I fear used in anything save a small lake that it could unleash a new type of Destroyer that we would be harder pressed to control than atomic weaponry itself. This is our chance, I feel it. But if we should use this improperly, Steven, I think we could destroy humankind. We need a way to draw this monster into a lake of some sort, to destroy it there. How can I, a former Kwangtung Army veteran and you the OSS Agent convince leaders, though?"

Steve Martin continued to gaze in a horrified fascination at the water, now acid. He understood why the fish tank was metal and translucent at most. He asked "What happens if you try to use that with plastic?"

"It burns through it." 

Steve furrowed his hands.

"This is indeed a problem......" 

Daisuke Serizawa really did feel like a drink, then. Getting out Sake he offered some to Steven who grabbed it as hungrily as he did. Both of them heard on the radio that Godzilla had confronted HMS Glory and sunk it like he had all the US and other ships thus far confronted. Both of them drank long into the night......
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Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, formerly the Empire of Greater Japan's most skilled expert in chemical warfare awaited calmly the arrival of Mr. Steven Martin. By all rumors the great monster had grown greater in power and in wrath. The US battleships Iowa, New Jersey, and Wisconsin had attempted to engage the great creature but the same odd fire beneath the sea, formerly blue and white, now yellow and red with an odd spiral color had destroyed all ships from below, exploding each. Survivors were so few as to be non-existent, and most had died by the time they reached shore from radiation poisoning due to the sheer power contained in the beams.

Dr. Serizawa remembered his glory days in the China Incident, having worked with Dr. Ishii to push the boundaries of knowledge. Now he believed he might have an answer. With the monster's contemptuous ease in engaging the notoriously casualty-shy US miltary the US public and military faced the pangs of a dilemma. The USSR, aware of the USA's greater advantages in firepower and of the damages Godzilla wreaked with ease was suggesting the two states try to lure the monster to an isolated area where the greatest conventional firepower both could wield would bury it beneath the snow. US military leaders in those talks, just like their Soviet counterparts did not believe military means could defeat Godzilla.

Dr. Serizawa had an interesting means for a weapon to do this. He was also mindful that this weapon potentially could have serious consequences for all life in the seas. Students who had moved the water once containing the crocodile had had that water splash on their arms. Both of those students had died from the injuries incurred by this water corroding their flesh, causing them to drop the tank. Which had splashed them both and poured around their feet, producing a horrific sensation that also corroded the wood floor but was halted on the concrete foundation. Serizawa, former subordinate officer to Dr. Ishii as he was did not see anything good of this weapon used in the sea. To ensure it would be used elsewhere would be the next challenge.

The emergence of the great leviathan had roiled the world. Religious fanatics worldwide considered it a sign of the end of days. More secular, more modern leaders were at a loss under the laws of physics to explain just how the seas could have hidden such a beast, or what the blue and white and yellow and red beam meant, and why the blue and white beam, which would under ordinary laws of physics been the more dangerous was the lesser of the two beams. Explanations ranged from the monster being the Biblical Leviathan or the Vedic Vritra to the creature being some alien which had unannounced appeared in the sea. Two cities wiped from the map, radiation effects dwarfing anything from Hiroshima, the beam's legacy not merely warping buildings but leaving the very ruins themselves too radioactive to re-enter. Those in the USA and Japan which sought to help repair the monster's legacy were dying as fast as its victims, and its rampages at opposite ends of the Pacific indicated nowhere was safe.

Dr. Serizawa smiled. If his idea of a solution worked, humankind would find a way out of this situation, for life could not support more than one such monster. The reports of sometimes as many as three of them at once in various areas were the result of a global panic. He would save humankind, and in the end it would be not the Arsenal of Democracy which saved the world, but the veteran of a previously undefeated army. And humankind would forever remember its savior, the bringer of new knowledge. The pipe dream vanished when he began to eat his rice and tofu supper. The problems with responsible use of this weapon would be many and he would need to ensure wherever it was used that this ferocious corrosive power did not destroy all in its wake. None knew what Destroyer might be unleashed from the abyss were this to be done.

This was why when he saw Martin's car pull in outside his college in Tokyo University he was greatly relieved. Mr. Martin was far too rational and pragmatic a man to demand use of this weapon and damn the consequences. For Dr. Serizawa knew the other side of the global panic: if his Oxygen Destroyer as he euphemstically termed the weapon were public knowledge it might save humankind but destroy the world more thoroughly than any nuclear weapon. The agonized and short screams of his students and the deep hole burned down to the foundation of his building convinced him thoroughly of this. What Dr. Serizawa would need most, he decided, after this first conversation was going to be a good stiff drink.....
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"I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and I turned it on itself. Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets. Hmmm? You know... You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan." Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan." But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!" 

-The Joker, The Dark Knight. 

