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It would by a strange circumstance be a ship named The Lucky Dragon which would discover the first stages of the future. Sailing near the Antarctic circle, it had detected a strange motion on its fishing radar, something so vast it had in fact shorted it out altogether. Trying to decipher what it was that they had detected, they then were panicked when their ship was pulled under with contemptuous ease before they could even react. Falling into panics as they drowned in the freezing waters, their last sights were of vast dinosaurian bodies gnawing at both the fish and each other, and a strange curiosity at why Godzilla was interested in tuna fish.........

It would be by stranger still circumstances that a Chilean battleship would detect the next stage of the future. Detecting another giant blip, the battleship went into instant maneuvers trained against Kaiju, both adopting zig-zags and preparing their guns to release the new weaponry of MONSTER ZERO. Then the waters boiled and a strange and horrifying figure rose. Like a bipedal insect with a vast armored head with a curiously human-like muzzle, the creature had a long horn on its head that ended in a grotesque parody of a star. The creature rose from the sea with four limbs, each ending with wicked-looking drills, and looked down at its enemies with contempt. Megalon had arisen, the purified martial and destructive power of Ghidorah, and it was indeed contemptuous. Such an easy first target was hardly worth the trouble. As the battleships began to fire eerie blue glows at Megalon the creature withstood them and then its horn began to crackle with an eerie and unhallowed glow. The glow was bright enough to distract some of the crewmen while the energies associated with it reduced the ship to firing by sight. Then a single glowing yellow arc of light struck out from the horn and tore into the ship, which initially began to buckle and then to warp and then to crunch inward to itself before erupting in a brilliant explosion of fire and smoke. The gravity beam had done its work very well. Megalon released a single mocking roar, a grotesque and evil sound of triumph, before placing its four arms outward. Its beetle-like shell then opened up, exposing wings that glimmered with a hint of something not-of-this-world in their origin.

Improbably and impossibly, according to the ever-thinning rules of what reality had once been Megalon took flight. The Age of Monsters was approaching, and Megalon needed to find a target worthy of assuaging its bloodlust.........
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The gathered members of the Architects of Fear were convened in a theater where they watched what footage was recoverable of the battle of first the Gameras and then the new Gamera against the Gyaos. They had likewise begun work on fully deciphering Agent White's references to the cryptic spells that had awoken the Gamera. As close as their works could devise it these spells were written in some strange tongue that they could not help shaking an impression had originated in an otherworldly place. The spell was part of a broader set of writing amidst which the aesthetically and phonetically disturbing name Cthulhu, which none could pronounce adequately though there were no ends of alternatives, detailing some otherworldly realm known as R'lyeh. Some of the men, since reading these words, especially the High Evolutionary (outside observers would have found it curious that since then some of the doctors had ceased to allow references to them by their ordinary names, only their callsigns) had had dreams of a vast and unholy place of non-Euclidean geometry where the angles were all wrong. These were dreams followed further and faster by the horrific depictions of war amongst multiple Gamerae and the Great Maw, as some of those same men had taken to dubbing the Gyaos.

All their research, however, had provided no clear link between the unhallowed and rotten city of their dreams where guttural, bestial tongues not of human origin babbled 'Cthulhu' and 'R'lyeh' and 'Ph'nugli m'gwlnaf Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah nagl fgthan!', nor between the trembling nightmare of Dr. Demonicus about something he would with great fright call only a 'Shoggoth.' None knew how to explain the strange rumors from the South American continent now of fishermen and ships launching torpedoes at strange creatures detected on their radars, only for seemingly nothing to happen as the torpedoes failed to lock on to particular targets. Or of the rumors of growing hordes of fish-men in the deep. Some associated these with the strange carcasses that were washing up on shores. One type was vast, deformed, humanoid, and brown. Dr. Serizawa, who had named both these creatures, had named those the Sandai. The other was greenish, also vaguely humanoid, but had prominent fangs. This was called the Gairai.

