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Czechoslovakia, 1938: 

For Conrad Henlein the day would always be one he'd remember. He was driving together with a few of his cohorts to meet with people to set up another of the rallies the Fuhrer had set up for the sake of stirring up the Sudeten issue. There had been rumors that Le Colorado, a man froom the First World War who'd been stated to be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap both tall buildings and a massive artillery barrage in a single bound was now slumming here as an expatriate. The Fuhrer and interestingly some new advisor of his named the Ultra-Humanite, of all improbable names, in charge of what was evidently the very appropriately-named Todt Program, had warned him to avoid Le Colorado. But unfortunately for Henlein his driver made a wrong turn on the road.

Right in front of them was a man, evidently a very powerful, well-built man who was by all indications a lead-in for a boxer. His shirt was blue, with a yellow Pentagon on it, the Pentagon having in it a symbol, which he later learned was an atomic symbol. His pants were also blue, his shoes were red. This man was calmly standing in front of the car even as Henlein shouted: 

Du Dummkopf Schweinhunde! and a few other words about the personal habits of the man he was unlikely to have knowledge of. As the car came closer an incredible thing happened that marked the official dawn, unknown to all humankind, of a future when Gods strode the Earth and walked like men and higher spheres began to interact with mundane humanity. The man suddenly braced himself, grabbed the car, and lifted it clear in the air, before slamming it into the ground and dislodging both Henlein and his three compatriots, before then throwing the car a long distance in what seemed an effortless gesture. Bending down next to Henlein, he heard an English-speaker's voice, evidently American, say: 

Supermen, huh? You don't look so super to me.

It was then that Henlein saw something that made him blink his eyes as though he were insane. The man in question literally leaped into the air far and high, and it seemed at the height of the leap's parabola that he was almost flying........


Hugo Danner continued to leap until he'd leapt straight through a confused Reich that had no idea how to react to a human doing just this. His leaps had brought him into a France that actually, to his surprise, instead of hating and fearing him hailed the return of Le Colorado. The last time the First World War had ended before he could bring justice to the world. This time, he vowed, after a madman was rising and vowing to do this all over again he'd show these so-called Supermen in Germany and the Man of Steel in Russia what true power was. For in Danner's view power was not found in legions of armored troops, be they the new, upgraded tanks or in the eerie, pseudo-medieval knight-like garb that was rumored to be appearing in the Soviet Union, of all places.

No, power was in having the might of a being who could bring justice to the needy, and it was time that a true Superman was born.......

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As Raven, daughter of Trigon looked up at her father, the Titans looked in turn at the same creature. He snarled and then raised his staff and swung at his daughter and as he struck Raven simply formed a massive shield of energy that resulted in the staff striking a glancing blow and sliding away from its intended targets. Trigon snarled in a bestial fashion and the Mainyu turned to Titans Tower, which he then smashed in several stories and windows in order to form for himself a throne. Smiling in pleasure, the Mainyu then turned his gaze northward. Already the Green Lantern Corps had arrived. He raised his staff in a lazy fashion and then barked in the tongue of Pandaemonium a powerful phrase that created a magical network of interlocking defenses that warded Earth away. He smiled next as a Boom-Tube opened and disgorged Uxas of Apokilips.

Darkseid, what pleasure to see you again, old friend.

The New God snarled in displeasure and contempt and said: 

This is my planet, my conquest. Do not displease me by retaining it.

Trigon then fired a bolt from his staff that transformed Darkseid into a glass sculpture and then hurled the stone visage of Batman at Darkseid, shattering Darkseid with the impact and Batman with the impact of his landing.

As he smiled, he then turned to see the Titans forming plans against him.

His voice boomed: 

War against an Antigod is futile by the definition of it. I wage and win wars with Gods made manifest, and their armies' corpses form the architecture of buildings and the pavement of streets in Pandaemonium. How then is it that you, mere teenagers, a green child who becomes animals, an alien slave of another dimension betrayed and haunted by her own kin, a man mutated and deformed by exposure to the Darkness, and a boy who dresses like a bird whose mentor served a great purpose in ending Darkseid, consider yourselves worthy of my enmity? My daughter the Kin-Betrayer is worth more than the rest of you, and even if you unite against me, so what is that to me? My little finger has more potential to harm me than all of you together.