The waters began to boil outside the city of Seattle, which had been evacuated and the city filled with troops of the hastily-raised US Sixth Army, a mixture of understrength infantry and armor formations filled with WWII vets who were often five years out of shape and disturbed at the rumors of what was coming. They had no great deal of artillery or armor, but all available aircraft on US soil had been dispatched, as well as one atomic bomb intended to be dropped on the monster, to destroy it thus and spare humankind another destruction of Osaka. The boiling water was followed by a single bomb dropped as the gigantic spines and tremendous bulk raised itself up from the depths, a gigantic mountain of rippled reptilian and dinosaurian flesh. The Bomb, a new and experimental Teller-Ulam weapon fell on the monster's spines where it suddenly produced a bright, crackling form of electricity and the monster spewing out that red and yellow beam previously seen across the harbor which suddenly brewed up in a brilliant and terrible explosion.

For Godzilla, dropping the hydrogen bomb was essentially the equivalent of over-stimulation and the monster, now charged and saturated with power suddenly heard the booming of a familiar kind of weapon. Memories of Lagos, fueled by the new power that saturated all cells of the monster produced a massive, sweeping wave of firey red and yellow death, now taking on the infamous form of a spiral of crimson and gold and the monster strode into Seattle where he indulged in the sensation of crushing the vast towers, unleashing his fire on all the little gnats and pests that kept trying to annoy him.

The saturated monster destroyed all aircraft sent at him, and after a quarter hour of this the losses were considered too prohibitive and the Sixth Army ordered to be pulled back. The attempt was only partially successful and Godzilla rampaged for most of a 48-hour period before returning to the waves. The vastly enhanced body began to mutate again and the roars of pain echoed through the depths of the sea as 80 meters became 100 meters and as the vast muscular bulk grew ever larger. The leviathan of the sea soon encountered two US submarines and simply smashed right through them, returning to the open waves........

In the wake of the destruction of Seattle and all of a US Army, if understrength, the scientist Daisuke Serizawa soon tested his experimental new weapon again, on a different subject. This crocodile had been in the Tennoji Zoo and poisoned by the radiation Godzilla left. Scientists had given it 24 hours to live, and the biology department of the local university had indulged Serizawa's seemingly strange request. Watching as a pellet of the new substance entered the water Serizawa was transfixed as the substance began to dissolve the crocodile down to a molecular level, the beast rising from the tank  several times in an attempt to save itself and leave the container it was in, only for the agony to mercifully and quickly end. As in the last time a skeleton appeared, dissolving only into bubbles........

Dr. Serizawa now faced the dilemma of how to explain what precisely had happened to the crocodile. Then a sudden flash occurred to him. Calling his old OSS contact he said "Agent Martin, I have a certain matter to discuss with you when we get the time. It may be useful in the wake of current....events...".

Steve Martin, receiving that call in his Tokyo office said "Would it be good if we had lunch together?" 

Serizawa chuckled "No, Agent Martin, I think you had best come see me here at Tokyo University." 

Serizawa stared still at the water and then out of morbid curiosity put his not-too-appetizing lunch from the restraurant he'd visited into the water. It dissolved as well........


Those who know their Godzilla canon know what Dr. Serizawa's new WMD is.........

Edit-For those who are not familiar with the original movie, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa plays a major role in it, one impossible to go further in without spoilers (this is essentially a Rise of the Planet of the Apes version of the first Godzilla movie). In this world, but not in the original he's a chemist employed by one Shiro Ishii. This background in chemical warfare and in Imperial Japan's Auschwitz explains the rather different character of the two Serizawas. He was saved by OSS Agent Steve Martin, who is a rumored (and actual) homosexual, which those who know about the real Aaron Burr will see what this, also coming up in future installments refers to).

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"Beware the beast man, for he is the devil's pawn, alone among God's primates he kills for sport, for lust, for greed. Yea he will slay his brother to take his brother's land."-Planet of the Apes, 1968.

The ship carrying that most terrible of mankind's weapon had been considered to be a risk, but it was felt that with Godzilla's feeding on whales that he was unlikely to target an individual US ship. The impossibly fantastic creature was assumed to be but a dumb beast. The ship progressed unharmed in the journey from the US West Coast, past Hawaii, past the great width and vastness of the sea. Godzilla himself had been traversing the open ocean, diving deep to catch more of the large creatures he depended on for sustenance. It was by a malevolent circumstance that his doing this took him into the path of the US battleship Missouri. In swimming Godzilla then sensed something, something glowing over him. It was like that strange light that changed him and yet unlike it. The Bleed had altered the monster in ways even it did not fully understand, and in moving toward the battleship, as klaxons hooted Godzilla's bulk surfaced directly beneath the ship, splitting it in twain as the bomb within it fell into his open hand.

