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As Raven, daughter of Trigon looked up at her father, the Titans looked in turn at the same creature. He snarled and then raised his staff and swung at his daughter and as he struck Raven simply formed a massive shield of energy that resulted in the staff striking a glancing blow and sliding away from its intended targets. Trigon snarled in a bestial fashion and the Mainyu turned to Titans Tower, which he then smashed in several stories and windows in order to form for himself a throne. Smiling in pleasure, the Mainyu then turned his gaze northward. Already the Green Lantern Corps had arrived. He raised his staff in a lazy fashion and then barked in the tongue of Pandaemonium a powerful phrase that created a magical network of interlocking defenses that warded Earth away. He smiled next as a Boom-Tube opened and disgorged Uxas of Apokilips.

Darkseid, what pleasure to see you again, old friend.

The New God snarled in displeasure and contempt and said: 

This is my planet, my conquest. Do not displease me by retaining it.

Trigon then fired a bolt from his staff that transformed Darkseid into a glass sculpture and then hurled the stone visage of Batman at Darkseid, shattering Darkseid with the impact and Batman with the impact of his landing.

As he smiled, he then turned to see the Titans forming plans against him.

His voice boomed: 

War against an Antigod is futile by the definition of it. I wage and win wars with Gods made manifest, and their armies' corpses form the architecture of buildings and the pavement of streets in Pandaemonium. How then is it that you, mere teenagers, a green child who becomes animals, an alien slave of another dimension betrayed and haunted by her own kin, a man mutated and deformed by exposure to the Darkness, and a boy who dresses like a bird whose mentor served a great purpose in ending Darkseid, consider yourselves worthy of my enmity? My daughter the Kin-Betrayer is worth more than the rest of you, and even if you unite against me, so what is that to me? My little finger has more potential to harm me than all of you together.

Raven, however, simply continued to look at him, before preparing a sudden set of balls of black and white energy that began to rise and circle around Trigon's body.

She told her father:

You talk too much.

As the energy exploded into him, Trigon howled in pain but before he could move against his daughter she'd already teleported the Titans away. Of all the heroes left, there were but two more to join them: a Themysciran named Donna and a young man whom the Titans had already met: the new Flash, Wally West.

Then they looked to Raven, who said: 

I have gathered you here together for a simple reason: the Earth has fallen into the darkness and the dark embrace of Hell. We are here to take it back. Our success is pre-ordained by fate.

As Wally said: 

"Don't I-"

Raven looked at him:

No, Wallace. I am not the creature you beheld before in my visage. I am the true daughter of Trigon, raised in Azarath to love peace and to scorn war. Well, scorn war as one will it has come upon us all the same.

As the Titans began to discuss plans, the Green Lantern Corps above was joined by the Parademons of Apokilips and the arrival of Orion and the armies of New Genesis. Upon sensing the last the wards suddenly crackled in a pulse of glowing energy that scattered and divided the enemies of Trigon as the Demon sat upon the Tower, smirking and seemingly having not even lifted a muscle. He then sensed the arrival of Mogo into Earth's Orbit. Now would be when things would start getting interesting........

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cut because just like the actual arc this is not a pleasant storyline )


A recap for those who missed the earlier arcs: In this storyline Raven didn't want to go along with being the Cosmic Horror version of a suicide bomber. So her father ordered the Shadow-woman to kill her and substitute for her. Shadow-woman did so expecting to get out of the deal with Hell. After ten years of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, the Titans rescued her, and now for the first time the Titans, the real ones, are all together to fight none other than Trigon the Terrible, aka Satan, aka Angra Mainyu.

So essentially because the Cartoon universe was put through a Bait and Switch the Cartoon universe is starting off with the first arc of the comics where the Titans have to improvise together a means to defeat the monster Trigon, but due to escalated story difficulty, they're doing so against gigantic Terror of Trigon Trigon, not the initially human-sized egomanical dick from the first Wolfman/Perez storylines.

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"Hold it a minute!" Cyborg's voice caught all the Titans with a sharp statement mid-step.