Each of the men also kept turning with frightened eyes to the vast golden dragon which was imprisoned in their facility. After long efforts the men had finally cracked the language that they had discovered with the creature that all of them now termed King Ghidorah, father of the Gigan, the Megalon, the Borodan, and of the attempt to recreate it as a species known as Dorats, attempts that had thus far failed. These writings, in a language known only for the self-identification of the writers as Kilaak, indicated that Ghidorah was a monster that had slain entire civilizations. It indicated also that Grand King Ghidorah, as the beast was identified, had the ability to release powers of the mind not unlike those of the creature Gigantis.

Such was their fright that none of them, in these discussions, became aware that the monster Megalon was now awake and beginning to stir, its drills cracking through its imprisonment. Indeed they would find themselves engrossed to such a degree in their own studies of Gigantis and Grand King Ghidorah that their works were starting to tilt into that fabled realm of works on which the mighty would look and despair, around which nothing aside would remain, save wrecks colossal and bare.........
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Gigantis screamed as the Power unleashed that consumed him began to glow. The dinosaur screamed and would continue screaming until the transformation was complete, but for those who watched the transformation was irresistibly fascinating. A creature already taller than any dinosaur had a natural right to be was seemingly dissolving and being remade in a set of cycles. First the flesh had seeemingly disintegrated only for spectral bones to appear, immensely tall and broad. One of the Soviet observers gasped "If those bones are accurate this damn thing will be 100 meters. What foolishness have we unleashed?!". The bones seemingly became manifest, slumping forward only to disappear. Gigantis, incredibly, was screaming no matter whether he was tangible or intangible but the roar, initially curiously akin to that of the Gamera that had appeared in Montevideo was to begin to be replaced by a newer, more ominous sound. The sound of horror made manifest.

The bones reappeared, now partially covered in muscle, a heart glowing that was akin to the inner core of a reactor, the bright glow blinding permanently those so unlucky as to have been glancing directly at it. The screaming was starting now to sound increasingly like a strange double bass, an unnatural and unholy sound that no creature of Earth's making could have produced from any vocal cords known to man. The sound, in fact, resembled that of the other Godzilla only longer, higher-pitched, with a slight interruption at parts. The partially muscled skeleton vanished and was replaced by an eerie, eldritch nervous and circulatory system, the two mutated eyes gazing at the humans below with dawning comprehension and then rage, the moment followed by Saegusa screaming "He's in my mind" over and over again, rolling on the floor foaming at the mouth.

Then a blinding flash of light appeared, though by now the doctors were wise enough to cover their eyes. Instead the dinosaur reappeard, but now 100 meters tall. Its bulk was immense, supported on two mountain-like legs, the legs supported on equally massive feet, the whole balanced by an enormous tail. The body was a great mountain that stood in the icy wilderness of Antarctica, a wilderness splattered in several areas with the charred remnants of what had been the blood of Gigantis, the face mutated from theropod's to a vaguely human-like face with a cat's muzzle. The spines were not jagged, like those of the first Godzilla, but resembled instead gigantic maple leaves of bone. The creature towered over them all and over all the other Kaiju in the ream of MONSTER ZERO, which found itself calling upon the gas upon hearing Saegusa's maddened shrieks of "Gigantis lives! Gigantis lives!".

As the gas struck the creature and began to cause it to topple, the doctors known to future generations as the Architects of Fear suddenly received a joint psychic invasion from Gigantis, seeing their home cities leveled as the monster strode through them, taking alll that humanity could throw at it, releasing a bluish-white beam of flame that consumed all in its path. The monster's roar echoed through the cities and then there was an impression. A single word, if that be a term permissible to be used.


The illusion vanished as Gigantis fell. But the monster had fallen with confidence deep within its mind. It knew that the impact of its landing had offered just enough freedom to a set of creatures whose freedom was necessary to its own release. As the creature fell the Soviet observer's initial panic was replaced with a self-assured "See, we can control our new creation!". The panic was not forgotten, though words directed at the Soviet were not any harsher on the part of the panicked doctors.