Gazing with curiosity at the device, Godzilla's vast fingers suddenly closed in, as the monster did not know the strange metal feeling on its hand. A crackling bright light ensued as the survivors saw the atomic energy moving in a progressive series of lightning-bolts from the monster's hand to its back, which glowed not blue and white but a strange yellow and red. The energy crackled around the monster itself, and several survivors were killed by water near the monster which boiled from the increased heat as the creature roared once more, a sound that rendered several of the soldiers deaf and then a massive spiral red and yellow beam tore into the sky. While the sailors clung to jetsam and tried to survive, the great creature sunk beneath the waves, moving east.......


Godzilla did not understand what the strange power that flowed through him was. He felt that same strange heat, but also nourished in a sense different from yet similar to actual food. It was a great, a raw power that gave him greater energy than he might otherwise have had. Within the depths of the sea, across the vast open chasm the monster was heading east, spurred by a massive power boost that enhanced his already-strong speed.......for unknown to Godzilla his track was taking him directly for the Pacific Coast of the vast continent of North America......

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The appearance of Godzilla in Osaka had brought the world to a sudden panic. The USA had chosen fully to back down from its nuclear threats against the Soviet Union, which had itself become rather frightened at the sudden appearance of such a creature of fantastic, improbable, even impossible nature. The seas had disclosed a vast and immense leviathan, a great juggernaut which had without ability on the part of mankind's greatest weapons to halt it overrun and destroyed an entire city. Physics and biology as once they had been were now fully irrelevant. The world's scientists were stunned and flummoxed, particularly at the scenes of the vast and destructive beam of light. This beam, out of Welles or Verne had scarred buildings and created a vast fire. Explaining how this was possible had begun to absorb both the talents of biologists and also those of physicists. For the scientists' difficulties were also enhanced by the claims of religious fanatics worldwide that the sudden disaster represented some kind of divine sign.

All this roiled the world and the people of Zhongshan District were blissfully unaware of what was moving toward them. The monster had pursued a US submarine attached to the Seventh Fleet and crushed it beneath the sea in a process including use of torpedoes and the monster's onrushing power, weight, and momentum that brought it to the city of Dalian in the new People's Republic of China. The Chinese government, on tenterhooks had moved several divisions to various coastal cities, though Dalian was one that had received rather few of them. The vast leviathan, that great juggernaut then rose from the sea, a great hulk mountain-high, rippled muscles and deep black scales shining in the early hours of the morning. That tremendous thundering echo of a forgotten age tore through the air as a wave of Yakovlev fighters, hearing that the USA had lost another boat in the same kind of mysterious circumstances and on loan from the Soviets moved to face Godzilla. The cannons on the fighters unleashed both armor-piercing and incendiary rounds and swooped up and back.

For Godzilla these new types of metallic annoyances had brought more thumps and the strange heat that briefly followed them. Once more the memories of Lagos and his wounds sustained there re-appeared and that thunderous roar followed once more, followed by that sudden wave of energy, blue and white flame coursing through the sky in a sustained beam that swept from right to left, destroying all the fighters. Irritated but not harmed Godzilla returned to the depths of the sea, whereupon he caught several Bryde's and Fin Whales, whose bodies marked a bloody trail headed south, toward of all places the island of Taiwan.......


The attack of the monster and its successes against the Yaks as against the Sabers and the signs of its encroaching presence led the Chinese Nationalists, now equipped with the best US air power and ground firepower possible around the island, to seek strong defenses. The Soviets, aware that the creature could as easily move in to their own territory were soon back in the UN offering to join with the United States in an international effort against the monster. As the beast neared Chung-ling, Taiwan, where its kin's trail went cold it rose from the depths once more, roaring in a deep and ominous frustration.

Then several squadrons of Sabres and Flying Fortresses struck Godzilla, together with 155-mm artillery and Calliopes. Godzilla, now having passed from frustration to anger soon launched that same sweeping death in several blasts, causing repeated explosions and metal falling into the depths of the sea. The monster soon stepped into Chung-ling itself, where its sweeping death caused again buildings to melt even before the heat tore through them, the booming explosions that followed together with the massive twin thunder-claps of the monster's feet. The continuing arrays of firepower simply angered the monster further, and Godzilla's roaring and fire added to the long miseries that would be gripping the city of Chung-ling.

The city remembered only the arrival of the behemoth, man's thunder, and the three thunders of the sea-krait which had come from the depths and reduced Chung-ling to a rubble of molten metal that had once been artillery, armor, and aircraft, as well as buildings torn and melted in turn. A hurricane that withstood all attempts to halt the whirlwind unknowingly sown by men who reaped wind firing on a Lost World. The impossibly huge creature tearing through buildings, crushing people beneath its feet, the flames, radioactive in themselves sparked by the massive rays. The vain efforts of ROC and US firepower to halt the leviathan and only further angering it until those attempts themselves halted, for the leviathan to reduce the entire city to rubble in further anger, then amidst a city burned, filled with those lucky enough to be uninjured, that lingering poison unseen, and amidst thousands of dead men and twisted, molten metal.