"That thing never said where we're supposed to take, uh, Raven. So where are we to take her?" 

Starfire said "Friends, we must look outside."

The Waynetech building was transforming, down to that very sub-atomic level into a building of solid gold. Raven, transfixed, pointed and said "There. I go there." 

Then it was that they met, and words were not necessary. Eyes gazed into each other and faces nodded imperceptibly. They journeyed to the building of gold, into the belly of the beast.

When they arrived they stepped over the barriers only to wind up frozen, inanimate, statues. All save Raven, who realized what was happening. Then eight seconds' thunder echoed and reechoed and smashed into itself, creating an endless cycling within cycling. Their nerves screamed in agony but their bodies were immobile, and Raven, the only exception. had fallen and begun what looked like a seizure. Then they saw it. A being like on that dark night of fear, but clad in a hood and cloak, long sleeves drooping, oversized gauntlets extending. The creature then spoke:

Infinite stars burn in infinite space, infinite realities exist. No code of morality is universal, no reality has universal laws. Here in this tiny portion of Azarath made through a Bleed of the Worlds is one law, and one law only: my whim at any moment. Imagine, if you will, an autocracy whose rulers are truly divine. A ruler to whom both magic and science, ape-maggot and tamaran-maggot have existence only insofar as I permit it. Imagine further such a world whose ruler is an almighty being, greater than any god or any demon, dedicated to uplifting and freeing maggots and bringing them the truth, true-salvation.

I control all things in any part of Azarath, there is nothing here that is not my will. Your statue-nature is testament to that. I am the sole, true arbiter of this world, and I tell you all of this because I am this. I am not like others who tell how they may be defeated and waste precious time, you are so far beneath me that I can afford to do this. Oh, and I might add as well, your little friend's failing was in mercy, in defying my will as she is my blood-kin. There is a time to be born, and a time to die. And of course also, a time to kill........

Azar then summoned a bolt of energy that was to strike Raven's temple and held it right there, smiling at her friends as she lifted up Raven by her cloak and held the bolt.........

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Deathstroke was to be appalled with what happened next. The creature reached out a hand to him when a similarly vast ball of acrid, foul-smelling light green light appeared. Then something still more terrifying. The creature he feared most of all the Teen Titans was suddenly crying, pale with the palest of hues. Fear, fear and terror. The mark of fright in pale, stammering lips. Not the beast which tore aside and tore apart his henchmen, this. Instead this was a frightened teenager. In appearance, if perhaps not in age. From the smoke stepped out a creature in a hood, a cloak covering it, massive gauntlets visible from within the cloak on hands and feet.

The creature grabbed Raven, or so Deathstroke knew her, with one of the gauntlets, Raven terrified and begging: No, no please.......

Idiot. I planned this thoroughly. I control you. You were to kill the demon's daughter, and kill her thoroughly, then to begin the death of the demon. Instead she and he both alike live. You idiot, you vile little waste of space. I tell you to do a simple thing, one simple thing, and you fail to do this. You have betrayed me. You have acted beyond your station. You must be taught a l-a bullet struck her in the eye and bounced off.

Deathstroke, a rifle still smoking slightly, stood, the rifle aimed right at the Azar. Azar visibly recoiled, like a serpent in a human body, a movement impossible to make by anything not fully human. Deathstroke's one eye widened when Azar hissed at him a single word: You.......

Then Deathstroke was astounded when she said: Fuck off, maggot. This is family business.

As she opened her mouth to say something else, Deathstroke emptied an entire ammunition clip into it, and then was putting another one in when Azar's mouth, remaining open, spat his own bullets back at him in a hail that slammed him into the ground, clothes torn and he bleeding. His last sight before the demands of regeneration caused him to lose consciousness was of terrified shrieking from the Shadow-woman and strange, barbed chains that came out of nowhere and bound her in a fashion akin to that of a cross.........


He awoke to see the real Raven gazing at him. "He lives."

Robin clenched his fists and growled "Dammit, that would have made my life easier."