It was then that Saegusa, lying face-first on the ground, panicked and crying, finally spoke words of her devising, not the monster's: "Gigantis is still alive. The monster of my visions......that thing lies before you. We cannot unmake it. Civilization will burn because we poor fools have played with the fires of the Gods." 


Author's Note: One last chapter and the Epilogue left.

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The Shoggoth had been waging its battle against the Gyaos so intently that it was to have forgotten the awesome power that Gamera had summoned into itself. That power then surged outward with a blast of power sufficient that every satellite on Earth detected it, a pair of flashes that appeared from a satellite to be akin to the primordial power of the atom. Yet not of material akin to that of man was the Power that had hurled itself forth. Instead the light had been so blinding that the area that had been once Montevideo was once again vaporized to the fullness of its existence, scattered and tossed on the wind. With it was blown the husk of a creature of slime and froth that was now dust, carried in eddies on the wind that resembled nothing but great black bars. The Gamera, the great weapon of another ancient society of still greater power that had bestrode the entire Omniverse itself then opened its mouth for a long triumphal roar that was elephantine, a sound of menace. Of horror, and of judgment.

Gamera then calmly waded into the waters. It would now be free to rest for a time, for its task was great on this world. The Great Maw would not rest forever, nor would it always so conveniently target the Gamera itself......


Gigantis looked up at the sky on that fateful day. It had seen the pretty girl whose mind it shared look at it with tears. Gigantis did not like this, nor did he like that the pretty girl thought of him as an it. The girl had had strange nightmares and had not trusted him enough to tell him, yet he had shared fully those nightmares. Never, never, could Gigantis turn against humanity. For humanity would not betray such a favorite of it. He had met the man of 'Sahv-yet' society and nuzzled him, and the man had looked at him with a flash of guilt and tears. Then Gigantis sensed that perhaps dreams held greater truth than not.

Now, with legs constrained so that he could not move, Gigantis looked up as a plane dropped a single weapon and then accelerated at a rate fast enough that it would likely self-destruct. Closer and closer it came, the moment of destiny and of fate. Then a sudden silence followed by a blinding flash of light that engulfed Gigantis, a light that glowed blue and white and displayed vague hints of a red spiral...............
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Amidst the thick, black, charred ruin that was Montevideo, above the bleached bones of Gamera, the Gamera-like monster from ancient times and elder days beheld the 100 Gyaos that faced it with a look of almost condescension, were a fanged and tusked face without lips capable of forming such an expression. Its energy gathered as it suddenly launched a fireball amidst the Gyaos, of whom seven had fallen in smoke and flame, raining othe Earth with smoldering aftereffects of death and destruction. The Gamera roared with pleasure and then the Gyaos had gone insane. 93 massive monsters, each as tall as the Gamera that opposed them, were now tearing into each other and attempting to strike the Gamera, which had in swift motions snapped necks of multiple Gyaos, throwing some into others, using the deadly yellow beams that were seen on this Earth for the first time to literally bisect others.

Slowly and by degrees the massive ranks of flapping leathery lifeforms were thinned. The degrees were the greater when the individual fireballs tore through their ranks, detonating at the greatest single strike ten of them. The awed observers just arrived from Project MONSTER ZERO beheld the pandaemonium with jaws halfway to the floor as a single monster surrounded by so many creatures that it was only visible at times withheld the ranks of the largest giant monster battle in all of human history without so much as seemingly showing a single hint of exhaustion. The creature instead occasionally released the same type of monstrous fireballs that had incinerated both Gamera and Montevideo and which ripped through entire ranks of the Gyaos with cruel simplicity, after which the creature then was seen worrying the throat of one Gyaos that had come incautiously close to its fangs. The scene was akin to the Apocalypse.