In high places, the rulers of the earth met and agreed. This monster must meet the most powerful of mankind's weapons. The USA would lure it to one of the more isolated parts of Japan, there to strike it with the power of the atom. The ship carrying this weapon departed from San Francisco in the year 1950.......
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Like a great mountain wading in the sea, clad in ice, crowned in smoke and fire-
J.R.R. Tolkien, the Silmarillion

Gojira, swimming more northerly than usual, had smelt the distant impression of one of his kind, one of the others from Lagos. As he'd swum up north, he reached near the region of Osaka. The US troops in the region had been dispatched to the Korean peninsula, but with the growing menace of something clearly fantastic and also clearly real, MacArthur was secretly abetting Japan's full re-armament. This re-armament progressed slowly, and near Osaka there was only a scratch division. It was the heat of the day and the trail had grown strong near Osaka, where the fishermen had reported mysterious accidents and strangely non-existent hauls. Curiosity caused Gojira to reach level ground, and his feet collided with it.

The people of Osaka were horrified and puzzled as the waters near it boiled, and then merely horrified as a gigantic black monster rose from the sea. Taller by far than anything they had seen, the creature stood a full 80 meters tall. Pillar-like legs supported a massive trunk, white bones in a maple-leaf shape sticking out, a long tail behind it. The creature had a massive chest and powerful arms, each arm tipped with giant hands, each finger and the opposable thumb on each hand tipped with claws. A massive neck was topped by a head that seemed partially feline and dinosaurian. The impression was a grotesque blend of human, theropod, and dinosaur. A US Air Force Sabre, noticing the appearance of Gojira outside Osaka began to fire missiles at the monster, which seemed only to make it madder.

Gojira, struck from the air became furious and as the strange metallic object moved nearer lashed out with a surprisingly speedful swipe, one that tore the craft to metal ruins, the ruins hitting Osaka itself. Not anger but curiosity motivated Gojira to explore the strange sights before him, as his footsteps produced a unique thunder in a sequence of two by two. This curiosity was occasioned by the mass of small creatures at his feet fleeing before him, and he was heedless of the damage and sinkholes his feet created in the streets, the humans trod underfoot. More Sabres came and recognizing them, Gojira summoned the strange energy. Its glowing heat melted and warped nearby buildings, some of the wooden ones catching on fire as the blue-white energy lanced out and destroyed the Sabres in another sweeping lance of power.

Curiosity now became anger and in three hours Gojira reduced Osaka to a rubble, blasted by the blue-white flame that left a strange green glass like radiation, claws, feet, and tail tearing skyscrapers to rubble of wood, of steel, of broken glass. Three hours passed and the anger calmed, and the leviathan that had first appeared turned to the waters, moving slowly, sinking beneath the waves. A set of photographs of its massive bulk were captured by a Japanese reporter who died of radiation poisoning 72 hours later.

The Yomuri-Hochi the very next day broke the story, and in a first for the history of Japanese newspapers the story of the destruction of Osaka and the monstrous creature which had accomplished became one of the highest-selling issues of all time of any Japanese newspaper.....while in the USA a mistranslation of the Odo Island name Gojira established the creature's name as Godzilla. With the destruction of Osaka following the end of the Seventh Fleet task force dispatched to find out if the monster was real, for the first time in history human scientists puzzled at challenges to biology and physics as profound as anything since Darwin and Einstein.......and due to the intense radioactivity of Godzilla, a thousand sorrows gripped Osaka for decades following the first attack by Daikaiju on a human city......

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Doom am I become, dealing death to the worlds, engaged in devouring mankind-
Bhagavad Gita

Following the discovery of the massive footprints and the hysterical testimony of the Marines, the US public was in an uproar. Fear that the Communists were somehow transforming the fantastic into reality began to surge through, as Senator McCarthy alleged that "in addition to the incompetent and treasonous handling of this war from Washington, the complete neglect of confrontation with Communist armies, our forces are now subject to some new, fantastic Communist superweapon. This treason in the highest quarters of the land must cease." In Korea the forces of General Walton Walker were forming a perimeter around Pusan, where the direct, headlong attacks of the North Koreans agaisnt the forces of Walker were to reduce them to a military nullity.

The revival of Zhukov's role and the frantic denials of Soviet involvement in the disasters became clearer over time, and the frank panic in Moscow's leadership would slow all save the convinced McCarthyists. The decision to send the carrier Essex to the Odo Island region was part of the answer to the panic. The decision to dispatch the Essex was intended by both MacArthur and Truman as a show of US might over "Asiatic fear and superstition." The Essex had arrived and continued air patrol all through that evening, as the day darkened. During the later hours of the day, sonar periodically detected a massive blip, now nearer and now further. The blip moved almost as though it were a living creature, and the sonar operators had no answer for this periodic appearance and disappearance.