Then the Titans turned to their screen, Deathstroke astonished to realize he was in the Tower, where Azar of Azarath appeared, the frightened Shadow-woman behind her, still entrapped within the wire, screaming.

Bring me the demon's spawn, or I destroy your planet and leave it a miasma of dust and rubble in space. You have a quarter of an hour. I suggest no delay.

The Azar then smiled at her sister and said:

Just like old times, blood-kin mine. Just like old times......

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The Teen Titans and Justice League stared at the unconscious body of Raven, throat slit, very much alive and well, and having evidently had regular changes of clothing. With anything else the injury to the throat would have been fatal, but here.....here this seemingly normal girl was alive. And here, a perfect duplicate of her gazed at them eyes all having the seeming of a demon's that were dreaming, and the lamplights of the watchtower had strewn shadows o'er the floor. The shadows were odd, and then "Raven" smiled and gestured and the shadows flowed, like water, to her. The shadows raised themselves off the ground and the light grew, the shadows of Justice League and Teen Titan called also.

Then "Raven" gazed at them and purple eyes were pupilless, grey skin was swarthy, hair white and pure as the driven snow. Leotard and cape were replaced by a bizarre living version of plate armor, and a shadow had vanished, only for a simple, concentrated singularity to appear in the hand of the armored phantasm. The white pupilless eyes gazed and said: 

Hail, chosen redeemers and saviors of the human race, the clumsy horde of apes that kneels at your feet. The gratitude they show you is pathetic, that of a whimpering, simpering dog for its master. Ah, fools that you mortals be you understand not what it is that you see. I am the shadow on the moon at night, echoing in your dreams with fright.......

The voice had been its normal echoing self beforehand, slowing imperceptibly in the second sentence, then a rumbling and howling gale in the third. Un-noticed by the rest of them the wound on the throat began to repair itself, a black magic summoned by the spirit contained within, imperceptibly freed. Un-noticed by the rest of them, horrified by the sight and the last, longest word the form, hesitantly sat up, then summoned into it its own magic so as to stand.

"You made a serious mistake in imprisoning me, general of other-world....." came a raspy voice from the girl in the leotard and the cape, whose hands egan to glow with a strange black-white light.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" A rolling column of penetrating force slammed into the creature in armor, who was briefly engulfed by it, a rolling column that carried with it its own energy. "Azarath nishi Akazu!" and the energy grew stronger, carrying with it an odd sound, only for the sharp armored gloves seen before to shred the energy with three well-placed strikes.

You know not what you invoke, and to invoke the realm of ivory and gold with profane lips is great foolishness. Use not the name of Azarath, lest you call upon the Azar.

"Azar was kind!" then a massive swinging fist of the blackwhite energy slammed into the armored creature, a teenager in appearance but with a palpable aura of menace that grew with each instance and each passing second, such that for all humans goosebumps grew slowly, as did the impression that the armored-creature was not remotely human. Then a loud, raucous laugh came from the lips of the girl in the armor, a laugh that echoed in all corners and slammed into itself and rippled outward and inward in an ever-growing peal, a laughter followed by the hints of glowing blue-fire and ozone.

Pathetic. Used and you don't even understand by who..........

Then a sudden flash that brought a smell of ozone and the Shadow-woman departed, and Raven beheld for the first time the team that was to vanquish her father and his servant, and Raven felt for the first time also a hint that things were moving to what they should all along have been.....


Jump City, Midnight: 

An armored face with one eye beheld the landing form with the energy-signature he had identified as belonging to Raven. Then Deathstroke the Terminator saw to his appalled surprise that the creature that came out wore organic plate armor, emblazoned on it a repellent yet fascinating symbol, and then the creature saw him..........

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The Titans Tower did not seem the same. Cyborg had temporarily gone up to the Watchtower, and had said nothing to anyone else about why he'd gone there. Of the Titans, only Raven seemed in the least curious about why he was there, and Raven had surreptitiously discovered the footage. Angered that she'd missed a detail, the Shadow-woman was busy reading the book she'd taken from another dimension Over Open Sights when she was to decide to use Second-Sight, distracting herself in a paragraph about why the national destiny of the Confederate States of America was connected to extermination of "Mongrel damnyankee culture." 