Even moreso to them would have been the creature that crept up from the black depths of the world, had they been of a mind to see it before it had taken them into itself with a simplicity in its own right akin to vaporization. Ten thousand eyes and gnashing mouths covered something akin to a speaking slime or froth, albeit one that moved with the sedate power of a flood of molasses. The creature's ten thousand mouths were chanting "Teke-li-li! Teke-li!-li!" as it simply absorbed the MONSTER ZERO observers, who'd sent agonized screams cut short before the first full syllables were sent through shorted out radios, yet the hungry Gyaos were to turn on it, their fellow-aid in destroying the Gamera, with their mindless hunger. As they landed on it, their beams tore long gashes through it, but the gashes resealed themselves. The Gyaos, however, displayed an amazing resilience to the slime, hungrily devouring it as it turned on them.

Thus, fortunately for the sanity of humankind, was it spared exposure to the horrors that were the Shoggoth, the great weapon of the same ancient ones who had made the Gyaos. However the Shoggoth's sheer mass was slowly drawing the Gyaos from the Gamera, whose fireballs were now reducing what had been a proud horde of the monsters to only a few shattered remnants. Gamera then beheld the Shoggoth and its clashes with the Gyaos, and its mouth then opened in an ominous fashion, drawing into itself heat with such power that the ruins of Montevideo, strewn with the debris of monsters and civilization were suddenly flash-frozen, even the Shoggoth, which soon began to ooze out of its containment.......


Dr. Wyndham carefully kept a straight face. The Soviet representative had harangued him at length with Moscow's worries about the potential success of Project Gigantis, indicating fully that Moscow held success more menacing than it did failure. He did this without indicating his own fears, which were increasingly on those same lines. He wished very desperately that he could have believed that President Nixon would break off the project, but he knew it would be futile to broach this. Asking Premier Brezhnev was out of the question. No, best to suffer in silence. The future would hold what it would............
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The mockery's power grew and flowed into its mouth and then crashed right into Gamera not once, but three times, enough to launch Gamera on his back. The huge beast then began to lumber toward him coolly, as though Gamera were but a pest beneath its foot for it to crush. The elephantine roar so like Gamera's own echoed with a resonating power as the creature then came close to Gamera, who spat flame into its face and used his thrusters to right himself. The flame he continued to spew, covering the creature's entire face at various points with it, aiming for the eyes. But to no impact, for the mockery roared again and began to release its huge wave of plasma fireballs again into Gamera, again knocking him over. As Gamera managed to raise himself to his feet, he then hurled himself to the mockery, which then protruded a blade from its arm and smashed it into Gamera's face, leading to red blood spewing all over the streets of the city.

The mockery roared and then its energies gathered in its mouth again, as its mouth opened in a grotesque parody of a smile, a hissing sound like an oversized steam engine following. The fireballs then surged into Gamera again, now six of them. Gamera found that plasma both strengthened and weakened him, and he needed to if not defeat the mockery to escape it, and in the course of this calculation his bleeding face clamped down on the mockery's feet. Growling in anger the mockery turned down toward him and opened its jaws in that sinister motion it did so well and then moved its foot and threw Gamera off of it with a contemptuous motion. Gamera crash-landed with force sufficient to cause the buildings around him to either crumble or to become so structurally weakened that toppling them with a single breath was quite feasible indeed. The mockery briefly bled green ichor, only for its proximity to flames to mean that the fire glowed around the injuries which healed in a fashion that those who witnessed it called magic for lack of any other means to comprehend it.

The mockery then began to move toward Gamera, spewing more fireballs with the greatest of ease.


Miki Saegusa recalled the moment when she'd seen her first vision in the daytime as seemingly ordinary. Project Gigantis was in progress, the Soviet Tsar Bomb at full yield was en route. Gigantis itself was nuzzling her as it usually did, releasing little mewls of affection and when she turned to look at it, she saw not a gigantic theropod that walked wrongly, like in the old Charles Knight images, but a colossus of 100 meters, a mountain that waded in the sea, head above the clouds, gigantic maple-leaf spines covering its back, face shrunken and vaguely felinoid. The creature's voice changed to a curious and long-sounding high-pitched version of Godzilla's own rumbling roar, a city burning, and next to it now a stranger creature. This thing had three heads on three long golden necks, no arms, vast wings, and two tails, and its roar so very like a bell came clearly through the shadows. A bizarre lightning-like energy struck the monstrous Gigantis which roared again in response and blasted the creature with bluish-white flame that threw it on its back, after which Gigantis continued to fire further, and the city burned.

