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So much death today its anniversary remembered is never oversoon.

Today, June 22nd, 1941 3 million Axis armies consisting of Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Italians, and Finns all invaded the Soviet Union to fight an equal number of Soviet troops, 3 million, caught right in the middle of a military overhaul. World War II, already begun in Asia and restarted with a vengeance in Africa now erupted into the largest war ever. The confrontation of Fascism with Soviet Communism led ultimately to both how and why World War II lasted as long as it did and took the form it did. Hitler attacks in the mid-1930s and the Soviets destroy him with what was both the most technologically and tactically advanced army with the best resources of the day. He attacked in 1942 the new improved Soviet Army would have blunted his offensive and then thrown him back far earlier, with a fraction of the death toll and devastation that greeted the OTL USSR.

Instead June 22nd 1941 was the right combination of hitting a stronger enemy at its weakest and due to so many cries of wolf beforehand also strategic surprise at that very moment.

Three years later, another World War II June 22nd, a newer, retooled Soviet Army was at war against the Germans. The Germans remained to the dying days of the war the horde obsessed with elan and cran and eschewing the mass-production processes that both US free enterprise and also Soviet central planning both became superior to the Nazi model in their own ways. The Germans now lacked mobility, significant depth in reserve after the expensive victories and catastrophic defeats of 1941-1943 and were facing a highly motorized Soviet military that was for the first time able to combine all aspects of war into a revival of pre-war Deep Penetration Doctrine.

And then the Soviet juggernaut slammed into Army Group Center, saved from this fate in an irony of ironies in December 1941 only by previous Soviet offensives being over-ambitious and under-commanded and German military power was destroyed. The war from then on out was the combination of the Allies, the USSR, UK, and USA to crush the Germans in a giant nutcracker move.

Remember, remember the 22nd of June, so much death today its anniversary is never oversoon.

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When I was still in high school and didn't have much else to do in my senior year, I checked a copy of Mein Kampf out and read it. First, even allowing for translation, the original language must have been the German version of Engrish. Taking it from Adolf Hitler's mastery of German, one would not have expected this to be the magnum opus of the leader of a large First-World country, one would have seen it instead as the type of literature one encounters among the various extremist movements today, overlong, meandering in a lot of points, and with a lot of grotesque metaphors even for the time (and not surprisingly der Fuhrer was a big porn connoisseur).

The idea seemed like a mirror version of What Is To Be Done, namely a view of the group to be killed in bloody red slaughter (pun half-intended) as various peoples Hitler didn't like, as opposed to parasitical imperialistic big business. The idea of the Ubermensch was to create by means of pre-Watson and Crick science a group of people who would be superior and establish a New Fascist Man. This, naturally, in the vein of Manifest Destiny, meant that the inferior Slavs would fade away and a German state would expand on a house of Slavic corpses. Oh, and let's not forget that in Hitlerland the Jews are all-powerful people out of a Dan Brown novel as opposed to the traditional whipping boy of Eurochristian culture. Half the book is his autobiography, in which he comes across as a self-adulating large ham like his predecessor the Kaiser (who said when told he had a small cold "No, no, it must be a big cold. Everything about me must be big.') , and a ham who hated the society he was born in but also hated Vienna, his one experience with big cities. The second half was this large-scale vision of his version of the Nazi Party, which didn't become final until the Night of the Long Knives. Even taking into account that for a few years Hitler ran a fairly large European Empire, I would rank this book and its author as a 3.5 on a 10-point scale.

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If the Nazis and the Soviets had been dictatorships with non-white victims, nobody would have really given a crap here in the Anglosphere. It's only because their victims were white that anything negative is said about them at all. It's why you never hear of Imperial Japan and what it did, or Mao's evils, or Pol Pot and the most evil dictatorship in all of history, or Idi Amin Dada or Bokassa or any such non-whites who did horrifically evil and barbaric acts.