The USS Essex marked the time as 7:57 PM, Seoul time, when the blip returned and re-appeared quite rapidly. During the day Gojira had seen the appearance of yet another metal hulk, had drawn nearer and then further, to see if the strange pressure would not return. Not sensing it, Gojira then moved towards the metallic object. Seeing slowly that it was larger than the others, and that it was accepting rest for the evening, Gojira moved closer to the shore, where his feet could touch the ground beneath the waters.

The crew noticed that fantastic boiling, and neighboring destroyers to the carrier sent torpedoes toward it. The task force was confident that these torpedoes, whose explosions glowed brightly would end things. Instead beneath the waters Godzilla felt two sharp smacks, but again no pain. Angered once more he rose, the crew watching in terrified fascination as a gigantic reptilian form rose from the waters. It was huge, bipedal, skin wrinkled and blackened. The body was massive and stocky, like some blend of dinosaurian and human, with massive white spines, maple-leaf shaped reaching from its back. Two eyes beneath a massive bony ridge inset on a stocky half-dinosaurian half-reptilian face glared. The monstrous mouth opened and a deep, thunderous, almost musical roar boomed across the darkening sky.

The spines began to glow blue and white, and the skipper of the Essex and all his fellow officers were stupified at the impossibly vast sea monster, spines glowing with a terrible crackling energy and a flame gathering at its mouth. Head angled to the right, that flame suddenly surged in a long swathe, blue and white dancing across the waters, tearing in half ships, some of which sank immediately, others of which affected when the flame hit ammunition supplies. The USS Essex was itself torn in two pieces, the beam ripping a full third of its front off in the same swathe that at one stroke reduced an an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, and three frigates to six ships torn in two, sinking in flaming chunks beneath the waters. Lagos-flashes affected Godzilla once more as he recognized one of the destroyers sinking, and roared again, a primordial, terrifying bellow that split the evening......


Upon receiving the message that all six ships had stopped signaling and had been flashing Mayday signals, Admiral Radford stormed in to see General MacArthur. Upon looking at the message, SCAP turned pale.......

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On a plane with Kyohei Yamane, the both of them heading to the central point of the mysterious events, the island of Odo, Steve Martin opened a book on Japanese mythology.

In it he read:
Gojira, dragon of darkness: 

In the time of the Gods, the most powerful and evil of all the Gods, Amatsu Mikaboshi sought to leave an heir, such that the most ancient of all the Gods should interact with men. The Mikaboshi took an oni woman and lay with her, and in a few months the Oni brought forth what became known as little whale-ape. The whale-ape grew rapidly, and the Mikaboshi's heritage meant it became in truth a dark dragon. Tall, on two legs, with three heads and two wings, Gojira terrorized the Yamato of Odo Island. 

Then one day, a woman arrived. Quiet and meek she lay on the beach, awaiting the arrival of Gojira, then to reveal herself as Amaterasu Omikami. From her powers Mikaboshi's dragon became instead the great servant of Susano, who rides Gojira through the typhoons.

Steve Martin yawned and fell into a nap.

That evening, as Kyohei Yamane and his daughter found lodging for the three of them, Martin and Yamane watched a ritual designed to conciliate the spirit of Gojira. Masked men moved with whistles in a specific dance, drums beating in a ceaseless beat. It was a powerful ritual and the fishers in their junks came in. The crowd was silent, ominously so. Two of the women started wailing, and then more. Yamane asked and he told Martin "another of these junks has not returned."

Unknown to either of them, that junk had encountered the wreck of another ship, and the smell of them both drew through the waves a gigantic leviathan.


The next day, as Martin and Yamane remained inside during a deep rainstorm, Martin learned of the continually unfolding disaster affecting the 24th division. Muttering uncomplimentary words about MacArthur's personal habits he had no direct knowledge of, the two heard a set of thunder. No, thunder was not it. Too regular. Like.....footsteps? A scream greeted them, a woman who had looked outside had screamed again as the thunder continued.

Martin and Yamane also looked outside their hut and both men's jaws dropped. Moving into the mountainous terrain south of the village was a massive bipedal reptile. 80 meters tall, with jagged bones protruding from its backs, Martin and Yamane quickly ducked back into their huts and examined closely the beer and sake each had brought with him. The next morning, Martin took a geiger counter out, having heard that the leviathan carried with it tremendous radiation. On the outskirts of what both men realized were enormous footprints, Yamane pointed to a creature that an islander reached toward. Yamane swatted the islander's hand and said "No! Too much radiation. This species of horseshoe crab resembles the ones of the Cretaceous. Mr. Martin, the legends of Gojira certainly are not what I believe, but you tell me: how do we explain this?"