The instance passed. Gigantis nuzzled her. She knew Dr. Wyndham was sincerely worried about these visions, but by now too much prestige and money was invested for dark visions of the future to stop it.

Muttering to herself a phrase that she'd heard the scientist code-named Demonicus use, she said: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.


The monsters in Montevideo continued their clash, with Gamera releasing his flames all along the body of the mockery, which grew ever more powerful as Gamera grew more afraid and weak. The flames the two had already unleashed had restored some of Gamera's strength, which led him to activate his thrusters with intent now to collide into the creature by slamming his back into it. As he did so and managed to launch himself backwards, the mockery simply stood calmly and braced itself, its feet digging into the street. The creature that flew at it struck it with tremendous impact but the heavier mass of the mockery withstood the impact, albeit at the cost of everything around it either becoming rubble or what was already rubble bouncing high.

The mockery then used its hands to grab Gamera's shell and in a feat of strength that appalled the just-arrived Chilean Air Force pilots who observed it tossed the immense bulk of Gamera like a rag-doll. Gamera-2, as the giant mockery was dubbed, then turned its face to the pilots, who before they could do more than shout "We're under at-" were vaporized in a single set of two fireballs. Then the mockery turned to Gamera, again on his back, and strode toward him, heedless of the flames and glass and steel trodden underfoot, heedless also of the panicked and teeming mobs of civilians and soldiers steadily blocked off by the course of the battling monsters.


The astronomers watching space in NASA headquarters were astounded. The creatures captured in more vague images by probes were now captured fully. A great flock of them this was, floating in space, able somehow to propel themselves forward in a vacuum in a means that never should have been. Experience with the colossi who were engaged in disastrous events such as the ongoing devastation of Montevideo had hardened NASA's scientists to the slow degradation of reality as it was understood, but such an abstract description did little to disguise the terror of creatures now at the location of Earth's Moon. The Great Maw's first wave had arrived in Earth's space.


The mockery, contemptuous of its rival, and displeased that its programming had so far done nothing but prolonged the battle then turned straight toward Gamera with a resounding elephantine roar that echoed not once but three times in a single, sonorous wail before spewing a massive fireball that struck Gamera with a resounding flash that produced a massive Mushroom cloud. Satellites in space recorded what was a 100-megaton explosion that vaporized all of the city bar two lifeforms, one alive, the other now a blackened and charred, mammoth shell with flesh that was hard as steel. a literal shadow of what it had been. The mockery then stepped toward its own imitation and stepped right in its center, causing it to crumble into dust.

Then its vision turned to the skies, where a slow and steady beating like the sound of one hundred wings was coming. The Maw was here. The Gyaos. The pathetic mockeries of the great arsenal of the City Beneath the Sea. War had come, and it was time to strike. As Gamera raised his head in defiance, the new Gamera roared in that same triple-sound as a flock of massive bat-like creatures descending from the skies around the ruins of what was once Montevideo and was now a charred ruin, a great black weeping wound on the Earth's surface appeared in such numbers as to blot out the very Sun itself. The creatures echoed with a rolling shrieking like one hundred colossal trains screeching on their brakes, an echoing that came in unison, and the unequal combat began when Gamera launched five fireballs into the flock and with thunderous explosions seven of the one hundred Gyaos fell in burning chunks all around the enormous blackened scar on the Earth, sending the rest into a massive feeding frenzy........


Three more chapters and the epilogue to go.......then Godzilla V. MONSTER ZERO

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"Sir, the Soviet Defense Ministry in Akademgorosk has approved your request. As soon as the paperwork and infrastructure is complete, Project Gigantis shall be complete as well."

