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Fort Pym, Antarctica:

The gathered members of the Architects of Fear, the 13 Scientists, beheld the conceptual work of the first potential experiment derived from the colossal star-dragon whose golden, unconscious body lay within the enclosement. The creature was strange, four-legged, tailed, like a strange quasi-therapsidian dog with a colossal blade on its head. While Geoffrey Masters was ecstatic over the potentials in Project Guillon, the defining nickname of that creature came when one of the other scientists, who really preferred his code-name, Demonicus, to his real one, looked and said "My God, it's Freudzilla." With that nickname, Freudzilla rivaled Guillon and the Japanese mistranslation Guiron as the name for what would be the first artificial Kaiju MONSTER ZERO would make. Now there only remained the not-so-minor issue of synthesizing the metal that would go into Freudzilla's huge, penetrating blade that would go deep into whatever it cut.

New York City, USA:


Jack Driscoll looked up in surprise to see the famous Carl Denham, now like he and a number of other people associated with the sci-fi industry having fallen on hard times.

"I have a proposition for you. What say we revive science fiction, and even give the USA some real protection against these giant monsters so nobody ever has to go through another Bering Incident like that again?"

Jack Driscoll laughed uproariously, pounding the table, even crying a little.

"No, seriously, Carl, what do you think we're doing with this?" 

Then he saw the famous map that would lead to a world changed in its concept of the fantastic. Two islands, one known as Lagos, but the other, near a region known for traditionally strange, bizarre patterns of fog and electronics screw-up. A picture of an island shaped like a skull, and a word that Denham had translated in a feathery scrawl with a question mark: KONG? Driscoll looked at Denham curiously: 

"Where did this map come from?" 

Internally Carl Denham grinned a shark's smile. The serpent had caught its bird.......

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
The waters off of Greenland began to boil and pulse with a strange, eerie energy. The energy was a curious bluish-white vaguely recalling Cerenkhov Radiation. With the destruction of the naval fleets from both superpowers, then the battle of Godzilla with Gamera off the coast of Wonsan, the planet held its breath wondering where the monster would appear next, and governments secretly held their breath with ever-increasing fear over the fate of the expedition to Lagos Island. Godzilla, however, had risen from the sea right at the coast of Greenland, and as Danes and Inuit fled in fear the monster's thunderous roar split the evening. For the UN Security Council members, especially both of the superpowers, this bolt from the blue seemed one of the great moments and great opportunities they were awaiting for.

After two hours' debate, as Godzilla stepped into Greenland and smashed its way through the village on the coast, Plan Z, the original intended strike by US Strategic Air Command and Soviet Air Force fighter-bombers had been approved. Strategic Air Command and its Soviet counterpart both scrambled, while the Canadian and Danish Air Forces were the first to seek to engage and hold the attention of the colossal atomic dragon that had now reached its furthest north in its wanderings known to human eyes. The Danes and Canadians soon were throwing their sabres at a creature whose sheer size awed them. The colossal dinosaurian beast roared at them, a sound that echoed like the voice of a dragon made manifest. The Sidewinders on the Danish Sabres soon were en route to the monster, exploding with fire and smoke against its hide. Godzilla, no longer intent on scaring off its enemies soon felt the familiar heat as its spines began to emit a bluish-white light. The monster's mouth began to form that bluish-white flame as a fireball and it angled its head, immune to the firepower that hurled against it and then shooting a massive sweeping bluish-white ray of power that struck all in its path, creating a sequence of massive, thunderous, echoing explosions. Two of the Danish planes fell, while the Canadian ones continued to release their firepower on Godzilla, Godzilla retaliating with no less than three firings of its beam. One struck one of the fighters, the other two narrowly missed one and blasted the wing off the other.

As the fire and smoke intermixed with the crackling sound of the beam and Godzilla's echoing roars overlapped with the roaring of the guns and crashes of missiles, the US Stratofortresses and their Soviet equivalents joined their contemporaries. They had been ordered to target a valley where Godzilla had arrived, dropping weight after weight of bombs on it. The explosions caught Godzilla's attention and the creature roared a new challenge to these unseen enemies who released fire and smoke and the rumbling of an avalanche. The bombers continued to bomb, and Godzilla's beam fired twice, attempting to strike his unseen enemies and only striking the last of the fighters still able to challenge the monster.