Yamane and Emiko were the day after moving up a hill with Martin, accompanied by skeptical US Marines. The islanders moved hesitantly, too, continually muttering "Gojira" over and over. The odd thunder on a clear day had moderated that skepticism, that and the footprints themselves, as well as the tremendous radiation in them. Then over a hill appeared a massive body, a chest and arms containing tremendous power. The head seemed dinosaurian and feline both,

From it emanated a deep antediluvian roar, and the creature sniffed the air. Sensing none of his kind, the monster began to move to the sea where it spotted Marine transports. Another flash of Lagos in Gojira's memory and the monster's blue-white flame sliced into two parts diagonally the Marine transports, which began to sink as it returned to the waves. A platoon of marines detailed to watch the beach had seen from the mountains walk forth a living reptilian mountain, tremendous legs moving with a ponderous sequential thunder, a gigantic tail dragging behind it, massive bones protruding from a back that had a body that was all muscle. The head connected to a massive neck, dinosaurian and feline both. Blinking eyes beneath the massive ridges and then the tremendous heat emanating from the spines, which in an awe-inspiring sight glowed a bright, brilliant blue and white. Most fantastically of all the monster's mouth produced a column of blue and white plasma-like flame that tore through their transports with a brilliant, wonderful glow. Then the creature stepped into the sea, eventually leaning across like a gigantic crocodile and sinking beneath the waters. When Martin and Yamane arrived in the afternoon the horrified marines on the beach only gibbered about "W-w-w-we s-s-s-aw a t-t-thing, a dragon-thing. What the fuck is that thing?" 

Martin and Yamane had no answers for them. Martin soon called the Dai Ichi with a very important message for SCAP.......

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Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein.


"Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster, and if ye gaze into the abyss it gazes also unto you." 

-Friedrich Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil.-

The USS Maddox, having arrived near Odo Island, sought to test to see what the cause of the recent disasters was. The sailors were excitedly speculating it was some Commie superweapon, like in the Dr. Mabuse or Bulldog Drummond series. The guns were fully loaded, and the sailors kept an eye out for whatever secrets lay beneath the waters of the sea. The Maddox, serene in its safety patrolled during the day. The day was sinking toward twilight when the sonar detected an odd blip. Larger than any whale or natural lifeform, the blip was steadily approaching. Klaxons hooted and the sailors on the USS Maddox went to general quarters. Searchlights moved through the waves but saw nothing.

Even as US ground troops were beginning the rout around Taejon at the hands of North Korea, US Navy forces awaited excitedly the first match of American ingenuity and Communist skill. Depth charges were sent into the sea, and the eruptions produced whooping above the sea.


Beneath the sea, Gojira had seen the hovering form that recalled to it that which had previously attacked it. Remembering that experience it had held back, and then been attacked again. Angry, Gojira ascended toward the ship, spines glowing with an eerie blue-white light. A glow began to grow in Gojira's maw as it remembered the kind of whirring engines from before, flashes of Lagos suddenly re-appearing.


Elation among the sailors was replaced by the now nearly-dark sky and sea being lit by the eerie blue-white light beneath them. The light seemed to conceal an impossibly huge form. Even the skipper gazed transfixed at this awesome sight, the bird before the dragon of the sea. The sea began to boil and the light grew brighter and then blue and white energy scythed through the ship. By an unfortunate circumstance for the USS Maddox the beam struck its ammunition supplies and the ship exploded with a vast thunder in the night. A few sailors in the light provided by the explosion and the flame reported in the sea that a colossal sea monster had caused the explosions and the blue energy. Some, having in boredom passed local legends around to entertain themselves called the sea beast Godzilla, a misunderstanding of the Odo Island word Gojira.

The incident startled the United States, whose fear of military humiliation had grown. US armies remained unable to repair the devastation wreaked by Kim Il Sung's hordes, and an entire destroyer was lost in Japanese waters with seven survivors, all of whom died in 72 hours from strange, severe burns. They also repeated the rumor of great sea monsters within the depths of the sea.....


Within the depths of the sea, Gojira caught another whale, a fin, and raised himself to the surface. Near the island of Iriomote another bloody meal was eaten and then in the wake of the USS Maddox disaster another strange gnawed-upon whale skeleton was found......


In the Dai Ichi MacArthur, beneath his iron reserve was suddenly starting to wonder if the legends of Gojira might not have some truth to them. Asking if a CIA agent was available, it turned out that one was. Having wound up in Tokyo after the de-mobilization of the OSS. Steven Martin had been accepted into the new CIA. He was staying with an unusual, charismatic palaeontologist known as Kyohei Yamane. It was suggested that Martin and Yamane head to Odo Island, as MacArthur had a strange feeling that if there was any truth to the legend then this Godzilla was no dragon, but perhaps something more antediluvian......

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There go the ships: there is that leviathan, whom thou hast made to play therein.