The secretary looked at the body-builder's body of Herbert Wyndham, the rumored-to-be-potentially-deranged High Evolutionary. The man's lips formed a broad smile and he leaned forward in pleasure at hearing the news.

"Excellent. How long will the process take?" 

"An estimate of no more than three days, sir."


As he said this, he looked at the form of Gigantis. The creature had become a colossus, a theropod with the unusual, attributed to cloning's effects, posture of a tripod, like a kangaroo. With its long snout and vaguely human and felid features, the resemblance to the old Charles Knight paintings of Tyrannosaurus was uncanny, were it not for the vaguely Godzilla-like protrusions down the creature's back from the start of its head. The creature had a curious rumbling roar that sounded to the studies of scientists vaguely like that of Rodan, but it was attributed to interference from the equipment required to contain Bagan and Ghidorah. Gigantis was a telepath, and a powerful, if somewhat crude one, at that. Gigantis also evidently had detected Saegusa's recurring nightmares of its transformation into a charcoal grey colossus, a mountain wading in the sea, the Leviathan of the end of days come to deal the judgment of the Gods on sinful, hubristic humanity.

It sent assurances that this would not be. With memories still present of the continuing troubles with other psychic Paranormals, such as the paralytic named Charles who led an organization of such beings who sought to clash with an emerging perception that such beings represented a menace to human survival, and the escaped Holocaust survivor and vigilante killer, now a rumored Mossad agent named Eisenhardt, the feelings toward Saegusa's claims of prescience had started to become literal.

Thus was it that even as his life's work moved to the great drama that would ever after shape the views of the name Wyndham that Herbert Wyndham was not calm or confident. Fear instead claimed him. Suppose Saegusa was right and the monster he made proved to be even more uncontrollable and unstoppable than the first Godzilla, and unlike it a God walking the Earth, invincible and able to survive even swimming in lava or the direct impacts of both nuclear devices and Rods from God? It was almost enough to make him hesitate, but he steeled himself. The destiny of humankind could not be attributed to the vision of so-called sensitives.

Watching the growing panoply of plasma-buster artillery and maser weaponry, he was assured in any case. The creature would both be of help and contained if the darkness feared was there to start with.


In Montevideo, the city trembled when Gamera surfaced from the sea like a colossus, holding an enormous and all too human arm, greenish and severed, in its hand. The arm itself was the size of a small skyscraper, and the creature that made it up seemed almost composed of seaweed, were such a fantastic monster itself at all possible. Gamera bulldozed through the port at Montevideo, and then after a lumbering, irresistible walk smashed into the UTE building, dropping its meal on the ground, and then began to worry at it.

Above it, a small object appeared, at first the size of a man's hand upon the horizon and came nearer and nearer. The creature suddenly looked up when it had worried away most of the oversized bicep and eaten it. The object that was approaching was a whirling flying shell-like construct, flame forming a spiral that continued to whirl around itself.

Simple territorial instinct led Gamera to raise itself on its hind limb as the object whirled downward and then positioned itself upright. Two arms appeared in a shape resembling wings, and a face appeared. Unlike the turtle-like aside from the mutated tusks face of Gamera, this one was sinister and monstrous, having a long crest atop the head and a jagged protrusion of flesh and bone from the lower jaw. The creature continued its descent, its huge, flipper like feet landing with an echoing crash, both shifting rubble and fracturing glass all around it.

Gamera looked into the face of something very like him yet very different. This thing was both taller than he was, humans would have reckoned it twenty meters or so, and immensely bulkier and denser. Its claws were longer, deeper, more curved. Its eyes gazed into his own with a gaze similar to his own yet in so many simple ways fundamentally wrong. Its mouth opened and then raised itself up to the sky and a lingering elephantine roar split the morning sky. Already stormclouds were gathering around the capital of Uruguay but no rain had yet fallen. Instead the power of territorial impulses meant Gamera's own, higher-pitched roar followed, aimed at the mockery of himself. The creature then roared again and Gamera responded by releasing a string of flame from his mouth, taking the form of an enormous flamethrower. The creature then astonished him as it simply let the flame hit it, and as it began to glow the flame then began to be absorbed into itself, the creature looking at him now not with anger but with anticipation.