The result of the bombing held true to Plan Z, and Godzilla was progressively buried alive in ice. The monster, exhausted from the fight against Anguirus, Gamera, and the strange metal things that spat darts of fire, soon would fall into a slumber that would last years. The world sighed in peace. Godzilla, for the time being, was no more. The only Kaiju in immediate relevance was Gamera, and the thing had managed to evidently save the life of a child before Godzilla drove it off, so Gamera was by all indications friendly. The latest round of Kaiju attacks was perhaps the last........
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The island that Tskukioa and Kobayashi had seen Godzilla and Anguirus fighting over was now to find itself subject to a new variety of guests. These were men of both Blocs. Canadians, Pakistani, Czech, French, Polish, and South African. Their job was to discover at least some of the secrets on the island, and they had been sent via the first of a new type of weapon, one developed in the hopes of countering Kaiju into relying more on firepower and armor, at the expense of carrying capacity and mobility. Kaiju had forced by necessity improvement of air-to-air refueling capacity, though at the time of the arrival on the island it was primitive by comparison to what it would be. These stern men, all heavily armed, all veterans of the recent wars among humankind, had the best weaponry the times could offer, at least transportable on airplanes, the leader of the group the muscular Peter Daxton, his rival the young Piers van Arzen, both carrying Soviet-made AKs. The two shared a common hesitation, but since their arrival in the last 48 hours their rest and chances to relax were interrupted primarily by strange sounds like chirps and smaller-scale variant of Godzilla's roars, which some among the group attributed to their imagination.

cut for content )

Author's Note: Remember the nest at the end of Leviathan Rising? Well, it hatched.......

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
As Godzilla's beam dissipated with the monster's wrath temporarily, at least in its view, calmed, the light surrounding Gamera faded. Gamera itself, however, appeared unharmed, and if anything rather angered by the strange fire that had felt like the Bleed, a feeling that had aroused it to some anger. Gamera, calling upon the strange ability that had by itself altered the world's concepts of flight, soon began to form flashes beneath the ocean, flashes that led Godzilla to gaze with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. The flashes began to cause Gamera's own form to blur, as Gamera by willpower tilted itself slightly, to a point where it was to the surprise of the awed watchers on the shore seemingly aiming itself at Godzilla.

Gamera then rose into the air with a dramatic, thunderous sound of the impact of a colossal shell on charcoal-grey dinosaurian flesh. Godzilla barked in shock, only to be sent with a sudden crash onto its side, as Gamera, remaining in the air then released another stream of its yellowish flamethrower-like breath ray, a ray that caused the waters around Godzilla to boil in a different, steam-like fashion that produced screams among the watchers. Godzilla, however, reasserting its balance, rose by flipping itself upward, orienting its head forward and tail along the ground, then pushed itself upward with its arms and rose onto its two huge hind-limbs. Godzilla's own fires began to gather along his back and as Gamera began to descend, Godzilla then turned and smacked Gamera down with his tail, the impact sounding like thunder, slamming Gamera into part of the city of Wonsan, at which point Godzilla's head turned and released the beam, the beam striking Gamera and producing the same eerie glowing effect.

When the beam's energy again dissipated, Godzilla roared in triumph, and began to return to the sea. As the monster's foosteps slowly became muffled by the waters, behind it it sensed a vague heat and glowing energy, and it turned, releasing another bark of shock, as the monster Gamera, now a circling whirlwind of fire protruding from a shell struck right into Godzilla's side, once more knocking Godzilla over. Gamera, however, had had enough of the fight with the strange food whose fire, while nourishing in a sense, came with strength and power that rivaled its own. As Godzilla rose, in front of him stood the burning harbor of Wonson and the smell of the monster that had eluded him. In wrath Godzilla emerged from the sea into the harbor, roaring and then brushing aside with contemptuous ease the firepower thrown at it by the North Koreans, including not only propeller planes of 1950s and WWII vintage, but some of the most advanced Warsaw Pact technology of the time.

The resulting rampage lasted only three hours, but by the close of it there was not a stone or a building in Wonson left on top of another, the city was plagued with the atomic horrors that were gripping other cities worldwide, and the monstrous Kaiju that had inflicted the horror returned to the sea's calm embrace, contemptuously stepping on a few abandoned tanks without even noticing what it had stomped on. Godzilla turned back to the burning charnel house that was once Wonson and roared in wrath and frustration, returning now on the northward track it had originally headed to.

Wonson would never again be the same.
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With the news that a superpower joint battleship expedition's total and complete destruction at the hands of Godzilla percolating through the world, it was of no comfort to the regime of Kim Il Sung, left intact out of superstititon from the appearance of the first Godzilla in the midst of the war to learn that Godzilla was making a direct beeline for Wonsan. Even more disconcerting, a second blip the size of Godzilla seemed to be following the great colossus. Wonsan had dimmed all its lights, and the KPA was at that time directing a full-scale evacuation of the city's citizens, an evacuation still a fifth of the way complete when the waters in Osan Harbor began to boil. The figure that rose from it was dinosaurian, akin to a great colossal dragon of legend, with enormous maple-leaf spines forming a dense cluster of powerful objects across its back, the long charcoal-grey muzzle and the twin yellow and red eyes gazing with an expectant curiosity. Godzilla roared and then its head turned to the ground. A single, solitary child who'd lost his family in the chaos of the start of the investigation froze. The monster was gazing at Wonsan harbor and seemingly at him also.