Psalm 104:26

The USS Catfish moved beneath the waters. It was on a voyage to do a reconnaissance with the US Seventh Fleet.

"Skipper", came the voice of the man at the sonar screen, "Skipper, you are never going to believe this bullshit I see on this screen here."

"What is it?" 

"It" turned out to be a steadily approaching blip on the screen, "larger by far than a submarine, and it's coming much faster than anything I've ever seen."

The CO of the Catfish raised an eyebrow.

"I'll be damned if I know what that is. It certainly doesn't sound friendly. Fire a warning shot across 'er bow."

Gojira moved beneath the waters, puzzled at the vast and sleek lines of the thing he sensed was there. He wondered if it was the others of his kind. Then a whoosh and his chest encountered a sudden pressure. No pain, but pressure. Gojira was now angry, and he moved far faster toward the sleek thing that moved in the waters.

"Evasive maneuvers, now, now goddamnit, NOW!" but it was too late. The monster's claws gripped the submarine and Godzilla began to ascend above the depths of the sea, pausing only to adjust to the light and decreasing gravity of the higher depths. 100 miles south of Odo Island the crew of the USS Catfish were conscious of breaking the waters, propelled by the demonic power that had suddenly gripped the submarine. Then they were being driven along the surface near Faro Island, a seldom-visited and remote land at the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago.

Now in the air, and the skipper and a few others who had managed to cling to the ladders near the hatch opened it. They saw massive black scaled hands, the scales forming rows of deep creases, connected to short, powerful arms, the arms connected to a massive barrel chest, the chest to a head oddly dinosaurian and feline at the same time. A tremendous, thunderous booming roar split the afternoon, from fangs of tremendous size, and a bright energy gathered at the back of Gojira's throat. A desperate "Mayday! Mayday! We're all about to die, we're somewhere near Japan, mayday!" was interrupted in mid-sentence when blue-white energy tore from that throat, slicing the submarine in two, melting it in the process. The heat triggered the submarines and ammunition for the guns to blow up, and this displeased equally Gojira, who sent further blasts, six all-told, to ensure the wretched punching and light would not come again. Another round of explosions triggered by this triggered in turn three more blasts and then Godzilla dispassionately sunk beneath the waves.

Once more MacArthur received a frantic phone call in the wee small hours of the morning, now from the leader of the Seventh Fleet. At this time, with Walton Walker in charge of salvaging the disaster for US arms unfolding in Korea, the string of naval disasters was not heartening. In addition to the submarine there were reports of strange whale corpses across Pacific Islands, entire skeletons with what were quite obviously bite marks deep set in, several trawlers, one ROC destroyer, and now a US submarine destroyed. A few reports attributed it to the mythological Leviathan.

Douglas MacArthur, man of destiny, was convinced that like with the Hound of the Baskervilles there must be a perfectly rational and logical reason for all this.......

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faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides: above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,

-The Kraken, by Alfred Lloyd Tennyson-

Beneath the waves a sperm whale moved in a panicked confusion. Something vast and ominous was chasing it through the waters. The whale's panicked flight was not enough and claws tore its tail to ribbons. Its ability to propel itself stopped cold, the whale was lifted from the depths of the sea, pushed near the coast of a distant island in the south of the Japanese Archipelago. This was Odo Island. The island had an unusual mythology. The focus of its worship was a vast sea god called Gojira, whose traits as a dragon beneath the waters had caused some creationists in the United States to falsely identify it with the Biblical Leviathan. The Biblical Leviathan with seven heads was unlike the rather alien and cosmic-horror esque nature of the God, identified with Susano, God of the Storms.

Near the shore of Odo Island a modern leviathan, its vast and wrinkled, blackened skin contrasting with the also-vast and jagged white bones enjoyed a bloody meal. The skeleton of the whale dropped on the shore of Odo Island, and it was a young man who was awake earlier in the morning that saw the vast bulk begin to swim out to the depths of the sea.


In the chemistry Department of Tokyo University, Daisuke Serizawa stared at a formula written during a fever-dream. The formula, if he understood right, offered a chemical with the corrosive power of CF3, but one that could be stored without risk to the user. He, in a seeming trace of the fever-dream began to work to create the formula, to make it possible. A long, sleepless 48 hours followed. A small packet of the energy within a container was made. Wearing goggles and using a pair of pliers to place the packet in a group of goldfish he had gotten from his contact in the CIA, Mr. Steven Martin, now all dead, he watched.

To his shock and horror the fish turned to bone, and after a quarter of an hour their small skeletons dissolved without trace. Serizawa made a quiet vow. Never would he permit such a life-destroying horror to be used, unless an equally life-destroying threat emerged that justified this.
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"...they writhed
gasping as Scylla swung them up her cliff and there
at her cavern's mouth she bolted them down raw—
screaming out, flinging their arms toward me,
lost in that mortal struggle."