It was then that strange energy began to gather around the mouth of the other creature. It formed waves of glowing energy that were called into itself, and puzzled, Gamera stood and watched as the fire slowly but inexorably built. The creature angled its glowing head slightly and then hurled a fireball of brilliant power straight into Gamera himself, smashing into him with an inexorable and unstoppable force against an all too movable object.

Gamera, however, managed to stay upright, and then shifted to all fours where the upper, stronger, part of his shell would be exposed. As he roared in anger and in, to his surprise, pain, however, the energy then began to gather again around the mouth of the other creature, the mockery.............


The outer edges of Mars were now surrounded by the small horde of creatures flying through the vacuum of space, propelled by the power gifted to them by their makers in times past. Closer they came and closer still. The advance horde of the locusts of Old Night and Elder Things in mighty days when islands sunk beneath the sea were all too much above them.........open mouths opened in shrieks only partially recorded in the Martian atmosphere. The Great Maw, the Gyaos, were coming.
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It had been seven months since the King Kong and Godzilla clash in New York had leveled so much of the city. Fortunately Godzilla's radiation did not contain any variant of Fallout. Unfortunately it was so concentrated that large portions of Manhattan would remain uninhabitable until the late 1990s. The attack had caused Fort Pym to delay for a time the dig in the Arctic, the delay furthered by discovery of strange writing and the impact that simply uncovering it had had on sensitives. They had spoken of strange cities, cyclopean and vermilion, where alien tongues chanted words only vaguely approximated in English as Cthulhu, R'lyeh, and Ia, Ia Cthulhu fghthan. The delay had prompted them to begin attempting to decipher the alien script. Ordinarily, years would have sufficed for this to pass. Already the first attempt to decipher the writing of the thing buried had been proven wrong. The closest rendering was this:

The last hope, Gamera. We bestow it to the Cradle of Time. May it awaken with the Great Maw, Gyaos.

But there were strange incantations written on a stone that had been found in the area, incantations that the diggers still struggled to understand. The strange dreams were now a nightly occurrence, and the more superstitious at times fancied that they could hear a strange moaning croaking on the wind, incantations vaguely like those of the dream, but coming from beneath the ground.

To handle this matter they had called in a linguist, Professor Yoshiwara of the University of Tokyo, who had discovered a strange slab the year that Godzilla had awoken, a slab with writing resembling this one. Yoshiwara called that script "Island Language B" and had discovered that if compared to Ancient Sumerian, some of the syllables were possible to translate. The discovery had made his name in linguistics. He  was one of those who heard on the wind the haunting chant: Cthulhu repeated in that long, droning fashion. A sound like a threat. He shivered. It was a name of fantastic and terrible power that appeared repeatedly in the inscriptions on the slab. So what then had these men uncovered with that same hideous name present? 

He took the stone and went to the dig. As he did so, flashes of green cities beneath the sea struck everyone, including him with overpowering might. The stench of ages rose and a city was ascending above the seas, buildings massive and monstrous. Testaments of a forgotten Ozymandias upon whose work the mighty would look and despair. The geometries were all wrong, buildings that contained Gods, but smaller than a single apartment in a tenement, Gods that upon full size were miles high and moved with a strange shuffling which carried with its every pulsing power the doom that was once.

An icy compulsion gripped him by the throat. He *must* read these words. Looking at the writing, he, together with the others, some of whom were already going mad and saying "It lives, it lives" were to hear words not spoken for times long before the earliest scions of the human line had begun to shuffle on the ground, works ancient and musty long before Earth's star began to burn. Words in a tongue of no mortal or human devising.