As the child fell to the ground, screaming the strange bluish-white energy gathered around Godzilla's spines, forming the first phases of a fireball near the creature's mouth when the waters, again boiling, saw Godzilla pullled backwards and the beam fired into the sky, striking no target. Behind Godzilla arose another creature, the monster not seen since the destruction of Montevideo. An elephantine roar struck through the afternoon haze of a baking day on the Korean peninsula, as Godzilla turned and roared in turn a challenge.

The creature that rose was monstrous itself, seemingly a mutant turtle. Like a colossal alligator snapping turtle, standing bipedal, with the primary difference that the Bleed had made it a very wide creature, and added two fanged tusks on either side of the creature's mouth near its beak. Gamera roared again and then released a sudden gout of flame directly into Godzilla's face. Godzilla, eyes closed, was startled. A creature that breathed flame like itself, at equal size to itself.

The fire washed over Godzilla without so much as scorching Godzilla, and the creature then roared its own challenge again, before Godzillla released a bass rumbling counter-challenge, spines glowing, energy gathering, the creature's head turning in a stately fashion. The energies gathered, creating steam where water still remained on Godzilla's back and face, before Godzilla turned and fired a massive blue and white energy blast at the monster Gamera, whose body was briefly caught, glowing in a single bright impact.........


Author's Note: Yes, this is the Gamera that showed up at the end of Leviathan Rising.

halialkers: Godzilla as dinosaur, massive face, short arms, massive fangs (Lotan)
In the years since the appearance of the first Godzilla, which had ravaged cities all over the world unscathed, the USSR had taken a new tactic with regard to its national security. It had begun construction of battleships and battlecruisers, reasoning that such ships, being less expensive than aircraft carriers, would provide greater protection against things like Godzilla and Anguirus than other possibilities such as aircraft carriers. Indeed the appearance of Godzilla had been in a real sense the death knell of the carrier. As useless against the monster as land air was, sea air was moreso. Now, with the revival of battleships, the Soviet battleship Rokossovsky moved through the northern waters, a monster of steel and iron, its huge guns pointed, the crew in general quarters. Godzilla had been sighted, after its initial sighting by two Japanese pilots by both US and Soviet observers. The Soviet crew looked out on the horizon, where they beheld the USS Iowa and USS Missouri, as well as the Soviet battleships Malinovsky and Vasilevsky.

This joint superpower demonstration of military might awaited with baited breath the sighting of the monster confirmed by reconnaissance planes. The wait was not a long one. A large row of maple-leaf like spines appeared upon the horizons, a sinuous tail moving with propulsive power. The leviathan in all its charcoal majesty plowed through the waves, a juggernaut of unstoppable size and raw great power. Godzilla had surfaced because it sought to exploit the sunlight to rest. Instead it began to feel a sequence of thumps along its back. Not enough to hurt it, but the combination of thump and the sensation of flame was all too familiar. Godzilla then began to rise from the depth.

Admiral Cherepanov, commanding officer of the Rokossovsky gasped in wonder at the creature that rose from the depths, the leviathan whose vast frame and long muzzle parted the waters, releasing its thunderous, bass echoing trumpet of doom, the power of the incarnate Ocean of lore. The sea monster roared again as both US and Soviet ships kept up their firepower, then its spines began to glow an eerie bluish-white.

"Great God, what is that thing doing?" asked the US Admiral who, on the bridge of the Missouri could not help but feel awe at the primordial sea-dragon that withstood firepower sufficient to rupture the greatest of man's own power. The creature's mouth then began to form flame and it tilted its head. As recognition turned to horror and all the battleships sought to scatter and avoid the beam, Godzilla's mouth lurched forward and a terrifying beam of bluish-white light surged out, striking each of the battleships in unity. By a curious circumstance Godzilla struck each ship where each stored both ammunition and fuel, while the beam itself produced radioactive contamination akin to the center of a full-yield thermonuclear blast. Fire and smoke, the spreading mixture of oil and the vague seepings of blood began to cover the waters. The monster's trumpet of doom echoed with a rolling power and it began to submerge again.

With its descent would rise the fear of human hearts still higher, though minds of great decision and determination noted that Godzilla was headed for an island which was near-round covered in snow, filled with great mountains. A plan born of desperation and fear, the horror of the clash of titans in Shanghai, and the gruesome nightmare that befell the great ships of the superpowers began to take root, and one of the great sagas of humankind's war against the new colossi that seemed to multiply by the year would begin.......