Raven, however, simply continued to look at him, before preparing a sudden set of balls of black and white energy that began to rise and circle around Trigon's body.

She told her father:

You talk too much.

As the energy exploded into him, Trigon howled in pain but before he could move against his daughter she'd already teleported the Titans away. Of all the heroes left, there were but two more to join them: a Themysciran named Donna and a young man whom the Titans had already met: the new Flash, Wally West.

Then they looked to Raven, who said: 

I have gathered you here together for a simple reason: the Earth has fallen into the darkness and the dark embrace of Hell. We are here to take it back. Our success is pre-ordained by fate.

As Wally said: 

"Don't I-"

Raven looked at him:

No, Wallace. I am not the creature you beheld before in my visage. I am the true daughter of Trigon, raised in Azarath to love peace and to scorn war. Well, scorn war as one will it has come upon us all the same.

As the Titans began to discuss plans, the Green Lantern Corps above was joined by the Parademons of Apokilips and the arrival of Orion and the armies of New Genesis. Upon sensing the last the wards suddenly crackled in a pulse of glowing energy that scattered and divided the enemies of Trigon as the Demon sat upon the Tower, smirking and seemingly having not even lifted a muscle. He then sensed the arrival of Mogo into Earth's Orbit. Now would be when things would start getting interesting........

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cut because just like the actual arc this is not a pleasant storyline )


A recap for those who missed the earlier arcs: In this storyline Raven didn't want to go along with being the Cosmic Horror version of a suicide bomber. So her father ordered the Shadow-woman to kill her and substitute for her. Shadow-woman did so expecting to get out of the deal with Hell. After ten years of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, the Titans rescued her, and now for the first time the Titans, the real ones, are all together to fight none other than Trigon the Terrible, aka Satan, aka Angra Mainyu.

So essentially because the Cartoon universe was put through a Bait and Switch the Cartoon universe is starting off with the first arc of the comics where the Titans have to improvise together a means to defeat the monster Trigon, but due to escalated story difficulty, they're doing so against gigantic Terror of Trigon Trigon, not the initially human-sized egomanical dick from the first Wolfman/Perez storylines.

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In the wake of the discovery of aliens from another world, humankind had unknown to it begun to cross into realms of the Fantastic. Among the earliest of the crossovers into the mystery and wonder of another world was the discovery of the so-called Helm of Nabu. Said to be the helmet of a God, it was in reality a lost weapon of a strange and otherworldly place. Shaped in the form of a vast winged dragon with two heads in its natural form, and like the classical Helmet of a soldier in a Greek Phalanx when its power in combat was activated, the weapon was discovered by an archaeologist named Kent Nelson. The Helm was one that granted immense power, the kind of mystic power that seemed connected to not one universe, but many. Unknown to the humans that discovered it, the Helm, a discarded prototype of the Dragon-Helm of Azarath also granted with it the power of a Sorceror Supreme, a man who would defend and guard the world from the growing menace of darkest creatures, the embodiments of fell mystic energy around and over the world.

Commanding the great and terrible energy that is that of Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson becomes one of the first and most unusual of the Mystery Men of the 1930s, and an indispensable ally of the group that would become known as the Justice Society, who would gather to resist a great and terrible menace whose power reaches ever closer to Earth. When the power of a Dark Side becomes known to Earth, the might of the great Azar of Azarath, wielded by humans of great will and understanding of the power of the Occult, shall become not Earth's menace but its ally........