The Second-Sight revealed to her a very interesting sight. Cyborg had shown the video to the Justice League, and puzzled, they were to suddenly look grey and frightened, or instead of they, rather, all save Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl. Zatanna in particular had turned very pale indeed. Then Cyborg was to go to Raven's locker, and the Shadow-woman, lost on the surface in the ravings of a disgruntled artillery sergeant that went into a random rant about the pernicious influence of the Stuart dynasty on the Army of Northern Virginia in the middle of the rant about the need to remake the USA in the likeness of the CSA and in its image was to be for the first time alert when out of the closet, after about a decade locked in there, the immortal body of Raven, born in Azarath, tortured former student of the Zazhalanzanai, fell out, unconscious, throat slit with a ritual knife.

The scene was literally Pandaemonium. The Shadow-woman turned the page and sipped herbal tea. Now things were to become interesting. Cyborg had finally gone and done it, and what would come of his discovery remained yet to be. Then the communicators of all Titans members rang with a "JLA-Summons-Urgent-Alert" signal...........
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For the Teen Titans the first moment they began to realize the daughter of Trigon may have been more than she claimed came oddly. Bizarro, the twisted, mutated clone of Superman had come to Jump City and was rampaging through the city. Summoned to the alarm, Terra, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Robin had all arrived to see Bizarro throwing a tank like it was a toy.

Me am weakest one there is!

The Titans were to move against Bizarro in unison, or that was the plan. Instead Bizarro moved with Superman-like speed and strength and soon all but one of them was down, clutching bleeding injuries or in Cyborg's case near critical in terms of injuries. The only one left standing was Raven, who was holding her stomach as though she'd been winded.

Bizarro help purple girl!

Then the eyes changed from purple to pupilless, the hair from purple to white, and the fist that swung collided into a waiting hand with a seismic impact but the hand itself was cloaked in organic armor with pointed fingers, the skin not pale but swarthy.

I don't need your help, abomination.

Stunned, Bizarro was to swing his other fist only for the Shadow-woman to send her own fist into Bizarro with a resounding sonic boom that sent Bizarro into an abandoned industrial plant. Awakening, Bizarro found himself in total darkness, unable to see even his own hands, his own face.

Bizarro can see very well. Me am greatly pleased.

Only for a fist to slam into the monster from behind, followed by a light appearing, part of a face: 

Well, glad to accommodate such a distinguished guest as yourself.....

The darkness left and day returned, Shadow-woman with armor now, and with a gigantic mace and shield. She smiled and then moved with a preternatural speed that slammed the shield into Bizarro's face and the mace right square in his groin. Squeaking the monster clutched himself and fell to his knees.

The Shadow-woman removed a gun from nowhere and held to the Bizarro's head.

When you get to Pandaemonium, tell them Shadow-woman sent you.....

Then a clip full of blue kryptonite bullets was emptied into Bizarro's head, whereupon the Shadow-woman returned, finding that in five minutes almost all the Titans were about to die. Displeased and worried she spoke in an ancient, eldritch tongue heard not since long before the Earth's Sun lit and the Titans were to awaken, restored. They were in Titan's Tower. All was normal, it was just an ordinary day. Raven had restored the glamour that concealed her true face, and was to be surprised only when Cyborg said "You've got blood on your arm. Are you OK, Raven?"

Seeing the Bizarro-blood that had spattered and been missed, Shadow-woman wiped it away, hand glowing and said:

Certainly. It was just an accident......

Then that evening Victor Stone was looking at the cameras of the day, finding almost nothing had changed save one. A small camera, installed by Wayne Industries, near where he'd landed. It showed Bizarro defeating all the Titans in less than a minute, save Raven, who stood, stunned, when Bizarro's fist collided into a fist held by someone no longer Raven......

"Jesus Christ!" 

He now had his answer. The question was what was he going to do with it...........


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