Shanghai, China:

Carl Denham, who had come to Shanghai as part of a UN mission to bring relief to survivors of the ravaged city, found a book of legends that had confirmed something strange he had picked up from a veteran of the Pacific War. Unknown to Carl, this find, telling of the legend of the Kong, was to be the start of the defining moment of his life, a moment that would give him for the first time in all his life a true sense of purpose..........

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
Fort Pym, Antarctica:

The gathered dignatories of Project MONSTER ZERO assembled. They were thirteen in number. The oldest, and the founder of the group, was Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, inventor of the Oxygen Destroyer. The other eleven gathered, however, for anonymity preferred codenames. The first of these was an enigmatic and slightly demented man who called himself The Master via his code-name, and who sometimes ranted in his sleep of Gallifrey and something called a Tardis. He, of the thirteen, was assigned alone to Monster Zero, the giant golden dragon a joint United States/Soviet project had brought down from space. The other eleven, a gathering of elite and brilliant scientists, were there to hear Dr. Serizawa begin a speech whose lasting consequences would reverberate through all of human history: 

"As you know, gentlemen and lady, we have in the last month witnessed the horrifying results of a clash of titans not seen since the dawn of time. Another Godzilla appeared, and with it a strange and unknown creature that deliberately sought to eat anything in its path. We know also that Godzilla is heading north, into the Arctic Circle. For the first time since the appearance and ravages of the first Godzilla, the members of the United Nations Security Council have attributed to us a common mission: to in conjunction with the efforts of the militaries of all states, especially the superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union, seek to contain those daikaiju which we cannot eliminate.

We have established five projects, together under the umbrella term MONSTER ZERO. The first,, the original Monster Zero, shall be studied by Sir Geoffrey Masters. His task is to examine Monster Zero, and to see if it is possible to devise Kaiju in the form of deliberately prepared and planned weaponry.

The second, Monster One, is a colossal pterosaur of unknown origin. We were fortunate enough to entrap this creature and its mate, and to find eggs from it to study. This project shall seek to draw from Monster One, codenamed Rodan, what it is that can be drawn about creating creatures of the air.

The third, Monster Two, is a gigantic insect, currently code-named Mothra. This insect is attributed to be connected to legends of elven beings of a lost continent in the Pacific. We have captured currently an enormous blue splotched egg. The project here is to see if we can devise controllable monsters of an insectoid guise, or failing this kinds of poisons of a natural sort that will ward away the Daikaiju of the future from our cities.

The fourth, Monster Three, is an unusual creature of an indeterminate nature. It is the first currently identified lifeform to lack any recognizable DNA, and its building blocks seem composed of a matter whose origins we do not understand. It does, however, respond to religious exorcisms and the like which tame it. The object of this study is to identify the origins of the material of this monster, to see if the creature codenamed Varan can tell us anything of the origin of other Kaiju.

The last, Monster Four, is the most involved of all the projects, and it is to clone the monster Godzilla." 

All the scientists leaned forward as Dr. Serizawa distributed flyers and notes noting this.

"Monster Four shall begin with Project Bagan, Monster Zero with Project....Guillon?" He looked to Masters.

"After Guillotine." 

"Ah. Why, if I may ask, did you chose a name derived from such a thing?" 

"My dear doctor, it is because we at MONSTER ZERO are the sword of humankind."

"Hmf. Fair enough." 

As the meeting adjourned, Geoffrey stretched forward, feet on the table, lighting a cigar with a strange pen-like device that emitted a laser-like flash. Exhaling a smoke-ring that was a perfect circle, Geoffrey Masters sighed contentedly. Then, in a tone somewhat saddened he said "Ah, if only my friend the Doctor could see me now." 


Tsukiokia and Kobayashi, flying over the sea a month after the brutal attack by Godzilla and Anguirus on Shanghai, were now working for their company from a Japanese basis. The company had provided its pilots with larger planes that required co-spotters, but in the event that Godzilla was sighted would offer a better chance of holding up should the monster prove hostile. As plans were laid and foundations hammered into the isolated Antarctic, it had been over four weeks since the gigantic dragon of fire and sword had ravaged a city. The two men were focusing on their own work when three rows of maple leaf spines rose from the sea and a gigantic tail splashed. Godzilla roared, drawing in a massive breath, and again descended into the depths of the sea, searching for his prey, the massively headed but small-jawed whales that ate and tore at flesh.......

The two pilots, blinking in astonishment soon recorded their sighting, and again humankind would hold its breath in fear.......

Author's Note: Yes, Dr. Who fans, Geoffrey Masters is the Master, working with the future King Ghidorah.