Yet as the power of the Helm of Nabu grows, a strange demonic entity of times past is called to Earth. When Klarion and Morgana Le Fay emerge from the shadows of myth into reality, the great power of the master of the mystic arts shall go to war against an enemy the likes of which none before him have confronted. For the appearance of Witches and Goblins and Ghouls shall no longer be in story and song, but in all too present, chittering, drooling, teeth-gnashing fashion...........
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Themyscira, the Forgotten Land, is the most unique country in the world. Alone among the states and societies of the 20th Century it is proudly, militantly, brutally pagan. A land it is rumored where no man is allowed, and where an all-powerful society of immortals live in a hermit kingdom guarded by sharks of antediluvian proportions. It, uniquely also, is a land that lives up to the legend, for it is a society of immortals such as some modern theorists rumored spawned the Gods of Myth. Yet in reality Themyscira is a product of those same Gods, an oasis of wisdom and the Old Ways in the zealous atheism and fanatical religions of the interwar era.

Themyscira, moreover, is a land deeply troubled. In 1908, on 30 June, a strange object fell from the sky and impacted with a power unlike any other, releasing an explosion larger than most atomic bombs. Due to other events the government of the House of Romanov was unable to send scientists there, though the blast zone would serve in the Soviet era as the core of Project METALLO. The object that had fallen was a single golden ring. Unmarked, showing no sign of its origin, the ring was brought to the otherworldly state of Themyscira, when the God Mercury appeared to the party that had met Queen Hippolyta on the shores. As it turned out Hermes warned them to conceal the Ring, not to challenge its Lord, as the master of the Rings would never permit challenges or theft of its objects, the best Themyscira could hope for was to conceal it deep within the volcanic pits of Mount Hephaestus.

But the Amazons, by nature a warrior people, disregarded this warning and so began to construct from clay and powerful magics a great guardian of Themyscira and ultimately of Earth itself: an immortal who would emblazon the protection of Gods on Earth for all the world. This woman, known in later years as Diana, was to become known by still another, more famous nome d'guerre: Wonder Woman, a woman into whom the strength of the Hecatonchires, the aggression and intelligence of Ares and Athena, the invulnerability of Achilles, and the concentrated wisdom, power, and majesty of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Hades were all concentrated.

Yet the master of the Ring has become aware both that its Ring was captured and that its captors wish to fight it. Thus as Solomon Grundy, empowered by the Ringmaker, begins to grind his way into the realm of the Gods, so is it that the world stands poised on the brink of entering a new and all too unfamiliar realm, for darker motivations are being drawn to Earth from awareness and fear that the attention of the one will deprive the opportunities of the already-existing proxies of the other...........so do the Amazonians prepare for Grundy one of the first grand battles waged by the children of Earth against the far-flung masters of the stars and infinite universes.

But it is then that rumors come of a still stranger enemy, one whose power makes him potentially the greatest of all champions of Earth, drawn like Grundy to Themyscira, unlike Amazonia aware far more of the power of the Ringmaker. When J'onn J'onnzz and the Wonder Woman face Solomon Grundy and with him the Green Lantern, things set in place long ago shall begin to unfold, and the first gathering of a Society shall loom in the future......
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As the world, so soon after the devastating bloodbath of WWI, starts to careen into the darkness of a new great war, there are other alien discoveries yet to be known. Of these the first and the most devastating in its power, outmatching anything else bar Jay Garrick's first experiments into the otherworldly dimension known as the Speed Force, is the thing known as the Green Lantern Ring. Discovered when it fell through a rip in space-time from the eerie planet of Oa by a man named Alan Scott, the Ring is able to do anything it wants, limited only by the willpower of its wielder. And Alan Scott, a devout follower of of his own moral code, is just such a man to wield the weapon.

Yet against a man who can do anything, it is only suited that his most dangerous nemesis should be the iron and implacable zombie known as Solomon Grundy. Unknown to the inhabitants of a world still yet from plumbing the true depths of the Fantastic, Grundy is the first contact with a new and terrible world, the brilliant and sordid otherworldly realm of Shutak, the Azar-ath. Grundy, a man who died and wound up in a brilliant world of ivory and gold, with streets of brilliant blue crystal, a world where he encountered a figure in a blue robe, hood, and cloak. From this died a man whose true name was henceforth forgotten. Awakening the next Monday, a full moon, Grundy's first memory was his favorite nursery rhyme, Solomon Grundy born on a Monday, and hence he was born anew. Grundy is now immensely taller than most men, immensely more muscular (though in his case it's more overlain with a layer of fat that gives Grundy a deceptively soft look), and his strength grows the greater the angrier he gets, as anger enables Grundy to tap into the otherworldly realm of Azarath, yet as Grundy is undead, injuries that would annihilate anything less are shrugged off without the least concern. Grundy, moreover, through his contacts with the Otherworldly Realm seeks an object whose nature is almost obscure save to the malevolent Dr. Mabuse, a simple golden Ring that fell with the Oan ring through the portal, and if Grundy should find the Ring then even the willpower of the Puny Green Man will be as nothing to him.