Ph'nugli m'gwlnaf Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah nagl fgthan! Gamera y'shodlnar Cthulhu! R'lyeh m'vaklini atoz! Gamera negul tazun! Ia, Ia Cthulhu fgthan! 

The words came out of his mouth with a sound that caused Professor Yoshiwara to fall to the ground. His wife and daughter ran to him, and as he gestured frantically for them to flee, his voice could no longer speak. The tongue of dead Gods had fractured his vocal cords, his jaw fractured along with it. But beneath the ground Power was awakened with those words. A heart began to beat. Doom-Doom. Doom-Doom. Eyes first began to awaken, and limbs began to turn to the ground to dig their way up. Flashes of light began to glow around the dig site, rays of energy that followed in their train as long, semi-circular flashes. They concentrated into beams of yellow light that smashed into the ground. The heart beat faster, the mouth opened. And limbs tore through the ground with increasingly greater ease. After countless aeons, Gamera, the Guardian of the decaying Empire of Atlantis, was awakened. The great weapon began to turn upward, moving with steadily faster skill and speed. All the while the energy gathered around him.

Noriko began to tremble and say "Let's go, please, let's go" but the people around her were transfixed. They were frozen before the onrushing power of a dark creature summoned by dark power. She began to hear beneath the ground a sequence of ripping thumps, as though something very very large was arising. Some deep dark power that unlike the Earthquake was alive, well, and animate. Sounds like a strange mixture of an engine and the growling of some gigantic demon of the darkness. Breaths that smelt with the ozone-like smell of plasma. 

Noriko briefly had another flash of the City. A colossus miles high looked up into the stars, and saw that they were not yet right. With dispassionate power, the creature, something like a greenish humanoid figure with enormous draconic wings, six eyes, three clustered on each side akin to a gigantic reptile, and with the long and protruding face of a cephalopod then lurched seemingly to her. She screamed and the vision passed, but the rumbles beneath the ground were now splitting it. What demon was this, rising from the ground? 

The ground erupted with a massive explosion and the creature itself crawled out on all four limbs. It was very like the mutated turtle Gamera, only far larger, more menacing. Its head was a mess of spikes, its tusks serrated, like colossal weapons meant to maim and to harm. Its elbows protruded with enormous spikes. And its shell......massive and unusually vast, the creature had the impression not of monster but of weapon in the shape of a monster, product of dark science of forgotten, elder realms of cyclopean rubble. The creature then rose to its hind-legs, dirt and dust and snow falling in a vast cloud that suffocated everyone save Noriko, who in the end survived only with the loss of both parents, who with their dying acts had shielded her. As she looked up at the giant turtle, tears in her eyes, she saw the strange men in the uniforms with the white circular mark on their arm-bands turning to flee in a gunship. The turtle saw them as well and turned with an oddly mechanical posture, head turning first, body only afterward. It released another sound like an engine and an antediluvian beast of nightmares before its jaws opened and a strange light began to slowly move up its neck and into its skull. Angling its head for an instant in a posture oddly reminiscent of the monster Godzilla, it hurled a massive fireball at the Architects of Fear team that erupted with a mushroom cloud of dust and snow and ozone.

The creature then retracted its hind limbs and began to retract its forelimbs as well. Amazed and horrified, Noriko could only watch as four twisting limbs of flame began to spin in a cyclonic fashion and the enormous shell began to move away at hypersonic speeds. Of the gathered 400 people, total, counting Architects, dig personnel, safety personnel, soldiers of the US-Soviet mission, and her family, she alone had survived. It was three hours before her half-conscious, hypothermic body was found by a Soviet patrol. It would be eighteen before she spoke again. privately concealing a desire for vengeance against the demon-turtle that had slain her family and all others with its awakening and then the fireball..........


Author's Note: The Sumerian reference is to the Cult of Oannes, a fish-man from the sea who taught the first variant of Western Civilization to read and write. Those who remember the Dark Horse Godzilla series will recognize one of the main characters here.


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