The 13 gathered are these:

1) Dr. Daisuke Serizawa
2) Dr. Geoffrey Masters/Master
3) Dr.  Douglas Bierley/Demonicus
4) Dr.  Herbert Windham/Evolutionary
5) Dr. Xianzhong Zhang/Hu
6) Dr. Mikhail Vanko/Iron
7) Dr. Samuel Stern/Learner
8) Dr. Franklin Storm/Visionary
9) Dr. Al-Amin Ibn Warraq/Innovator
10) Dr. Susan Calvin/Engineer
11) Dr. Yuri Cherepanov/Sunrise
12) Dr. Alan Leighton/Thetan
13) Dr. Axel Strangelove/King

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, right frontal view, firing blue and white beam (Set-5)
Anguirus rushed at Godzilla, the smell of its own blood propelling it in a frenzy of wrath and hunger. cut for violence )

Impassively, with the satisfied gait and posture of a creature that had won a great triumph, Godzilla's body moved into the sea, whereupon the monster's tail smashed into the waters as the creature propelled itself along with its feet and tail both to a depth where it could descend altogether. Shanghai would never be the same again.

halialkers: Heisei Godzilla, frontal view, arms by body, spines glowing (Set-2)
As Godzilla stepped onto dry land, it heard the long keening howl of the Anguirus, a howl it again responded to with its own deeper bass roar that drowned out the sound of the other creature. Anguirus lunged for Godzilla in a feeding frenzy mentality, only Hunger in all its raw power animating it heedless of the prospect of what awaited it. Godzilla then stepped slightly aside and swung its massive tail, the impact sounding like the explosion of a mountainside and knocking the Anguirus to its belly. Godzilla's spines began to glow and the air around them to shimmer with that strange blue-white light, the monster's mouth glowing also with the same energies, before a gigantic, super-heated column of radiioactive energy struck into the Anguirus. The heat burned the monster and angered it further, as it suddenly roused itself and leapt straight into the air at Godzilla, which simply turned down again and swung its tail, swatting the Anguirus into a building.

Anguirus smelled an odor of blood from the apartment building he'd landed into and the Hunger grew all the more. As Godzilla's thunderous footsteps came closer to his own, Anguirus howled and was to again leap at Godzilla, this time from above. Godzilla's massive spines produced thin lines of blood along Anguirus's jaw, but the impact jarred Godzilla, forcing it back and opening an opportunity for Anguirus to bite into Godzilla's arms. As before Godzilla's regeneration healed all puncture wounds and forced Anguirus into a continuing worrying of the monster's flesh, like a colossal terrier harassing an elephant. Godzilla, however, was to soon grasp Anguirus with its other arm and throw it back, the creature landing on all fours and then turning to its side to smash its tail into Godzilla's face, producing a roar of anger from the other monster.

As the twin colossi began this battle, the PLAN and PLA forces began to scatter, bar a few artillery officers, armored forces, and bombers and fighters that swooped on both monsters indiscriminately. The explosions and thunder of man's firepower made an appropriate accompanying score to the clash of titans, as the indiscriminate attacks did not impair Anguirus swiping its tail again or Godzilla's jaws biting down on it, and the howl of pain that came from Anguirus as it felt the fangs of Godzilla biting deeply into its flesh. Godzilla's spines began to glow again, the heat simmering, as Anguirus continued to feel the smell of blood, and soon finding itself seeing a crowd of fleeing soldiers launched its head down amidst their screams, devouring the soldiers until the raw pain of Godzilla's beam tearing off the endmost part of its tail, further ripping through the Shanghai wharfs broke through the Hunger, and transformed Anguirus's mindset slightly. Now Anguirus was hurt, and the creature that had hurt it, which roared in a sound of echoing power, would pay.
halialkers: Godzilla, Heisei. Right profile view one arm outstretched. (Set Molotov)
The Philip Sheridan was to find itself jostling and punctured not by a series of singular claws as had been the case when Godzilla struck, but an entire matting of sorts of spines, forming something very like a carapace. The destroyers went to battle alerts, as did the PLA planes and artillery on the Shanghai coast. The Philip Sheridan was to fall into the waters, completely bisected and a creature rose from the depths, shaking itself to drive off the odd feeling of oil and coldness. Anguirus howled in a long droning wail that shattered the silence of the sea, marked by flame, and by the sudden and shocking sensation of the monster plunging its face into the water. Rising out of it the crew of the various ships could see human beings in its mouth as the jaws began to close on their screaming bodies and with this all Hell broke loose. Instead of the consensus on refusing to antagonize either monster the sense of horror and dread terror of a gigantic man-eating beast like a deformed creature of primordial and antediluvian times awoke all primal instincts of the million shrieks of apes woken at night by the hot breath and the claws and fangs of ancient enemies. The noise and clanging sensations angered the Anguirus which began to move and smash its tail and forelimbs into the ships facing it, and as the smell of flesh and blood began to follow, the Anguirus howled and began to move with an amazing speed for a creature its size, the power and fearful spectacle of a beast in a primordial feeding frenzy.