Grundy has only one not-so-minor issue to face with securing the Ring of Azar.......it is located in the alien and militantly pagan Kingdom of Themyscira, whose magitek civilization, fearing that the monster in the realm of Ivory and Gold will want its Ring back is constructing its own golem, empowered with the will of all the Greek Gods, to represent Themyscira itself and ultimately the power and might of women as a whole, reflecting the alien nature of Themyscira, an island without men rumored to be the long-lost Land of the Immortals.......

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In some occasions of the Omniverse, processes at a multiversal level produce cosmic results in their aftershocks. One such aftershock came in the year 1900, on the eighth month. The scientist Abenego Danner discovered one of the most frightening things of his life one day when a strange flash of light disgorged an armored creature with deep, almost blackish, grey and mottled orange skin and yellow eyes. The creature's helmet was damaged, and when it removed it, it died of exposure to Earth's atmosphere. Danner's Metal Man became the source of a sequence of experiments which produced impossible feats in animals such as a tadpole that broke its glass cage, and a tabby cat that acted with the proportionate strength and power of a lion.

Danner, unknown to him, had in the process of putting down the cat gotten its blood splashed on him, producing a most minor change, at least at first. Then, that night, when he was enjoying the marriage bed he produced the first of a new category of being, Hugo Danner. Danner has unusual abilities, he is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hugo grows up a great fan of the Barsoom tales, seeing himself as a parallel to John Carter, his favorite hero. Only to be admonished never to reveal his great secret. This Hugo obeys until he meets a pretty young supermodel, Sara Martin, who is attacked by the Ku Klux Klan in its heyday. Honor prevails over all and Hugo wades in, tossing the men with the greatest of ease, only for Sarah to flee in panic at the scene.

As the shadow of a new, impending World War draws nigh, Hugo, who becomes known as the "Immortal Man" due to his looking like a 19-year old in his forties decides to start championing the anti-totalitarian cause, attacking both Hitler and Stalin with impunity in more public speeches. But his life changes in June of 1938, when invited by a friend he met in the course of his speeches to crisis-influenced Czechoslovakia, he finds himself menaced by a car driven at a barreling headlong speed by Conrad Henlein, who could not stop his car due to disbelief at what he saw. But then Danner lifted the car over his head easy as a piece of cotton candy, suspending it as the wheels began to dig deep in the road, causing Henlein to fall out and placing the car down gently.

In shock and fear, he begins to leap at progressively higher heights until he reaches the US embassy in France. But unknown to Hugo Danner, there are other, less benevolent representatives of the New Man. For both Dr. Mabuse and Stalin's great thug, the Ultra-Humanite, called the "Physics Stakhanovite" notice this and begin to fear that a new age has dawned, when the Sons of God behold daughters of men, taking for themselves whomever they choose.....and the USA beat them to the punch. But with the dawn of Hugo Danner's time, along with it comes an age of both the darkest villainy and the starkest heroism.

An age when the impossible becomes the possible, the prospect of a man leaping a tall building in a single bound and halting a train coming at him with a hand is very much always there. It's an age of mighty ones upon the earth, ones before whom evil crouches and trembles. For all the sordid clashes of brutal cosmic evil and austere cosmic good that forms the framework of the cosmic Omniverse, any individual universe may be optimistic or cynical. Danner's, which goes from super-soldier to mystery men to ultimately the Justice Society and Justice League is optimistic. This particular DCU will have its bone-chilling horrors (and anything to do with Azarath or Raven qualifies) but it has real-for true optimistic heroism and the triumph of the spirit over adversity to counter it.


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