The crew of the Republic of China navy ship returning to Formosa felt quite confident. Their defeat at the hands of Mao's unwashed guerrilla army was simply temporary. The destroyer moving the troops from their guerrilla raid on territory held by the Communists were quietly confident also with US President Truman having authorized all naval and aerial aid possible to be given to Syngman Rhee that the ultimate liberation of the mainland itself could not be long delayed. They remained confident thus as a gigantic black mountain moved through the waters with the speed and skill of a crocodile. The destroyer itself, a decomissioned Imperial Japanese Navy ship did not consider the prospect that beneath the waters were no longer the familiar great sharks and whales but other, more dangerous threats.

The destroyer's crewmen, upon hearing worries about an approaching sub suddenly went to general quarters. Depth charges were thrown into the sea. Beneath them, the approaching Leviathan suddenly felt a sharp thump on the back of its neck. Gojira felt another and then grew displeased. The thumps did not hurt but they produced an intolerable sensation, a sharp crack that Gojira desired not. With a sudden speed that belied the vast bulk of the leviathan it began to ascend above the depths of the sea, the light growing sharper and sharper.

The ROC Navy ship was dumbstruck as the waters boiled and gigantic maple leaf spines rose, white as bone and covered in a wrinkled black flesh. The flesh itself was impossibly huge, bulky, stocky. Five fingers, all with long claws. A dinosaurian head that was vaguely-cat like and covered with a strange kind of sloping inward brow. The guns of the destroyer opened fire on Gojira who felt for the first time the weight of firepower of the World War II armies anew. A distant memory of Lagos formed and Gojira's mouth opened. His spines crackled with a blue-white energy that surged forth and in a sudden strike cut the destroyer in two. Twin thunderous explosions lit the night sky and in a clear night illuminated by stars and the Moon the fanged mouth of Godzilla opened in the same thunder-clap roar, the echoing sound of reality as it was henceforth never the same again.....

In the Dai Ichi Douglas MacArthur was awoken with a strange, frantic phone call from Taipei in the wee small hours of 28 June............
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Below the thunders of the upper deep;
  Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,
  His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
  The Kraken sleepeth:
-The Kraken, by Alfred, Lloyd Tennyson.
In the middle of the 20th Century few had perceived that reality had for the barest of moments bent. This bend had occurred in faraway Melanesia, a place few save the inhabitants could find on the map. Five years ago the great and terrible war of Axis and Allies had ended with the triumph of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now but two superpowers bestrode the world like a colossus, each glaring warily and frighteningly at its rival. East was East, West was West, the twain had met in the thrashing corpse of an empire built by the self-proclaimed Master Race. Then Eastern Europe became steadily Soviet. Greece, Turkey, Berlin, all flashpoints. The forces of Mao Tse-Tung had triumphed over those of Chiang Kai-Shek, and the Soviets now had also the Bomb. The world was increasingly tense, the specter of mighty cities vanishing in a mushroom cloud was yet to be.

But a harsh peninsula, baking in summer and frozen in winter, divided between victorious allies now enemies was not where people expected crisis to begin. This realm, divided between two brutal and bloodthirsty nationalist dictators had already seen clashes between the two as North Korea amassed power to conquer the South. As the Korean People's Army struck on 25 June, a fishing trawler near Kiribati, crewed by a mostly-Japanese crew named Yamato Takeru trawled the depths. The crew were all Imperial Japanese Navy veterans, and had been employed for various odds and ends.

The net then seemed to catch, and the Yamato Takeru was suddenly pulled along at a great, unprecedented speed. The crew-men made fervent prayers and curses as they tried to slow the seemingly-youkai haunted ship. People on the Tuvalu archipelago gazed with curiosity at the behavior of the trawler, which continued thus for the few hours of twilight left to head south, toward the Barrier Reef. The Sun dipped low in the sky and the ship began to rock and turn. The UN condemned North Korea's invasion of the South and the USA vowed to commit forces for freedom as a sudden set of blue-white flame gouged through the Yamato Takeru which after the first hour of the mishap had sent a consistent set of Mayday! Mayday! Our steering has suffered a major malfunction. Request all assistance be provided! The flame rapidly caused the now divided in three parts and burning ship to sink and the few surviving crew-men saw a sudden and impossibly vast reptilian bulk with maple-leaf spines, black as night and larger than any creature of past or present start to sink through the waters.

The crew-men of Yamato Takeru, clinging to a mixture of splinters would wash ashore on Tuvalu on 26 June. By then representatives of the company that owned the Yamato Takeru were staring in blank disbelief at the mixture of strange messages and the abrupt cut-off to the last one. Then came reports on Tuvalu of a sequence of massive fish kills, fish supremely, impossibly radioactive. The crew-men who survived had suffered horrible, strange burns like and yet unlike those seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and most impossibly were as radioactive as the fish.......


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