As the creature moved to the shore, it faced more strange fire aimed at it, fire that only confused its hungry mass, propelling it further out of the water. The panic among the soldiers at its sheer bulk was to produce screams as blood, oil, and water dripped from Anguirus's face, and the monster began to turn its mouth down to the humans, whose screams were to become silent. As the creature began to move with a frenetic power, the calls of hunger and its primordial ability to disorient and distract impelling it, the waters of the sea again began to boil behind it.

The seas split and a primordial colossus, charcoal grey in hue, rose from the depths of the sea. Like a living mountain, but all too familiar to too many of the soldiers from the many clips and films and books about the strange beast, this one differed from its precursor in being by all outward appearance larger, its spines maple-shaped masses of white bone. The creature, like its predecessor was akin to the ancient dinosaurs, a long level plane suspended on colossal legs with splayed toes, longer arms and a smaller head, and it was then that a primordial roar akin to a bass trumpet of doom echoed in the initial fire and smoke and carnage of the Shanghai waterfront.

Anguirus turned its head, fangs covered in soot and gore upward and howled. The Hunger, that strange giant whose flesh had not fallen to it before. Well fall it would now. Godzilla roared again and began to step onto Shanghai's waterfront, the Anguirus moving backwards, looking for a convenient chance to strike. All Shanghai held its breath, as twin colossi were to make the paintings of Charles Knight and the primordial combat of ancient times and elder days when dragons and leviathans bestrode the world like colossi into an imminent and unknown reality..........

halialkers: Drawing of Heisei Godzilla releasin blue and white beam (Set-3)
The crew of the PLAN Destroyer Mao Zedong had arrived at the place where the gigantic swimming Ankylosaurus had been seen.It was to seek to find the creature, and as it patrolled Dr. Kyohei Yamane, the world's sole current expert on the monster Godzilla began his speech to an assembly of PLA and PLAN leaders, as well as the two pilots that had seen the new monsters. He began with a single sentence: "What am I about to ask of you requires that I remind you of the menace that Godzilla posed. It will make my request simpler to understand." As the ship patrolled, the metal hulk moving over the waters, it found itself joined by an ROC Navy destroyer that signaled "The other monster struck our ship. We seek to join you."

This had been agreed behind the scenes by both the PRC and the ROC, as neither wished to have a renewal of the previous appearances of things like Godzilla in the region. But neither ship made the least pretense of friendliness. Both gave each other wide berths, and Yamane's clips shone on the wall. A gigantic colossus, charcoal grey, like a mutated version of the ancient dinosaurs with massive spines moved, tail stretching forward through a city. Heavy tanks, air power, regular, rocket artillery, all threw themselves at the monster, the impact jarring the plane from which the scene had been flimed. Then the creature's spines lit up with an eerie power and a strange light emanated from its mouth, and fire began to follow the blue blast of eldritch and unnatural energies. Amidst fire and smoke Godzilla's roar was heard clearly, and the monster's thunderous footsteps followed, the creature's bulk now visible out of the smoke.

Another clip, Godzilla was present in Siberia, digging up a strange device that when its hands touched it began to glow. The monster was even larger and bulkier, its bulk twice the size seen in the earlier clip, and then the familiar and ominous nature of a nuclear explosion began. As the mushroom cloud rose, the monster roared, its fins having changed in shape from maple leaves to jagged and rock-like, its fangs and face subtly lengthening. The monster's roars echoed into the USSR's hinterland as the creature suddenly fired a beam no longer blue and white but instead a spiraling yellow and red.

Yamane then said "Godzilla survived all known weapons save one. This one category of weapon is one that no society these days wishes to use, for fear that on any other target it would destroy us all. But Godzilla did not directly attack unless it was itself attacked. So what I must ask is if Godzilla appears, to simply black out the city and not attack him. The monster will in all probability return to the sea and harm nothing."

A Chinese Admiral then spoke: "This is all well and good, Dr. Yamane, but what of the other monster?" 

Yamane frowned and was silent for a time. "I have no answers for you in this case. This monster only recently became known, and its limits we do not understand. Nor do we understand its capabilities. It would seem wise to avoid antagonizing it also."

The day passed in a long series of discussion in a smoke-filled room, the generals and admirals, and Dr. Yamane also questioning the two fishermen, and the day and night passed without incident. Three days later, with the patrol force having expanded with the permission of the PLA and PLAN to include Japanese, as well as US and Indonesian destroyers and one aircraft carrier, Dr. Yamane had returned to Japan. It was three hours after his return to Tokyo when beneath the US Aircraft carrier Phil Sheridan, one of the new ships built as a sign of US determination to avenge Godzilla's savaging US cities the waters began to boil and churn..........

