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From the Department of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: 


I agree with Pat Robertson. There's a string of words I never, ever expected to be in a single sentence. O.X

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On occasion, I like to quiz my friends who obsess on certain topics. If I go into a literary major crowd and hold the door open for everybody, I say "Enter freely and of your own will." So....keep in mind that I don't just pick on the "Bible-Reading Bible-Believing" crowd here.

I attend a SoBap Church, where many people claim to both have read the Bible and know everything in it. So....my little tripper-upper is that when they ask me what I've been doing I say "I've been going to and fro the Earth and up and down in it."

Only one person has gotten that so far, and that person doesn't even attend the Church. I've yet to spring it on the pastor, but I'm shooting for that this Sunday.

What makes it really humorous is that those who say loudest "I read the Bible every single day," almost never recognize the quote. *feral grin.*
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"Why Prime Minister, you're drunk,"-Lady Astor.

"And you my dear are ugly. The difference is that in them morning I'll be sober."-Winston Churchill.
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I was working and I sit by someone and we get to a discussion of physical science and a paper he was working on. That was....all right. Next thing you know, we get to discussing Evolution v. Creationism. He began by stating that he wanted to know where the transitional forms were and why there were no intermediates. I said that all equivalent creatures had been exterminated by humankind, namely Neandies, Erectus, and Hobbits. So....he then notes that God made Man with a Sin nature but animals without one. I mentioned Giordano Bruno being burned for that, but responded that we couldn't know if God came as a flea to die for fleas or not, because humans can't understand what it's like to be a flea. Then, he responds with the idea that a Christian could not accept evolution. So...I pointed out that God said that things did happen for a purpose, but that His revelation, the general revelation argued conclusively for the evidence of science.

He then said that God's general revelation did conflict with his particular revelation, but that wasn't an argument. I asked him what the difference was....and he didn't know. So....then we got into the question of how to reconcile the idea of billions of years of geology with a 6,000 year geological timespan. I pointed out that reality rather conclusively did not say what he said it said. So...then he said the thing that made me the most. He said something to the effect of if God made the world 4.6 billion years old, but I believe it's 6,000 years old, then God is wrong. And that he would reject the reality that is for the reality he wants.


What the Hell made that whole thing seem like I was battering my head against a brick wall repeatedly? It was like he couldn't listen to my argument at all, even though I was willing to hear his!
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OK....now I know that Marxists have some real problems with dictatorships, but a yahoo like this who can't see the elementary connection between the dictatorship of Gaius Julius Caesar and that of Gaius Octavius Thurinus is not to be trusted. On anything. Caesar was no reformer, he was a member of the Roman aristocracy, a power-mad general who became despot of Rome, and an overrated military leader whose major accomplishment was the genocide by means of selling 1 million people into slavery and killing 1/3 of Gaul. And this Marxist shithead thinks that Caesar was a reformer and he actually gave a fuck about the Roman Populus. OK....you no know history. You fail history. Ug displeased. Ug....SMASH!

I don't get it. I thought Liberal Fascism was the essence of stupidity. Then I see this shit? WTF?

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Western Europe will send a grand total of 15 soldiers after the US and Canada have already done the rest, claim all the credit for it, and not acknowledge the US presence. The hypocritical assclowns that run that continent have earned no respect after 8 years of shafting Bush and now they give Obama nothing, despite the fact that Obama's gonna be a one-termer if he keeps on at the present rate of alienating everybody and his brother....fuck Europe up the ass without lube with an oak branch. Give us Ivan and the Chinese, and Afghanistan will be pacified in six months. Give us John Bull and the German Eagle, Afghanistan will be getting far worse and any round of fighting two provinces away from European soldiers will provoke squawks of fear. They didn't do jack shit for the South Slavs and we expect them to help us out?


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Part I: We have the biggest living critter of all time in today's day and age. Wanna know what it is?

You're looking at it! The blue whale is bigger than any of the dinosaurs. And in general modern bio-diversity is awesome. Just look at this ugly mofo:

See....modern times are awesome!



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