But because the Nazis and Soviets treated white men as white men were accustomed to treating non-whites, Anglosphere media cryeth "Oh, how totally dreadful and horrible!" "Pol Pot who?"


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These guys:

and these guys:


are often forgotten when the World War II fascist movements are considered.

Now, Nazis were evil bastards, yes. But these guys gave the hardened SS forces nightmares. Now remember, this is the SS the kind of people who delighted in blowing people's brains out from behind. Who would herd Jews into gas chambers and rip their fillings out of their mouths. Who made massacre a hobby.

And these gave them nightmares.

These are the Fascist Khmer Rouges, and they're often forgotten. And this is my first of the Forgotten Evils series.
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Three questions that need answering.

First: Is economic inequality a civil rights issue? Not so long ago, a scandal broke where minors were being incarcerated to boost the profits of privately-owned for-profit prisons. The children imprisoned were disproportinately poor and this was true regardless of race. The civil rights leaders were nowhere to be found in that situation, despite the fact that economic inequality is pernicious and not limited to racial boundaries. This, also, despite the fact that economic inequality drives the Fundamentalist movements worldwide, as reactions against it. Why is the Jena Six incident considered civil rights but children who are poor who are imprisoned for greedy evil bastards to make profits off of that somehow not?

Second: Why is it that genocide is an evil thing to do but cultural genocides and ethnocides are acceptable government policies in the developed world? The idea that there are nation-states is a pretty fiction, but no more and no less. Spain has the Basques, the Catalans, and the Castilians and the Galicians. France has the Basques and Catalans and Gascons and Bretons and Italians and Alsatians. The US has my old saw, the Indian peoples, whom we attempted to destroy their cultures thereof. Now....given that eliminating entire peoples because we don't like their cultures is wrong (as in the Shoah and the Killing Fields), why is eliminating the cultures themselves somehow not wrong?

Third (and finally): Why have there been pages and pages on the crimes of one Adolf Hitler of Branau Am Inn and virtually nothing on the crimes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, at least in English-language media? I can name seven Holocaust scholarship books off the top of my head. I can only name one that dealt with the Soviet slave labor camp system, virtually none that touch on Soviet behavior in Eastern Europe and on Soviet ethnic cleansing, and damned fewer yet that will touch the nature of Soviet scientific evils, including a plan to shape a "New Soviet Man." Since Hitler's Master Race was almost cartoonishly evil, how again, is the Soviet Union's history of atrocities and evils done in the name of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," somehow not? Why the volumes on the Holocaust and the slaughters in Russia, but not even a box's worth of equal social history on the Gulag and Soviet ethnic cleansing?
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This fellow.... )

Who led a group of about 25 people at max against thousands of Nazis. Never let it be said that the Hitler regime had much in the way of brains.

Yakov Pavlov wins this month's badass of the month award.

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I've been wanting to write a novel about the Eastern Front, and another Nazi-related alternate history novel. The first novel is set about the time of Operation Bagration and concerns the mammoth Soviet offensive of that time and ends with the discovery of the concentration camps. The kicker is that one of the Soviet commissars that discovers it (a fictional commissar) participates in the Katyn massacre in the prologue. That novel is intended as delving into the evil men do and as a comparison of the two most loathsome regimes in European history. It would also cover both the Wehrmacht and the Red Army's participation in WWII atrocities.

The other novel concerns Hitler v. Bin Laden. Yes, you read that right. Islam is by nature an egalitarian religion, while the Fuhrerprinzip of the Nazis is basically a contradiction to that in a pure form that it wasn't to Christianity. While Christianity wouldn't be capable of effective resistance against Nazism, Islam rather lacks the current Christian willingness to take a stand for what's right. The plot concerns the National Socialists against an Islamist terror movement and is both an allegory of the War on Terror and an exploration of what evil is, and how to define darkness and whether or not ideologies can truly be called evil in the end.

Any comments on the potential shitstorms or otherwise that both novels could create?


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