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The ROC fishing trawler General Guofan was to find itself in a puzzling situation. Its nets had begun to be pulled by a gigantic tug that pushed the ship on before it, moving with a lightning, rapid speed. The crew kept screaming "Mayday! Mayday!" when a destroyer from the PLAN showed up, preparing to strike at whatever was pulling the trawler. The destroyer fired a depth charge, timing it to avoid endangering the ship, only for the waters of the seal to boil and foam as a gigantic form rose. Dinosaurian in nature, it was, however, more rounded with a strangely fuzzy-looking appearance until it rose from the depths, until the form broke the water and the fuzz was revealed as a strange, porcupine-like mass of spines all over the back of the creature, whose face had a lanky and long muzzle. The tail that had propelled it rose and smashed into the water with a tremendous splash erupting behind it. The long face had a set of menacing fangs, with two at diagonal angles at the front, the fangs together with the large, singular nose-horn and the crown of spikes on its head giving the creature a distinguishing appearance.

Anguirus released a massive, rolling howl and the destroyer's guns fired straight at the creature's muzzle. Anguirus was displeased at the empty heat and foul-tasting odors in his mouth, and the creature dove under the water, his tail smashing the trawler in two in the process and again creating a massive set of splashes. The destroyer soon felt the water bubbling underneath it, and Anguirus rose underneath it, his spiky carapace puncturing the ship, the shock-effect of the impact and these punctures leading to the bisected ship sinking rapidly. Anguirus howled again, but as he began to dive an ROC fighter plane soon radioed the improbable sighting of a gigantic, fanged, amphibious Ankylosaur that had destroyed a trawler and a destroyer.

The resemblance of this monster to the creature that Tsukioka and Kobayashi had seen fighting Godzilla, when the news hit the PLA authorities, was to produce a measure of official calm and behind the scenes panic, for all indications were that yet another invincible monster was now en route to Shanghai. It was in this context that Kyohei Yamane's plane landed in Shanghai........

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Koba Kobayashi was deeply engrossed in his book. Having found it in the local Shanghai library, he showed it to Tsukioka. "Mythology, huh?"

Kobayashi nodded. "I figured since Godzilla showed the legends of Odo Island were correct, that we might as well try to see if *that* island showed up in mythology as well. I mean the Gods know that the biologists and physicists can't even figure out how Godzilla or Gamera *move and stay intact*, much less are able to ward off everything up to and including the atomic bomb. Maybe folklore's more helpful."

Tsukioka smiled and then asked "So what have you found out?" 

Kobayashi showed him the book. Tsukioka read the same legend, recounted by a Chinese scholar in the Classical Chinese both men had learned in their use:

"In all the strangest legends of the Pacific, the oddest is one of the Micronesians. They claim that near Easter Island are two obscure islands, continually shrouded by fog, where no compass works. These islands, the Islands of Death and the Skull, are continually enshrouded by fog and gloom. Micronesians record the legend that their ancestors settled both lands during their colonization, but that on one such land they encountered an existing civilization, one which destroyed them, and one which left the only survivor to repeat the curious tale which I relate.

On the Island of the Skull there is a vast monster, not fully beast, nor fully man. A colossus of fur and fang, which wages war on behalf of the human inhabitants. It is of a kind of creature, impossible to describe, that may resemble the legend of the Orang Pendek. This creature, however, is no mere Wild Man, for it is said to be a God the natives conciliate by offering a woman, once a year, or if a great calamity should befall them. The creature, known as Kong, is reputed to battle gigantic walking lizards, which turn and move about on two legs, creatures vast and impossible and like none known to live today. Kong fights for the humans, and it is solely the offer of the women that keeps the tremendous power of Kong allied to man. Kong, the friend of man, is but one legend known.

The other island, known today as Lagos, is an island which is taboo for the authorities in the Marshall Islands. All that is known of Lagos is that it is part of a strange atmospheric anomaly that gives it a full, deep, dense enshrouding of fog. The fog neither moves, nor is dispelled, and the fog has strange magnetic properties. It is rumored that a strange incident in the recently-ended Fifteen Year War involving a gigantic walking lizard may reflect these earlier tales, though the lizard was described as a dinosaur far larger than any meat-eater attested in the palaeontological record. This colossus, however, has a strange resemblance to the Gororoi of the legends of the Island of the Skull."

Tsukioka said "Well, I don't know. Godzilla's real. But wouldn't a giant hairy animal eat too much to live at that size?"

Kobayashi said "Technically speaking shouldn't Kaiju explode in simply taking a step?"

Tsukioka said "Point. OK, so assuming we landed on Lagos, why would Go-" their eyes widened and they met each others' gaze. Calmly, Kobayashi put the book back on the shelf.

He said "Let us never mention this again. If there are Godzilla nests out there, given what the creature shrugged off the last time, why would we ever want to give it a chance to do things to us again with the instincts of a mother crocodile at her nest?"

Tsukioka said "Good idea. Any other books that look interesting?"

Kobayashi brought a book which Tsukioka smiled and said "Ah, fantasy. This Tolkien's writings are good, pity they'll never catch on." 
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When the two fishermen landed on the docks in Shanghai, their faces were pale and wide-eyed with fright. Their plane's propeller came to a halt and as both left it, they both soon kissed the airfield where they landed in gratitude. The air crew that kept an eye on their plane joked until they saw the haunted expression on the faces of both pilots.

One of them, Goro, said "What happened?" 

Only Kobayashi could dare speak "We saw Godzilla. Another Godzilla. And it was fighting another monster. A gigantic four-legged.....thing. All claws and spikes and teeth." Goro's eyes bugged out.

"Two monsters? Fightiing?" 

Since the coming of Godzilla, the first creature to frighten humankind had been the gigantic mutated snapping turtle with flamethrower-breath, Gamera, but Gamera was not anywhere of the threat that Godzilla was, seeming less interested in menacing human cities than in eating fire. This had led Gamera to become one of the first Kaiju studied, but never had two Kaiju before been seen at the same time. It was when they heard their boss's daughter, Sadako, calling out to them and running that they were even more nervous, for her father, and the leader of the air flight section of the company, which looked for the schools of fish the trawlers used, was behind her.

When they repeated what they had seen, Sadako's father, Kenpachiro Satsuma, sunk onto his knees and moaned, holding his face in both hands. When, after an uncomfortable fifteen minutes he rose, he said "I was one of the fighter pilots whose mission it was to stop the first Godzilla's raid on Tokyo. Do not worry, Kobayashi, you have no worries about the bosses because of the plane. I will explain it. Godzilla, back again......."

Sighing and dusting himself off, he kicked at a rat running along the wharf and said "I do not understand, you said there was another monster as well?"

Tsukioka nodded. Mr. Satsuma blinked, his face paler, and then the four of them went to Mr. Satsuma's office. Mr. Kenpachiro Satsuma was going to make a call to an old college friend of his. Dr. Kyohei Yamane might be very much interested in this, and he would be the easiest to convince of not merely a return of Godzilla, but the appearance of a vast other monster, fighting Godzilla on a strange island that had been shrouded from the world by fog........


If it seems strange that people would be skeptical of giant monsters fighting each other *after* Godzilla and Gamera have already appeared, just consider this: world has seen Godzilla, and it has seen Gamera. But what it has never seen is giant monsters fighting each other. This is to them a puzzling and frightening concept, as in contrast to OTL, much that seems "normal" about two Kaiju having a throwdown in a major urban area has yet to appear.
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Schoichi Tsukioka and Kojo Kobayashi had been flying for most of the day. Old friends since the Second World War, they had re-established ties in the wake of the appearance of the colossal monster Godzilla. Godzilla's appearance still, five years on, had yet to settle in terms of its cultural impact. Already some of the most traditional human beliefs were being undermined and hollowed. The Church now claimed that the appearance of a colossus that could emit a glowing beam of light from its mouth was the Leviathan of the Bible, and in all areas of the world folklore and legend had begun to revive. The two were flying when Kobayashi was to send a sequence of "Mayday, Mayday" calls.

In Shanghai the Japanese fishing company both represented soon detected these calls. Kobayashi had told them his propeller had begun to freeze, and that he'd landed on a strange island near the new state of Indonesia. an island concealed by fog and mist. Upon receiving the message Tsukioka had gone to look for his friend, and had by all luck found him on the island, but in a process that took a quarter of an hour and several near-misses with the jagged rock. As he'd landed, Tsukioka had checked to make sure that Kobayashi was all right, and the two spent time chatting on a few issues teasingly when a sequence of booming footsteps followed. With them came that enormous bellow they had never forgotten, even after five years. The colossal dinosaurian creature was moving on the island, seemingly toward them. Panic and instinct took over and they ran in a disorganized, fearful fashion toward the sea when another roar echoed across the island in a long, howling keening sound.

To their horror they saw another mutated creature, like a giant Ankylosaurus. Only like it, as this creature had fangs and spines, and was charging at Godzilla, biting it repeatedly and attempting to worry its flesh. Godzilla's echoing roar followed again and with it the sound of enormous hands smashing into enormous flesh, with further howls echoing from the other mutant dinosaur. Godzilla then collided with the other mutant, in a thunderous collision that led Godzilla's momentum to push both it and the creature it had collided into through the fog and off the cliff of the island that was to their left. The two pilots rushed for Tsukioka's plane, and both were stunned and silent on the trip back, neither concerned about the safety of the other plane.

Now, they knew that reality may soon again remind them of its change, and a nightmare come again. Only this time it would not be one monster, but two of them.........


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